Meri Gudiya 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update


Meri Gudiya 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Meri Gudiya 31st December 2019 Episode Start With Raghav saying none can explain Avi, except Madhuri. Shaurya attends the guests. Raghav recalls Madhuri. FB shows Raghav worrying for Madhuri’s pre mature delivery labor. She jokes that their angel Avi is eager to come in the world. She says I have to record my message for her. He says no. She says please, maybe its my last wish. He says nothing will happen to you and baby. She says I have to talk to Avi, you should always choose Avi over me, please. He agrees. FB ends. Raghav plays Madhuri’s emotional message.

Avi hears her voice and comes downstairs. Madhuri explains Avi well that love can never get less. She says I will always be with you, when you miss me, just hug Raghav. She asks Avi to talk to everyone at home, if they don’t talk, then Avi can talk to her. She says mumma will always be with you, pinky promise, Avi if you want to feel your mumma, then just give a tight hug to dad, your anger will get away, your dad will laugh, keep everyone happy, don’t make them sad, promise me, I m always with you. Avi says okay. She gives her a kiss.

Avi hugs Raghav, Maa and Shaurya. She asks them not to cry, she will never trouble them. Raghav hugs Avi. He goes and cries. He thanks Madhuri. He recalls their moment. He says you left a big responsibility on me, how will I manage Avi.

Avi makes a drawing on the floor. She thinks of Madhuri and makes mumma’s drawing. She sleeps over it. Madhuri thinks Avi is feeling cold. Raghav comes to Avi and looks on. He says Avi is sleeping on the floor, she fell lonely, she made the drawing and slept over it. Madhuri says yes, I have seen it, I m inside this doll, I will never leave Avi until Ratri is there, I will show you her truth soon. He cries and makes Avi sleep on the bed. He misses Madhuri. Avi turns and hugs the doll. Rudraksh is somewhere praying. He sees a soul/smoke flying. He looks around. He thinks what’s this strange power making me worry.


Meri Gudiya 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru ji says danger is coming on Avi, Madhuri died as she faced the same danger.


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