Meri Gudiya 18th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Meri Gudiya 18th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Meri Gudiya 18th January 2020 Episode Start With Maa asking Raghav to marry Ratri for Avi’s sake. He says I can get any happiness for Avi, but not get a mum, there is difference between motherly love and sympathy, Madhuri was Avi’s mother, Ratri isn’t, can anyone take mum’s place, tell me. Maa writes to ask what’s in your heart. He sees Madhuri’s pic. He says just Madhuri is in my heart, none can get her place, its impossible in this birth, we all are with Avi, can this marriage fill the lacking place, no, I won’t give Madhuri’s place to anyone. Ratri hears this and is shocked.

Avi comes and says Ratri aunty, you here…. Raghav and Maa turn and get shocked. Avi says I m not feeling sleepy, will you put me to sleep. Ratri acts sweet and takes her. Maa smiles. Raghav asks Maa where are you going. Maa goes. Raghav says there can’t be any replacement for you in my and Avi’s life, never. He cries. He recalls Madhuri.

Ratri thinks I was tolerating you thinking the end will be good, but I don’t think this is possible, so much rejection, I have to do something, a full and final attempt. Raghav comes and says Avi… Ratri says she is sleeping. He says whatever you heard… She says it can’t happen, I know it well, aunty gave that proposal for you and Avi, aunty doesn’t know that there is difference in love and motherly love, anyone can have motherly love but there is no replacement for love, you said none can take Madhuri’s place, I can understand your dilemma, don’t worry, I promise I will end all your dilemmas tomorrow morning. She goes. He looks on.

Pari looks on. Madhuri thinks did mumma gave this proposal to Raghav, Ratri is in place, it means Ratri made a place in mum’s heart also. Ratri comes to Adrika and asks what are you hiding. Adrika shows the potions. Ratri asks what are you doing with my potion box. Adrika says its the same potion which you fed me. Ratri says you know this potion is dangerous. Adrika says I know, I will attack the main person, I will use this, I will kill Avi and help Rudraksh. Ratri says I warned you, you won’t hurt Avi. Adrika says you are so cute, Avi won’t be hurt, after drinking this potion, she will get Mukti and go to Anantlok. Ratri gets shocked.

Ratri says give it to me. Adrika says you want Raghav also, did you get him. Ratri runs after her to get the potion. Madhuri thinks their motives are dangerous, I have to gather strength to fight them. Ratri ties up Adrika and asks her to stay calm. She says listen to me now, I will make new potion, not to kill Avi, but to make everyone believe that I m Avi’s mum now, it will happen by the same heartbeat game of Madhuri and Avi.

She says I have done such planning that my wishes will get fulfilled in one go, now this house will become my own house, when Avi drinks this potion, her heartbeat will stop for ten mins only, everyone will think my heartbeat is connected to Avi, I will revive her, even Raghav will feel that Avi and I have the same heartbeat connection like Madhuri and Avi, I promised Raghav that I will end all his dilemmas tomorrow morning, I will see you now, come with me, else I will break your nose. Madhuri worries.

Its morning, Ratri frees Adrika from the cupboard. Adrika says if I say, I want to support you in your plan, will you trust me. Ratri says no way. Adrika asks what will you tell the family if they ask for me, if anyone sees me locked here, then… I will not sit quiet, after thinking all night, I thought we will get Avi’s soul some way, why shall I stop you then, you are my sister. Ratri says fine, don’t think to do anything, I will feed such potion that you will tie Rakhi to Rudraksh. Adrika thinks it will happen as per my plan, Avi will die by my hands, none can save her.

A cab comes. Driver asks how did you come here. Cab driver says they have called me here. Driver asks Turanta is anyone going out. Turanta says no. Driver asks Shaurya did he call the cab. Shaurya says no. Driver asks who is going. Ratri says I called the taxi. She greets Maa. Raghav comes and asks are you going somewhere, driver will drop you. Adrika gets their bags and makes sad face. They get shocked. Ratri says we had to go some day, back to US.


Meri Gudiya 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Avi says I m going. She feeds the water to Avi. Avi shouts don’t go aunty. She faints. Everyone gets shocked. Ratri smiles.


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