Mere Sai 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 8th September 2022 Malhar visits Prem Sena ashram and sees everyone where happy, few playing music few working on art. Satyeshwar Maharaj walks in. Satyeshwar praises an artist and says I will gift your painting to someone meeting me.

Malhar thinks he praises his devotees so nicely just like a friend. One devotee gives a chair to Satyeshwar. Satyeshwar gets angry and asks to throw it away.

A man rushes to Sai with toys and says I am tried of requesting people to buy my toys and rants about it and how no one cares about his art.

Sai says Rajkiran patience and faithm Rajkiran says not anymore, you don’t think about me at all, I have kept asking you about what to do but you don’t seem to help me, I can’t di anything else and is becoming impossible to survive. Ankur rushes to Sai and says help me, my cattles are missing help me find them.

Satyeshwar says you are new here and so let me tell you, we are all equal here and in this Prem Sena there is no one great and I like you all love me but if you want something to do for me do something that will help everyone. Satyeshwar welcomes two devotees to Prem Sena. Malhar asks one why is Maharaj falicitating them, He says Maharaj welcomes his new members this way, he considers them equal and great.

Satyeshwar calls Malhar to himself and says how cab I forget such an great artist. Malhar remembers Sai’s words and his father’s words that he needs practice and says no one ever appreciated me.

Satyeshwar says you desreve the appreciation and you have talent that can make you a great artist and asks him to play flute with all confidence and says I will boost your confidence to become great artist. Malhar plays Prem Sena doesn’t like it and whisper do they hear it wrong or is he really so bad. Malhar stops playing and gets emotional seeing no one is appreciating him.

Sai suggests Rajkiran to try bear by places. Rajkiran says villagers are poor and you know everything so tell me where I can sell toys, Sai asks Ankur to look into jungles for cattle, Ankur says jungle is so big I may get lost you know everything tell me exactly where. Sai says I can just advice weather to take it or not its your take now and keep patience and faith. Rajkiran Ankur keep ranting. Sai says keep trying and leaves.

Satyeshwar claps for Malhar and everyone joins. Satyeshwar gives his chain and says my guruji gifted me this and today I give it to you because of your talent, see my Prem Sena also knows you are so good, will you play for us everyday, we need a teacher too, share your talent with us and we will take you places and become a famous singer. Malhar agrees to join Prem Sena.
Balvant and Kulkarni walk in.

Sai meets Kevals parents, he gives his father medicine and asks him to take care of himself. Sai leaves.Keval walks to Sai and says I need to talk to you and sgows him a form says he wants to go Mumbai. Sai says this is nice why didn’t you yell your parents. Keval says they won’t agree because I would have to mortgage house to go Mumbai but later when U start earning I can repay the loan.

Sai says look where is your mother going. Keval says she can’t see why is she going, she slips Keval rushes to her and then realises it was just a mirage. Sai says this was to show you your reality, work is important but take care of your parents, work in mill collect money and then go Mumbai and your parents will be fine too by then, have patience and faith and keep balance.

Kev thinks I should agree to what Sai says but what if I never get this chance again and tears the form and leaves.

Kulkarni and Balvant meet Satyeshwar and welcome him to Shirdi. Kulkarni says we are here to support you, Shirdi is very peaceful village but there is this man Sai, who has corrupted this village and we think we need someone like you to take care of this village, and your influence will do good for everyone and we want all our youth to join Prem Sena and do let us know if you need anything.

Satyeshwar asks them to come with him and show them how Malhar is welcomed. Kulkarni and Balvant confused. Kulkarni whispers to Balvant, what kind of man is he falicitating his devotee. Prem Sena chant Satyeshwar Maharj’s name.
Satyeshwar says we never force someone to join us and we don’t need your help.

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Mere Sai 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :A devotee tells Satyeshwar Maharaj, its his sisters wedding, he will go artend wedding and come back. Satyeshwar says to him you have taken oath to quit past life.


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