Meri Gudiya 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Meri Gudiya 4th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Meri Gudiya 4th January 2020 Episode Start With Ratri asking by whom do we have this danger, tell me something. Rudraksh sees some white smoke and says impossible, interesting, we have to find out the spirit helping Avi. Avi asks how will I do painting, I m not able to solve maths. Dulaari asks her to have food. Ratri comes and says I will solve your problem. She helps Avi. Pari looks on. Ratri asks her to do painting and also have breakfast. She gives her a chocolate. Avi hugs her and thanks.

Madhuri thinks this isn’t happening good. Ratri paints with Avi. Pari drops the colour bowl on Ratri. Avi says I will get water. She goes. Ratri says Raghav will be coming home, I won’t get a better chance. She goes to Raghav’s room. Avi looks for Ratri. Dulaari takes Avi and Pari. Raghav comes home. Madhuri thinks Raghav don’t go to the room, Ratri is in washroom there. Ratri sees Madhuri’s dress. She takes one.

Raghav asks for Maa and goes. Madhuri stops him. Her pic garland falls. Raghav stops and asks Turanta not to let the garland fall from the pic again. He fixes the garland and says sorry Madhuri. He goes. Madhuri thinks I love you Raghav. He comes to the room and sees Ratri with Madhuri’s dress. He says its Madhuri’s dress and takes it from her. She says I was drenched and thought… He says sorry, Madhuri isn’t here but I can’t see anyone in her clothes. She says its okay, I will go home now. She gets angry and thinks I will control you Raghav, I have to meet Rudraksh soon. Raghav recalls Madhuri wearing the night gown. He cries for her. Its morning, Avi refuses to go to school and runs. Everyone pampers her. Madhuri thinks Avi shouldn’t go, they should know that there is some reason that Avi is refusing to go. She recalls Avi refusing to go to school and telling the reason to her. Madhuri thinks where are you Raghav. Raghav thinks I feel like Madhuri is calling me. Rudraksh says interesting.

He sees Avi’s school. Ratri says its easy for me to trick then. Rudraksh says we will make a Chakravyuh now. Shaurya asks Avi to listen to her and go to school. Avi says no. Raghav comes. Avi says I don’t want to go to school. Raghav says fine, you don’t go, promise. Avi asks are you fooling me. Raghav says no. Madhuri thinks Raghav, find out why Avi doesn’t want to go to school. Rudraksh says Ratri you will trap them inside the family and I will cover them externally, that family will give us Avi. Raghav says Avi will be at the office with me. Avi goes to get ready. Rudraksh says some power is protecting Avi, I m not able to see it, I will win over my weaknesses and capture Avi.


Meri Gudiya 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Raghav says you will always be my best friend. Ratri says always. Pia asks Raghav to be careful about Ratri. Ratri takes Avi and Pari in the car. Pari’s eyes shine.


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