Meri Gudiya 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Meri Gudiya 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Meri Gudiya 7th January 2020 Episode Start With Avi telling the problem to Ratri. Ratri asks how can someone bully you, lets do one thing, I will come with you and make that boy your friend, then he will take care of you, we shall go to play. Avi says okay. Avi asks her to take her to shopping, she wants few things to take to school. Ratri says okay. Avi tells the things she needs. Ratri says fine, I will fulfill your wish, but see where did I get you. Avi says its my fav place, how do you know that mum used to get me here. Ratri says your mum’s heart has come to me, you like playing hide and seek here. She makes a video call to Raghav.

Ratri asks him to see Avi. Avi says we are going to play hide and seek, come. Raghav says I m fine here, you enjoy. Ratri says fine. Pari looks on. Its night, everyone dines. Ratri gets Avi’s fav food. Avi thanks her. Shaurya looks on. Turanta says I will serve the food. Ratri says let me serve it. She asks Avi to taste it and say how is it. Avi tastes the food and likes it. Avi says Ratri is going to teach a lesson to the bad guy. Maa thinks you have won all of us with Avi, we are happy if Avi is happy. Raghav thanks Ratri.

He asks Ratri to sit. Avi says you can’t sit in mum’s chair. Ratri asks but why. Avi says its my mum’s place, none can sit on it. Ratri says but its empty right now. Avi makes the doll sit on the chair. She says Pari will sit here, the chair isn’t vacant now. Ratri says I want to sit next to you. Avi stops her. Raghav says don’t talk to Ratri like this, say sorry. Avi says no, why shall I say sorry. Raghav thinks she is an outsider, she didn’t understand it, say sorry and end the matter. Avi cries for mum. She says just mum used to love me, dad just scolds me. Madhuri says Raghav, see Avi’s emotions, not her behavior. Raghav says you are a good girl, Ratri does a lot for you, say sorry. Avi says you all are bad, I don’t want to talk. Avi takes Pari and goes.

Ratri says she got upset because of me, I will convince her. She goes. She calls Adrika and says I have to kill Avi, she insulted me, I have to take revenge, I will take Madhuri’s place. Adrika says do what you want. Raghav cries and says I don’t know how to comfort Avi that she shares her wishes and problems with me, she shared things with Ratri, I wanted her to tell me, she should be comfortable with me, I m failing on every step, Avi is getting scared, I m scolding her. Maa cries and thinks the solution is to talk with love, they don’t express their emotions. Ratri applies something on her hands. She goes to Avi. Madhuri thinks Avi don’t shake hands with her.

Shaurya stops Raghav and says I m confused about you, is this just coincidence that you scolded Avi twice, the reason was Ratri. Raghav says its my responsibility to teach right behavior to Avi. Shaurya says its Avi’s emotion, I also want the same. Raghav says you think I want to give Madhuri’s place to Ratri, I will answer you later. Ratri goes to touch Avi. Raghav comes. Ratri cleans the poison from her hands. Raghav consoles Avi. He asks her to think about Madhuri. Avi says sorry. She asks Ratri to promise, she will never sit in Madhuri’s place. Ratri says sorry. Avi asks Raghav to make her sleep.

Madhuri thinks to keep an eye on Ratri. Maa cries seeing Madhuri’s pic. Shaurya comes to her. He says how much patience shall I keep, I can’t tolerate now. She asks him what is it. He says Raghav didn’t tell me anything, I don’t feel sad, I regret about something else, how shall I say this, Raghav is falling under Ratri’s influence, there is some planning, the way Ratri is winning our heart, it shows that she wants to take Madhuri’s place. Maa thinks no Shaurya, its not right to judge anyone so soon. He says I know what you are thinking, Ratri was dad’s best friend, she is trying to fill loneliness in his life, she is pretending it, I m scared that one day she will take Madhuri’s place. Maa worries.


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