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Mere Sai 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 6th July 2021 Raghav’s mother asks her son what he is doing with this Fakir (Sai). Gangaram blames Sai instead. It is His fault. He instigates people for no reason. Raghav tells him not to say anything to Sai. I went to meet Him last night. It was raining so He told me to stay. His mother asks him why he went to meet Sai. Her son replies that it is not wrong. Entire village and people from neighbouring villagers came to meet Him too. There is nothing wrong in meeting Him. Sai tells Raghav not to speak to his mother like that. Gangaram tells Sai they will teach Raghav how to behave with people. You don’t have to tell us anything. We can do it ourselves! Raghav’s mother blames someone. She used to talk about Sai till the time she was alive. She asks Sai what He has done for them. Nothing changed in our life over all the years. She reprimands Raghav again. Sai says it is easier to blame others but we must look inside ourselves sometimes too. We often find answers within us sometimes. He gives udi to her to give to Raghav as he catches cold easily. Gangaram throws it away. We don’t need your suggestion. Lecture your devotees. Our life can go on without you! Sai asks him if he is sure about it. Gangaram asks Him what He means. Sai says a successful businessman is happy but is a father happy too? Raghav’s mother says our father and we are equally happy. She takes Raghav inside forcibly. Gangaram tells Sai to mind His business. You will see the worst of me if you try to interfere in our personal matters. He closes the door on Sai’s face. Sai syas Ram ji Bhala Karein.

Raghav’s mother asks Raghav if they lack something that he keeps going back to Sai. I hate Him. He is a fake! Why did you bring Him here? Raghav asks her why. He gives right advice. She tells him that what she did may appear to be wrong but that was her only option. It was good for your future too. Sai and no one else knows what I have been through. You saw it though yet you support that Fakir. She breaks down. Raghav feels bad. He thinks of Sai. I know that Aayi is not happy but what should I do?

Sai meets Baizama on His way. She starts walking with Him. I have been watching you go somewhere since past few days. Am I going to find out that secret today?

Few men are digging the land in Chakranarayan, Sarkar and Gautam’s presence. Chakranarayan tells the men to continue digging. Sarkar tells Santa and Banta they have done something good for the first time today. I will give you prize for this. Sarkar asks Chakranarayan if they found something. Chakranarayan asks Santa and Banta if they are sure this is where Sai hid His treasure. They nod. Chakranarayan tells the men to keep going. Sai says Mother Earth’s silence does not mean that she does not get hurt. So many insects and worms would have made their house with hard work here. You are breaking their house by digging this land. Chakranarayan says this is government work. Sai says there must be a reason behind it. What are you ooking for? Sarkar begins to say something but stops.

Chakranarayan says we have found that someone has buried money here stealthily. Santa says it is a treasure. You would know about it! Baizama asks him why Sai would know it. Sarkar says why wont He know. He is omnipresent and omnipotent after all! Sai says I never said I am omnipresent. Who told you about the treasure? Banta says we saw it with our own eyes. Chakranarayan asks Sai why He is here. Sai says I too have a treasure here. Chakranarayan thinks that Sai accepted it too easily. Is it His plan? He asks Sai about His treasure. Sai says you may not be able to see it. Your definition of treasure and my definition of treasure are different. Chakranarayan calls Him smart. Baizama calls Sai honest. Chakranarayan tells Sai to go to His treasure. I hope we will meet again soon! We will see who is honest to what extent then! Sai says I will wait for that time. Chakranarayan thinks Sai has become cautious now. He wont take out the treasure in front of us. We all should pretend to leave. I will watch Him stealthily. He tells everyone to wrap. We wont find anything here! They begin to leave when Sai asks them to watc Him looting His treasure. Everyone is taken aback. Sai offers water to the plant and then plucks few leaves as a daily ritual. He shows His treasure to everyone. Chakranarayan and Sarkar look at each other. Sai turns to Santa and Banta. You too would know this as you were here when I came to pluck leaves yesterday. Chakranarayan asks Santa and Banta what they saw yesterday. They tell him everything honestly. Chakranarayan and Sarkar walk away followed by Santa and Banta.

Santa and Banta insist that something was shining brightly in Sai’s hand. What else could be if not coins? Chakranarayan reprimands them for not thinking through before coming up with their theories about treasure. He tells Sarkar he has kept an army of fools and walks away with Gautam. Sarkar tells Santa and Banta he will take care of them at home and leave.

Baizama asks Sai if there is an actual treasure here. Why did you pluck these leaves? What is the secret? He decides to tell her and takes her back to the plant. It is a tree that gives people things based on their hard work. I distribute the fruits (leaves) to people depending on their hard work. She is still confused. What are you referring to? He tells her that these leaves are the fruits. He keeps them in His pocket and looks up. He reaches out in His pocket again and takes out the coins. She is surprised to see them and looks at Sai. Sai says Ram ji has given me the responsibility to help those who work hard and are honest. I am just doing my duty. She looks up gratefully. I know you since so many years yet I get to see a different avatar every day. Hari Katha Ananda!

Chakranarayan says I did everything as per your plan yet we dint find anything. You say big things but they are mere words. Neither your men nor you are of any good! Sarkar asks him how dare he speak to him like that. You are forgetting who I am! Who are you to blame me? I joined hands with you only since past 2 days. Don’t know since when you have been trying and failing! Chakranarayan says I would have succeeded by now if I hadn’t fallen in your words. I hate people who keep money by fooling people. I don’t need those people who believe on their servants and take action. It is enough. I will handle everything on my own now!


Mere Sai 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chakranarayan tells his men that everyone believes in Fakir here. No one should doubt that even for a second that we are following him. Chakranarayan and Gautam are following Sai in disguise. Sai takes a thread from a woman and heads to some house. Chakranarayan stops in his tracks and refuses to go any further.


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