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Mere Sai 8th September 2021 Jhipri is packing her stuff with a heavy heart. Sai walks in. Latika peeks at them from the door. Jhipri hugs Sai and cries. I am not sad about my defeat. I am sad that I left my home to keep my self-respect intact. I failed. I have been through a lot since I got married. Things were fine till the time my FIL was alive. I have always been ill-treated in that house since then. My MIL hated me because of my background. She never accepted me. She did not even accept my daughter for being a girl. I spent my life hearing the taunts about not being able to pay dowry or for giving birth to a girl. My husband does not do anything so no one listens to him. I know he does not support me openly but he does support me from his heart. I also know that he loves his daughter a lot but he cannot go against his mother. He will never be able to take a stand against her. I always thought that I should be scolded when I am wrong. My husband should support me when I am not wrong but that never happened. I bore everything and was surviving there somehow but that day.

Flashback shows Jhipri humming while cooking. Her MIL starts scolding her for no reason. Do you take so much time in cooking? Jhipri serves her food. Sakku Bai complains about the chapati. It is still undercooked. Do you want me to fall ill and die? Jhipri asks her why she is saying so. It has been cooked properly. Sakku Bai warns her to be quiet. Will you teach me now? What do you know about good food? Your mother was a beggar and she raised you with meagre food too. She should have gotten you married to a similar home. She was too smart that she got you married to a big house like ours. She did not teach you anything and did not even raise you properly. How will she when her upbringing was of low class? Jhipri warns her not to utter anything against her mother. I can bear anything but not this. Do look at your upbringing before pointing fingers at me. Sakku Bai is taken aback. She was always quiet but she raised her voice suddenly today! Sakku Bai asks Shashikant if he realised that Jhipri cannot see anyone disrespect her mother while he is standing here quietly. Tel her that no one can talk to me like this in this house. She must apologize to me if she wants to stay here. Jhipri reasons that she isn’t wrong. I would have surely apologized if I was wrong. I will not let anyone disrespect my mother. Sakku Bai asks her to leave the house right away. Jhipri looks at Shashikant. Sakku Bai tells Jhipri that this is her house. The doors of this house will close for him too if he will say anything. Jhipri asks her husband if he will really not say anything. He explains to her that his mother is like her mother. Why did you have to retort? Apologize now. Jhipri insists that this is about her mother’s dignity. I cannot compromise with it. Sakku Bai asks her to leave the house right away. Go outside, earn something and show that you can be independent. You can talk about self-respect then. Flashback ends.

Jhipri cries. I couldn’t save my mother’s dignity. I failed! Sai asks her if her life is over. Jhipri says it does seem like that. I am tired now. I am not interested in living anymore. I would have spent my life looking after you if I did not have Latika’s responsibility. That would have given me peace but I cannot leave Latika alone. I am stuck because of her. Sai comforts her. Latika goes outside.

Sakku Bai asks Sarkar if Jhipri is leaving. Sarkar nods. Where is your son? She is clueless. I saw him last at dharmshala. I have left a message for him though. He should come here the moment he finds my note. Sarkar nods.

Shashikant is sitting under a tree when he notices someone running. The guy drops a silver coin. Shashikant picks it up. The bag that the person is carrying is torn. Coins keep dropping while he runs. Shashikant thinks that it might be a thief. He starts picking the coins and follows him.

Banta asks Sarkar why he stopped Tejasvi from coming here. She would have seen your importance if she was here. Sarkar says women dance on your head if they are given too much freedom. We have Jhipri as an example already. Sai comes there with Jhipri. She shares that she is leaving the colony. My house is my mother’s last memento. Please keep it safe. Sarkar says she lost everything and is under debt. This is how self-respect gets shattered. This is the result of leaving your husband’s house. Sakku Bai says this was bound to happen. Sarkar speaks of societal norms and the roles defined for men and women. You have seen what happens to those who goes against the rules. This is an example for all of you. Sakku Bai adds that people look at you differently when your husband does not support you. You have nowhere to go now. It will be enough if you can save yourself on the open roads. Sarkar laughs.

Jhipri tells Sai she cannot bear it anymore. Sai says there is no need as you passed your test. You passed the moment you kept your mother’s respect and did not apologize. You only have to wait for the result now. Sarkar laughs. Fakir has lost His mind. He is giving reassurance to the woman, who is on the road and has lost everything! Sai says Maalik is the one who takes the real test. He gives good results to those who pass His exam.

Shashikant continues chasing that person and collects the coins on his way. My big bag is full yet his small bag is still full. How can there be so many coins in such a small bag?

Tax officials ask villagers to submit their tax dues by tomorrow morning. It has been pending since 2 years. You should pay it by tomorrow morning or you will have to leave this colony. A person questions Sarkar. We paid the taxes to you on time. Why are they asking for money now? Sarkar calls it a good drama. Why will I collect tax from you? This colony is anyways outside Shirdi. I collect taxes from those living in Shirdi only. The person tells him not to lie. We have been giving you taxes since years. Sarkar asks him how he dare question him. Why will I chase you guys for meagre amount? What proof do you have? You will be questioned if you don’t have any proof! You dint pay taxes and are blaming a nice guy like me! I will drag you all to court one by one! Tax official asks villagers to give him proof to show that they have paid taxes to Sarkar. You will have to pay taxes otherwise. Villagers request Sai for help. Only you can save us from this problem now. Sai replies that it isn’t in their hands. Ladies ask Sai if they will lose their home now. Jhipri asks Sai to help them. I wont be able to live peacefully if my people will lose their homes. Sai tells villagers how she is still thinking about them and your house even though you ousted her from the colony. She still wants the best for you. Kaki says we ignored your problems for our convenience but God watches everything. He decided to punish us for our selfishness right away. Another lady says we may lose our home but we will live together now. You were, are and will always be a part of our colony. We may not live here but we will stay together. Jhipri hugs them. Sai tells Sarkar his warning failed in front of Jhipri’s virtues. Sarkar laughs that the colony will disappear too.


Mere Sai 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rihana hugs Jhipri and tells her that they have sold all the blankets. Nanasaheb adds that Sai had given him a task. He tells her everything in mute.


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