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Mere Sai 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 8th October 2020 Bheeva meets Dinu outside. Dinu asks him about his mother. Bheeva says it feels as if she is waiting to see you. She is unable to see anything since past 2 days. Dinu rushes inside to meet his mother. I got so late. She reasons that he went to Pune to fulfil his responsibilities. Don’t be sad. Everyone was here to look after me. He assures her that he will take her to Pune for treatment. She replies that it is her time to leave. All my wishes have been fulfilled. I got whatever I wanted. She wishes that she could atleast see her son for the last time. This is my last wish. Sai comes there just then. Dinu greets him thankfully. Please check my Aayi. She is very ill. Sai addresses Dinu’s mother. She says it is good that you came today. I will take your blessings for the last time before leaving this world. I can also thank you now. You have always blessed us. Sai says it is the blessing of your good deeds. You have always been good to people and were blessed in return. She replies that she has no complains. My soul dint leave my body yet I was yearning to see my son for the last time. My wish will be incomplete if I die without seeing him. Sai tells her to close her eyes and think of God. God listens to a mother’s prayer. Sai applies udi on her eyes. He asks her to open her eyes a few seconds later. She opens her eyes and finds her son sitting next to her. The mother-son duo is overjoyed. She folds her hands in gratitude at Sai. Please continue to bless my son and my family. I am ready for the end journey. She chants Om Sai Ram as she breathes her last. Dinu is heartbroken.

Sai tells him that she is with God now. Dinu denies. I had to take care of her. How can she leave me? Sai calls it the rule of God. He says you were my Aayi’s God. Why dint you give her long life? You have saved so many lives. Why dint you save her too? Sai tells him that time of birth and death is decided beforehand. No one can change it. Even Lord Vishnu had to go through this ordeal whenever he took birth as a human being. We will have to go through it too. Don’t be sad though. Your mother has lived a peaceful life. She has been spiritual all along. The last word that came out of her mouth was Ram. Such people receive moksha. There cannot be a better example than this. You should celebrate the life that she had lived. Take inspiration from her deeds and spread joy by helping people so you end up getting moksha as well. Dinu asks him if it is true. Sai says a shloka. Lord Krishna had told Arjun – whoever thinks of me while breathing his last will always come to me. We should always think of God. Dinu apologizes to him for being angry with him. Sai calls it his love towards his mother. Rest assured. She is happy and at peace wherever she is. Allah Maalik!

Sai and Tatya are in Dwarkamai. Sai calls Nandu (the dog) and gives him food. Tatya asks him how his voice reaches Nandu always. You don’t call out to him loudly yet he comes running in no time. Sai says your voice can reach anyone if it is filled with love.

Chandorkar ji and his family are in the house temple. Chandorkar ji starts the aarti but his mind keeps going back to his dream. He tells his family that he and Radha will go to Shirdi. Radha ji smiles.

Sai tells Tatya he is going to become rich very soon. My banda rupya is coming.

Saraswati is feeding food to Bela. She complains that she wants to go outside first. Saraswati says I cannot allow you to do that. Bela says you talk like Aayi and Baba. Saraswati says they are doing it for your well-being only. Bela refuses to eat and so does Saraswati. Saraswati offers to tell her stories but Bela wants to go outside, make friends and spend time with them. I don’t want to spend my time with you. She walks away unhappily. Saraswati hears Sai calling for alms. She greets him and gives him rice. Sai notices her tensed. She shares that Bela wants to play with the kids. I cannot let her go outside though. I feel pained to see her unhappy. She refused to listen to stories. Sai suggests her to think calmly. The solution lies right in front of you. Saraswati notices a few kids playing next to her house and nods at Sai.

Bela hears a girl telling someone that even her Ajji tells her a lot of stories when she comes over. Bela wipes her tears and looks back. She is surprised to see the kids in her house. A kid shares that her Ajji called them here to tell stories to them. Saraswati smiles at Bela. You said that you want friends so I called them over. She feeds everyone and starts telling them stories. Bela smiles. She sits down next to Saraswati as well and eats from her hands. The kids thank Saraswati for the stories. We will come tomorrow as well. You know more stories, right? Saraswati nods. There is a story for every day. Do come. The kids leave. Saraswati asks Bela if she had fun. Bela hugs her and calls her Ajji. Saraswati kisses her on her forehead emotionally.

Sai thinks one heart has melted and the second is about to melt as well. Om Sai plays.

Sai is grinding wheat. He tells Baizamaa that today is an auspicious day. I need your help to make it more special. She asks him what’s so special about today. He asks her if she can make sheera from this wheat. I feel like eating it today. Udhav says you told me that this is for someone special. It means your guests are coming today. Sai says guests leave eventually. The one who is coming today isn’t like that. Baizamaa asks him who is coming. Sai shares that he was blessed with their presence already but he is going to be rich today. My bandha rupya is coming after all.

Saraswati is cooking. Her eyes widen in shock as she notices another small white mark next to the bigger one. Is it spreading? It would become difficult for me to hide it otherwise.

Keshav is walking with Sai. I got off after long today so I thought to spend the day with you. Sai looks in a direction worriedly. He takes out his bowl and heads in that direction.

Saraswati hides her mark again. She looks at Bela and gives kadha to her. Bela refuses. Saraswati agrees and goes outside. Bela watches her take out something from her bag.

Sakharam tells Mandar they must visit every house and enquire about Kaki. No one should doubt us. Mandar nods. They head in different directions.

Saraswati uses the small stones to play. Bela gets intrigued. What is it? Saraswati says it is Sagar goti. Bela wants to play too. How does one play? Saraswati agrees to teach her but keeps a condition – finish the kadha first. Bela drinks it. Where did you find them? Saraswati thinks of her time with Narayani. They used to play together. These and a few memories are what I have now. Let’s play. She teaches Bela how to play.

Sai blocks Sakharam’s way and asks for alms. Sakharam says I have nothing to give to you. Sai says only you can give me what I want. Sakharam asks him what it is. Sai says don’t pursue what you have stopped by in Shirdi for. Sakharam’s eyes widen in shock.


Mere Sai 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Chandorkar ji and Radha ji are in Shirdi. Radha ji suggests him to ask someone about Sai. Chandorkar ji says people think of him as God here. They must have made a temple for him. He stops in his tracks as the fragrance of sheera enters in his nostrils.


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