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Mere Sai 6th January 2022 Gayatri gets excited as Supaan enters with books. She tells him to freshen up. I will keep the books. Supaan tells Uma that books have become too expensive these days. I have to save money for something else as well. She asks him what it is but he tells her to wait for the right time.

Gayatri tells Supaan her books are not here. Supaan nods. You don’t need them. I have thought of something good for you which can become fruitful very soon. Gayatri insists that she wants to study. I was happy since morning that you will bring new books for me but! Supaan replies that he has thought of something for her. She tells him that she only wants to study. I don’t want anything else.

Ajji tells her not to be stubborn but Gayatri runs outside upset. Uma asks her husband if nothing can be done. She really wants to study. He says she does not have to become Collector. What’s the point of her studying then? She asks him what is special about tomorrow. He tells her to think that tomorrow is a very big day. I cannot tell you right now. Set food for Gayatri. I will pacify her and bring her home.

Gayatri is crying outside. He steps on the poem she had been writing on the sand and apologizes to her. I dint really see it. She nods. Supaan tells her to understand that he doesn’t have enough money to send all 3 of them to school. She offers to earn money for her schooling but he refuses. I wont make my daughter work and use her money. You will have to do as I say. Skipping your meal wont help get things done.

Sai tells Gayatri that poems written on sand can disappear but the poem in my head will never be cleaned. He repeats her poem and wipes her tears. He offers her fruits. She shares that Baba has refused to send her to school. How can I ea then? Sai offers to help her. She asks Him how He will do it. Sai introduces her to Srikanth ji.

He will teach you from tomorrow morning. She smiles for a second but then gets tensed. Baba wont agree. Sai tells her not to worry about it. I will come to take you to school tomorrow morning. I will pacify him then. She smiles. I am suddenly feeling hungry. These guavas look tasty. He nods at her. she thanks Him and takes the guavas. Sai sends her home. Srikanth ji tells Sai it wont be easy to convince Supaan. Will he understand? Sai says Allah Maalik.

Supaan tells his mother the special news that he was hiding from everyone (in mute).

Gayatri tells her mother a poem on Sarojini Naidu. Uma is impressed. Where did you meet her? How has she become your Guru? Gayatri shares that she was hosting an event near our house in Bombay and that’s where I heard her for the first time. She is a great woman, orator and social worker. I want to become like her.

Supaan’s mother supports him in his decision. I am sure things will work out. Supaan is worried that Gayatri is stubborn. Will she agree? His mother offers to cajole and convince Gayatri. she will ignore her studies soon. Let’s hope things get fixed soon.

Gayatri tells her mother that Sai met her today. He offered to take me to school tomorrow after convincing Baba. I will be able to go to school soon. Uma smiles.

Next morning, Gayatri asks her mother when Sai will come. Uma reasons that it isn’t time for school. Gayatri asks her about Supaan. Sai has to talk to him after all. Uma is clueless. Ajji asks Uma to make sheera. Uma asks her if there is something special today. Ajji says there is big news for Gayatri. Gayatri thinks that Baba might have agreed to Sai’s request and got me admitted me school. Supaan enters just then.

Gayatri hugs him. Supaan asks his mother if she told Gayatri that her marriage has been fixed. His mother is happy at the news and thanks God. Uma hugs Gayatri. Srikanth ji greets them and introduces himself to Supaan’s mother. Gayatri asks about Sai. Srikanth ji introduces Joshi ji. He is from a higher rank. He wants to speak to Supaan. Supaan greets him. What can I do for you? Joshi ji praises Gayatri on her talent.

She is very smart. We have decided to give her scholarship for 5 years. You wont have to spend even a penny on her education for 5 years. If she performs exceptionally during that time and wants to continue with it then we will continue to support her. Supaan thanks Joshi ji for the proposal but politely rejects it. I have fixed her marriage today only so she wont be able to continue her studies now.

Srikanth ji reasons that she is just 12 right now. She wants to study and Sai wants her to study too. That’s why he sent me to Joshi ji. You know He always does best for everyone. Don’t go against His wish. Supaan says I respect Sai and you but my decision is final. The family is really good and well-off. She will be happy there and it isn’t very far from us. Let Sai know that I have just met them in the guest house. They will come tomorrow to meet us.

Gayatri requsts him not to do this. Your problem was that you couldn’t bear the expenses of 3 kids. Mine is free now. Let me study please. Supaan reminds her that he is her father. I will decide for you. Srikanth ji tells him that he is going for now as he does not seem fit to understand or listen to anyone right now. Your decision will hurt Sai though. Supaan insists that this is the tradition of their scoeity. We are not Vairagi like Sai. We must abide by the rules.

Gayatri thinks that she had faith in Sai that He will convince Baba. Damu says that He helps everyone. Wy dint He help me though? Supaan tells her to stop crying. Girls your age get excited after hearing such news. You will get new clothes and jewellery. She tells him she doesn’t want all that. I only want to study. Why don’t you understand? Don’t you love me? he replies that he does.

Parents must make decisions for their kids. You don’t agree right now but your mind will change after meeting your husband, your in-laws and after seeing your new house. You will forget all this soon. She tries to reason but he stays put. This is going to happen sooner or later. Going to school for few more days wont change anything. She tries again but he makes it clear that his decision is final. Accept this soon. It will be good for you.

Supaan tells Uma to convince Gayatri. she asks him what she should do. You dint even tell me before fixing our daughter’s alliance. He tells her that she gets her hopes up in the beginning itself. I wanted to tell you once things get finalized. I told Ma last night only. Get her ready tomorrow. Her in-laws will come to see her. Uma rues that there is no need to rush. She has just come to live with us.

He says this is what I was saying. A father isn’t heartless but he is stronger when it comes to making such decision for daughters. You also got married at the same age. Did something wrong happen to you? It will be fine with Gayatri as well. This is the tradition. He leaves. Uma says this is indeed the tradition. Mothers were and are still not consulted when the marriages of their daughters get fixed. She goes to Gayatri. Gayatri hugs her mother and cries. I don’t want to get married right now!

Joshi ji and Srikanth ji are disappointed with Supaan’s decision and decide to inform Sai so as to stop the wedding. They come to Dwarkamai. Keshav informs them that Sai is meditating. He said that no one should interrupt Him. Joshi ji says only He can do something but we cannot disturb Him right now. Wish we could tell this to Him somehow. Srikanth ji smiles as he walks in. He is meditating but He is closer to His devotees while He is meditating. There is no need to tell Him anything. I am sure He is able to understand Gayatri’s situation.


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