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Mere Sai 6th October 2020 Saraswati is walking around sadly. She cries and holds the idol close to her heart. She thinks of how her DIL had always been angry with her for keeping her clothes next to theirs. Saraswati tries to explain that this is non-transferable. Her DIL rues that the neighbours are have started to maintain distance from them because of her. Saraswati tries to explain but her son supports his wife. Neighbours have begun to think that we are taking it casually. From now on, you should stay in this room only. I will lock the door if you try to step out. Narayani gets sad. You will lock Ajji in a room? Her mother scolds her. I will beat you if you try to go near her. Saraswati cries. It is better to die rather than live this way. Narayani’s mother pulls Narayani out of the room. Her husband closes the door behind them. Flashback ends. Saraswati thinks I left that house on my own as I knew that no one needed me there but I dint want to leave this house. I was needed there. I had become attached to Bela. She notices Sakaram talking to a villager and starts walking faster. Sakaram gets intrigued as soon as he notices her. He begins to follow her. Saraswati hides behind a wall. He will inform everyone about the mark on my hand if he finds out about my whereabouts. What should I do? Where should I hide?

Sai is taking alms. He smiles. God opens another door when he closes one door.

Saraswati notices a parallel road in front of her. I should go this way to hide from Sakaram. Sakaram is still looking for Saraswati.

Sai says you did your work, Ram ji. It is my turn now.

Saraswati chants Jai Shree Ram while walking.

Manik tells Durpada she should have given a chance to Ma ji to speak. She says I went with the flow and said a lot many things. It is too late now. She avoids looking him in the eye. They hear Sai asking a neighbour for wheat. Sai is walking past their house when Durpada calls out to him. He continues walking. She tells him she has brought wheat for him. Sai looks at Durpada and Manik. Ram ji gave you a responsibility which you couldn’t shoulder. My Ram ji will feel bad if I will accept this from you. Durpada says I turned bitter as I was angry. Sai asks her what she got in return. Manik says we lost whatever we had. Durpada seeks Sai’s forgiveness. Sai says it is important to realise that you have made a mistake. He accepts their donation. Fix your mistake. Durpada asks him how they can do it. We don’t even know where Ma ji went or I would have apologized to her. Sai says we sometimes have to reach out to God to reach someone. Close your eyes and pray to Ram ji. Manik and Durpada close their eyes and chant Jai Shree Ram in unison. Sai disappears by the time they open their eyes. Where did Baba disappear? They see Saraswati coming from the opposite direction and are stunned. Saraswati stops in her tracks as soon as she notices them. I was headed in another direction. How did I come back here? Durpada hugs Saraswati and cries. I made a very big mistake by doubting you. I found out the truth from Bela when you left. I regretted whatever I did. You weren’t at fault. Saraswati insists she made a mistake. You both alerted me yet I dint focus. Manik says we have spoiled Bela. Saraswati denies. She is a lovely girl with a pure heart. Durpada says now I know why it is important to have elders in the house. I kept scolding her as I was afraid whereas you have understood her. Please forgive me. Let’s go back to our home. Saraswati nods. They take her inside. Saraswati looks back worriedly before going inside.

Sakaram is outside Bela’s house. I saw her coming here only. She must have hid somewhere. She had no relative in Shirdi. Who has given her shelter here?

Sai returns to Dwarkamai in the evening. Udhav has lit diyas already. He takes the bag from Sai. The bag is heavy. You could have told me before. Sai smiles. I feel good when I get to do something for my loved ones.

Chandorkar is standing by the window. Radha asks him why he did Ganpati’s Abhishek today. Why do you need God’s stamp on what you can see clearly? He insists upon proof. I must know the truth. She tries to tell him what they should actually do to find out about truth but he changes the topic. Make sheera today. Let’s celebrate the occasion. She tells him that they are out of wheat. Vasudev went to the shop to buy it but it is out of stock. It will be available in 2 days. This upsets Chandorkar.

Udhav asks Sai what they will do with this much wheat. Sai suggests him to keep it safe. Someone is upset but is going to come back soon. It will help pacify him.

Next morning, Tatya offers to serve khichdi to Sai but Sai tells him that he is waiting for someone. He is about to reach. Tatya asks him who he is referring to. Sai tells him to have patience.

Saraswati tells Durpada and Manik she couldn’t really understand why Bela passed out yesterday. It wasn’t so hot and she dint even play much. Manik tells Durpada they must tell the truth to Ma ji if they want her to look after Bela. They tell Saraswati that Bela has a heart problem. There are blood clots in her heart. Durpada adds that she must not do anything because of which her heartbeat runs faster. That’s why we have put so many limitations on her. Manik says we are hiding the truth as it can break her.

Shyama greets Sai. Sai asks him to eat something. You must be hungry. Shyama nods. I want to apologize as I couldn’t do what you told me to. Tatya asks him what work. Shyama says Sai told me to bring vermilion. I dint check it properly in the dark. There are blotches in it. I will throw it away and bring fresh lot tomorrow. Sai says what looks bad isn’t really bad all the times. Everything can be fixed. One must have patience.

Durpada says kids have no patience. Bela became distant from us as we have been stopping her from doing things. We think she is angry with us now. Saraswati says a kid can never be angry with her parents. She will understand everything with time. Her arm gets exposed as she comforts Durpada. She covers it immediately. Everything will be fine. I will serve food. Durpada nods. We will bring water. Saraswati thinks that she felt as if her pain was too much to bear but her pain is nothing in front of what Durpada and Manik are going through. Please save this little girl, Ram ji.

Shyama asks Sai if he thinks this vermilion can be saved. Sai nods. Tatya asks him what they will do with this much vermilion. Sai speaks of an occasion after a month. We will distribute it to everyone. Shyama says that occasion is after a month. Why did you ask me to bring it so soon? Sai tells him that it will take time to fix this vermilion. Shyama says you knew it then. Sai smiles. Have some patience. Maybe this transition can help someone in the process.

Saraswati overhears Sakaram enquiring about her from a villager. She hides behind the sarees hanging outside but goes inside by the time Sakaram comes in that direction. He walks away but he is still not convinced. Mandar calls out to Sakaram. I was waiting for you. Sakaram tells him that he saw Saraswati Kaki here. I am sure no one knows about her disease here. Mandar asks him what he will do next. Sakaram says let me find her first.

A guy comes running to Dwarkamai for help. Few people are chasing me. Tatya asks him what he has done wrong. Sai tells Tatya that they must welcome anyone who wants help. We can decide upon everything else later. Sai welcomes the guy. Come and eat something first. The guy nods thankfully.


Mere Sai 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Chandorkar ji follows Sai in a daze in the middle of the night. Sai shows him the way towards Shirdi. Radha and her kids come there looking for Chandorkar ji. Radha asks him what he is doing here. Sai opens his eyes and smiles.


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