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Mere Sai 6th September 2022 Sai asks Keval to begin from Shirdi or city near by and then move to big city and then take his parents along with him. Keval says to Sai, I can never be successful because in Shirdi and Ahmednagar, I won’t get clients that will make me rich and Aai Baba won’t be able to stay in such big cities,

they are very simple and want me to stay simple like they are but I want luxurious life. Sai says if ha dto choose between luxury and child, parents will choose child, you will find your way, have patience Keval and remember always move ahead with your people you will see bigger success.

Satyeshvar baba tells his disciples, he believes in Ahambrahmasmi which means we all have it in us and need to believe in ourselves, his disciples chant his name. The farmer falls in his feet but maharaj pushes him away, and narrates a poem and says you are no less and you are God’s child so why bow infront of someone,

blessings don’t help its important to believe in yourself, find your place in peoples heart and not feet and gives him hand to get up and hugs him. Disciples chant Satyeshwar Maharaj’s name. Satyeshwar asks him to join his Prem Sena,

and says these are my mates and want to find their power and experience their power and we are on India tour join us, you need to be with good people to become successful, join us and your wishes will come true. Govid says I have family to look after.

A farmer in fields, his son playing flute. Farmer sees Sai walk to him with wood, he greets Sai and asks how come here. Sai says I went to get some wood, what are you doing here. He says me and Malhar are here to graze the cattle, its such a boring work, these cattles keep grazing and I get bored, I wish I was born to some business man would then run his business and earn a lot.

Sai calls him Ankur and says you still can work, you said you get bored, use this time for some business, you can gather wood and sell it to people and earn. Ankur says what business is this, how much will I earn. Malhar sees Sai and walks to him. Ankur says to Sai he wants less effort and more money. Malhar asks Sai how did he play, Sai says I couldn’t hear it properly play again. Malhar plays. Ankur gets irritated.

Satyeshwar asks Govind, parents want their child to be happy, and when you are not happy how would they be happy, every successful person has to leave their family to become successful like Lord Ram, you have to giveup all the wishes,

and you are born alone and live alone, if you keep taking everyone’s responsibility when will you live and you are here because your soul knows what it wants, it wants you to become successful and not serve some big man. Govind says I want to become successful. Satyeshwar says I want to build a place where there is only happiness and success and there is no hatred,

no responsibility and every wish comes true and a person becomes content and soon I will build one and call ot Prem Nagar and so I am on India tour and gather people for my Prem Nagar and progress with them to build a free country full of love and you all will be kings and queens there. Govind says why can’t I get my whole family.

Satyeshwar says they are part of this rat world and I want people with no connections or responsibility and now tell me do you want to join a clan of free aouks. Govind says I will become Prem Sainik and become successful. Prem Sena chant Satyeshwar’s name.

Malhar says to Sai I want to become an artist but Aai Baba want me to do this grazing and selling thing which I don’t like at all. Sai says Krishna also used to graze cattles and play flute. Malhar says he was God. Sai asks Malhar to keep playing the flute. Malhar starts, Malhar gets tired and says some othwr day.

Sai says Malhar you have to keep practicing to become and good artist and because you are here grazing you have whole day to practice, I would advise you to use your time wisely. Malhar says but I can play very nice I just want someone to discover me. Sai says you keep practising and soon you will fet your break and leaves.

Malhar says I thought Sai would help me but he asked me to keep practising. Ankur says ge did same with me, instead of suggesting some good business he gave such lame idea but he is very simple and likes simple things we need someone who will gove us clear signs.

Satyeshwar welcomes Govind to his Prem Sena. Satyeshwar says now we need more Prem Sainik and so keep travelling and collecting more people who will strengthen us and next stop is Shirdi.

Patil, Malchapati, Tatya and Keshav together, they see Satyeshwar and gis Prem Sena. A hut near by catches fire. Keshav asks Tatya to go inform Sai and get people to get water. Patil asks Keshav to go ask for help.

Satyeshwar sees fire and asks his Sena to go help.
Tatya goes to Sai and informs two people are caught in it. Sai says they don’t need our help now, lets go. Tatya asks why. Sai says before we reach God has sent help come with me.

Satyeshwar and his Sena try to save the house from fire and people caught in it. Keshav says this won’t help can you ask some people to get water from the well. Satyeshwar says this will take a lot of time, my Prem Sena will figure out a way and asks Prema and Geeta to get blankets. Satyeshwar decides to enter the house covering himself woth blanket and save people.

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Mere Sai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Satyeshwar meets Sai, Sai tells him we will keep meeting knowing your intentions to come to Shirdi.


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