Mere Sai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 7th September 2022 Prem Sena gets blankets and cover themselves and rush inside to save people, they rescue people safely. Kids go hug their mother and say because of your blessings we are safe.

Satyeshwar says if blessings had power no one would ever have troubles, its all a myth and blessings are just to prove one very great and if blessings worked you would never get caught in this fire and so never rely on such things and weaken yourself, you are safe because I came here at the right time.

Sai walks to them and says to Satyeshwar you arriving here at right time is because blessings of their parents and to arrive as a parent blessings is a great deed and you are the choosen one. Satyeshwar says you talk so nice but I am sorry I don’t agree with all this,

blessings have trapped humans, humans are born to live freely and this blessings trap them, and they forget to live for themselves. Sai says to him, tell me you don’t know them tyen why did you save them. Satyeshwar says humanity, Sai says isn’t humanity a relation, you call your troop Prem Sena and where there is love there is some relation even if its of humanity.

Sai says to Satyeshwar, your every member of troop is related to you, according to you blessings don’t help but I believe blessings helps you experience gratitude. Patil says Sai what a good thought Sai.

Satyeshwar says I am happy to meet you Sai, we are staying here for few days and will definitely meet you. Sai says we will keep meeting based on the initiative you are here with. Satyeshwar and his Prem Sena leave.

Malhar thinking of Sai’s advice, his father asks him to play flute as cattles milk only when he plays flute. Malhar asks do you like my music. He says you play very well but you need improvement and need to work hard.

Malhar thinks this means Sai is right and I need to work on it. His father says and what you play is enough for cattle grazing, you don’t wabt to become an artist. Malhar thinks he will practice till he becomes the best and starts playing his flute.

Satyeshwar Maharaj and his Prem Sena passing by hear that and stop. Satyeshwar applauds ans says very nice and melodious, I don’t remember listening to something like this and you are very talented and remember me of Lord Shri Krishna and one day you will be a famous artist. Malhar gets very happy and asks who are you, Satyeshwar says keep playing and soon you will learn about me too.

Everyone at Dwarka Mai, Chandu asks Malchapati about Satyeshwar. Baizmaa says he helped us, but people here have always fooled us like this like Balvant, and now I am confused whom should I trust.

Malchapati agrees and says I didn’t like his though too. Pavitra asks Sai his take. Sai smiles and shows 2 coins to everyone and asks to choose better one. Pavitra says the new one looks better and old one is a little rusted. Sai gives Malchapati one coin and one to Parvati and asks them to break it.

Malchapati says how is this possible, Sai says try once. Malchapati breaks it and says its of soil. Sai says you all judge the book by its cover, wait understand a person, Satyeshwar has helped us, thank him and move on and what are his intentions time will tell us and until then welcome him.

Tatya says what if people like him more than you. Sai says I am here because you all love me and not to increase devotees and here to support people and about Satyeshwar if he is here to help Shirdi people I will support him but for now he is our guest and guest is like God.

Kulkarni hits Santa Banta for letting Satyeshwar insider Shirdi. Balvant walks to him and says you keep repeating your mistakes, you never think, use your brains first, this new Maharaj is boon for us,

Satyeshwar will give Sai tough fight and once Sai will vanish and we will through Satyeshwar out of Shirdi. Kulkarni says I have tried these ideas many times, few turn his devotee few leave but no one ever came here who already has so lany devotees and may be we become successful, lets go meet him tomorrow.

Sai in Dwarka Mai, Bhagyashree’s mother tells Sai that she got rejected again because of her Kundali, they like her but they see she is mangalik and reject her. Sai says Kundali can be wrong but I don’t believe that Bhagyashree is wrong, She asks then why doesn’t she get married. Sai says God makes relation and he knows Bhagyashree is very talented and doesn’t want her to go somewhere she isn’t appreciated.


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Mere Sai 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malhar meets Satyeshwar. A man asks Sai to tell him houses he can sell toys. Ankur says tell me places I can take cows to. Sai smiles.


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