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Mere Sai 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 7th July 2021 Sai is walking with Baizama. Baizama says everyone gets excited during festivals. Sai says families get a chance to celebrate it together. Some people miss this happiness though. He notices Raghav looking at the families sadly. Baizama feels bad for him too. Raghav walks away. Baizama says he stays alone all the time. He must be pained during festivals, especially when families pray to be together always. He must yearn for all of it and for them to be together. Sai tells her that things change constantly. Ram ji can make incomplete lives complete with His blessings.

Chakranarayan tells Sarkar he will handle everything on his own. Sarkar asks him to leave. Don’t waste my time. I will see what you will do without my help! Remember one thing. Your arrogance will break soon and you will come to me for help. Chakranarayan leaves with Gautam. Sarkar aims his rifle at Santa and Banta. That good-for-nothing man said so much to me because of you two! I fire you from your job right away. Pack your bags and leave! I must not see you again. I am sure you know what will happen if you wont listen to me. You must leave Shirdi by tonight! They run away.

Tatya is cutting logs. Baizama is surprised to see Prathamesh. He seeks her blessings. She asks him when he came. Prathamesh says just now. Tatya says I brought him here. Baizama introduces Prathamesh to Sai. Sai asks him to come with Him. We will talk inside. He holds Prathamesh’s hand. Baizama and Prathamesh smile. Baizama says if you hold someone’s hand then that person is bound to be blessed. They head inside.

Raghav’s mother asks him to freshen up. Food will be ready soon. He says yes sadly and is headed to his room when his mother asks him what happened. He says nothing and goes to his room. She wonders why he is always sulking. He does not lack anything yet he never looks happy.

Baizama tells Sai that Prathamesh is a very smart and talented boy. We have high hopes from him. Sai looks at Prathamesh who looks serious. Do you want to tell me something? Tell me whenever you feel like. Remember that you should express your sadness at the right time. It will end up as poison otherwise. Baizama looks at Sai and Prathamesh in confusion. Prathamesh says it isn’t so. Sai takes the bowl of cotton outside. Baizama and Tatya look at Sai and Prathamesh one by one.

Chakranarayan and Gautam are following Sai at a distance in disguise. Chakranarayan tells Gautam almost everyone in the village is His devotee. No one should doubt us. He tells their men to follow Sai. You have to only give us a sign. We will nab that Fakir at the right time. The men nod.

Sai comes to a house looking for alms. One of Chakranarayan’s men is nearby. A lady greets Sai. Sai blesses her and asks for the thread that’s used in puja. She brings it for Sai. Sai accepts it gratefully and leaves. Chakranarayan and Gautam continue tailing Sai. Gautam wonders where Sai is going. He dint ask for alms since then. Chakranarayan says He must be going to His hideout. I think we are close. Let’s continue to follow Him like this only. Villagers greet Sai on the way. Sai smiles to Himself as He walks around Shirdi. Gautam tells Chakranarayan he thinks they are near the place where Sai has hid money. Chakranarayan stops in his tracks suddenly. Gautam asks him to come but Chakranarayan says we wont go beyond this point. Gautam says we just decided to follow him everywhere. Chakranarayan stays put. I know what we had decided but we wont go ahead if I said so. Let’s go back. This Fakir is too smart. He is wasting our time. Our men are following him anyways. We will find out if there is something.

Sai asks Chakranarayan (mentally) till when he will run from the truth. You will have to face it one day.

Tatya notices Prathamesh lost in thoughts. Why aren’t you eating? Prathamesh says I am not hungry. Tatya says I feel as if you are bothered by something. Prathamesh denies. Tatya asks him if everything is fine at home. Do you and Mausa ji still fight? Prathamesh thinks of how his father had reprimanded him. He tells Tatya he is done eating and excuses himself. Rambha is equally confused and worried.

Raghav’s mother tells Sai He is only wasting His time by standing here. You will never get anything from this house. Sai says I came to give you something instead. He gives the thread to her. It is Vat-purnima tomorrow. She is about to throw it but Sai tells her against it. This isn’t just a thread but a relation. She refuses to believe in the relation or thread. I don’t want to hear your nonsense. Sai asks her if she really isn’t bothered. I will go but will the memories go away just as easily? Relations aren’t thrown away but lived. She asks Sai why He is bothering her. why is everyone pointing fingers at me only? Relations are lived when husband and wife are capable to fulfil each other’s needs. He asks her if it is true. She blames her husband and even justifies her demands. He failed in fulfilling his wife’s needs and desires. Sai asks her if this is why she left that relation. Success and failure are part of the same coin. Everyone has a different perspective though and this is your perspective. Can you honestly tell me if you appreciated the right things ever? How did things end when you left home? Is your son happy? Are you happy? She asks Sai why He keeps rubbing her wounds. Why don’t you leave me alone? Gangaram asks her what happened. She requests her father to tell Sai not to meddle in her life again. Gangaram sends her inside with Raghav. He next warns Sai to stop coming here and stop bothering his daughter. You will see the worst of me otherwise. Sai says even Ram ji is giving you this warning. Maybe no one else will be able to explain things to her better than you. You can lie to me but you also know that you are not able to sleep because you are concerned about her. Gangaram asks Sai how He dare meddle in his personal matters. I care more about my daughter than you. What is wrong if she doesn’t want to go back? Sai says I only want to help your daughter, your grandson and you. I wont be able to do anything without your help though.


Mere Sai 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chakranarayan and Gautam decide to search the house of Sai’s favourite disciples. They will be busy in celebration tomorrow as it is Vat-Purnima. He sends his men to every house to make a thorough investigation. You are going to be trapped, Sai! Sai smiles.


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