Mere Sai 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Mere Sai 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mere Sai 9th September 2022 Satyeshwar says to Kulkarni and Balvant that he has no time for personal issues. Balvant says to him you are taking us wrong, we just want to help you build Nagar for Prem Sena,

I have contacts with higher officials. Satyeshwar tells Balvant he knows all higher officials and some are part if Prem Sena and I have them with me because of love and nothing else, you do tell me if you need something.

Kulkarni says to Balvant, look what your plan got us too and makes fun of him. Balvant leaves in anger. Satyeshwar happy to increase his Sena.

Ankur, Rajkiran and others upset about Sai not giving clear suggestions but just keeps asking us to have patience. Ankur sees Malhar and asks him why does he looked so changed and did he get lot of money.

Malhar tells them about Satyeshwar Maharaj and how inspiring he is. Everyone gets excited about Satyeshwar and how he treated Malhar. Malhar keeps praising Satyeshwar Maharaj.

Satyeshwar meditating, a devotee walks to him and says he has to go attend his sisters wedding and will join back later. Satyeyshwar smiles and says you can go but you had taken a oath and God doesn’t like people who make promises and Prem Sena is your family and they all expect you to have trust in them and never leave them.

Malhar asks Ankur and others to come with them. Rajkiran says we can’t do this with Sai. Malhar says my Guru is also Sai but what if he is answers to all our prayers. Everyone decides to go visit him nect morning.

Satyeshwar shows some pictures to him and says look at them these where devotees who had left us for sometime but they died in accident or something or the other and in tears say I am so sorry I couldn’t save them, I am reason for their death and whoever breaks oath he has ro bare consequences, you can leave if you want. Devotee says I don’t want to leave, I want to stay with you.

Ankur, Rajkiran, Bhagyashree and her mother on the way to meet Satyeshwar, Sai meets them and asks them not to rush into anything and have patience or else it can be bad and picks a stick full of thrones and says whichever path you choose make sure you take the decision carefully and I hope you find your way. Sai leaves.

Sai in Dwarka Mai, Baizmaa walks to Sai and asks him what is he cooking its smelling so good and look I have got you food too, Sai says I always want food cooked by you, Baizmaa says who is fhis for. Sai says even kids want to feed their mother and feeds Baizmaa with his hand and says I know you like bhakri and baingan bharta.

Keval feeding his blind mother and thinking about his dream to go Mumbai. She has blurred vision but makes out Keval is upset and in tears and asks whats wrong. Keval denies of being sad, she keeps insisting him on telling her truth, his father sees him and asks whats wrong why is he so upset. Keval gets upset and leaves.
Keval sees the form outside and picks it, he unfolds it and looks at it.

Baizmaa asks Sai who else is coming to have food, Sai says you are lucky to have a loving family but all aren’t this lucky.
Sai and Baizmaa go meet an old couple, they are parents to the two kids saved by Satyeshwar and now part of Prem Sena. Sai says God has sent two kids away but brought me closer to you and gives them food.

Sai tells them that your kids are youth now and have lot of wishes and want to make an identity and this pressure might make them drift. Baizmaa says this is all Satyeshwars fault, he is taking kids away from his family and these two kids are tricked and influenced. Kids mother says I am scared about my kids please help them. Sai says time will fix everything but you will have to keep patience and faith.

Satyeshwar im his pravachan asks to quit patience and hustle till they make it, we are taught to adjust but adjustment is wrong. Bhagyashree think of how they are always insulted by grooms family. Ankur thinks of how everyone always asked him to start from small. Rajkiran thinks of how people have stopped buying his handmade toys.
Satyeshwar asks them to live life on their own terms and not by someone else wishes.

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Mere Sai 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhagyashree tells Satyeshwar that her parents force her to marry. Satyehswar says to her because they think you are a burden, quit this past and join my Prem Sena and you will find the love you always looked for. Bhagyashree’s mother gets angry and scolds Satyeshwar.


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