Mere Sai 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Sai suggests Ganpath/Ganu to have patience and trust. Prahlad gets ready for school and asks Rukmini to give his lunchbox soon. Kulkarni asks if he is going to meet Sai in lieu of school as his school is closed and Srikanth will not teach them. Prahlad says he doesn’t have to take anyone’s permission to meet Sai and Srikanth has told he will teach Shirdi children at any cost with or without school. Kulkarni stands fuming and says Srikanth has become more troublesome and needs to be controlled.

Ganpath gets ready to travel. His wife Gaaya asks where is he going early morning. Ganpath says he knows she would be angry hearing he is going to meet Sai baba and he has already prepared for his competitive exam since long and will return before exam. She asks what about his boss Bhosle. Ganpath says he will handle Bhosle and is confident that like Sai helped him before, he will help him even now. She asks him to travel carefully and remember that his first priority is his family. Ganpath reaches police station where Bhosle gives him a task to reach Thane on different case. He thinks he has to meet Sai, but agrees on Bhosle’s insistence.

A man Vanraj drags his son Muniraj to Sai and complains that his son stole money from his shop to the tune of 20 rs. Sai asks Muniraj if he wants to defend himself. Muniraj stands silently. Sai says even he thinks now that that Muniraj stole his father’s money. Vanraj continues scolding Muniraj and insists him to show where he kept stolen money. Muniraj pleads not to. Sai also insists and walks along them. Muniraj takes them to a man’s house whom Vanraj identifies as customer and asks how did Muniraj spent money on him. Customer reveals how Muniraj lent him grocery when he was penniless and his children were hungry.

Ganpath stops at a house to drink water when he hears a man singing with great difficulty and coughing. He walks in where he sees an old man coughing and trying to sing bhajan. Vaidya says man’s is a bhajan signer and has a program at temple tonight.


Mere Sai 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vanraj thanks for Sai for teaching him the value of charity. Sai says one should never forget their duty. Ganpath asks signer if he can sing bhajan on his behalf.


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