Meri Gudiya 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Meri Gudiya 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Meri Gudiya 9th January 2020 Episode Start With Ratri hugging Avi. Turanta gets a message and sees Ratri. He shows the message to Raghav. Raghav calls out Ratri. She thinks what happened to him. She gets Adrika’s call. Adrika asks what are you doing there. Ratri says its my way of work. Adrika says then come and talk to Rudraksh, he is calling you. Ratri says fine, I m coming. She goes to Raghav. He says you have hidden such a big thing from us. He shows her the phone. Turanta sings happy birthday. Everyone claps. Ratri says thanks, yes, I have hidden your birthday. Raghav says you didn’t tells us before and you are celebrating Madhuri’s birthday. Ratri thinks I knew it, Raghav forgot my birthday.

Raghav asks why didn’t you you tell us. Ratri says for Avi’s sake, she needs attention, just Didi calls me to wish. He wishes her. She thanks her. She takes Maa’s blessings and goes to meet Rudraksh. He sings happy birthday and wishes her. He makes Adrika sing for Ratri. Ratri says trust me, I m trying to do my work and find out who is helping Avi in the house. He says interesting. Adrika signs her. Ratri says you told me to surround the people by the chakravyuh, I m winning Raghav and Avi. He says so birthday and birthday. She says no, it was Madhuri’s birthday, I just changed my birthday to get sympathy, I want to get Avi. He says I don’t think you are honest. Adrika says I think she is right. He asks what’s the plan.

Ratri says I want to make Raghav dance on my fingers, if I get a chance to meet him alone, then I will make him my slave. He says interesting. Turanta asks Hari to just take the toys that’s fallen on the floor. Hari picks the toys and also Pari. He takes the box. He says its old toys. Shaurya asks him to keep it in store room. Avi comes and calls out Pari. She runs. Dulaari and Hari keep the box in storeroom and go. Raghav says you are right, Ratri has a big heart, she wants Avi to stay happy, she has hidden her birthday and celebrated with us, no one does this. Avi says Pari isn’t here. He says Pari will be around, look well, check the gifts. She says I don’t want gifts, but just Pari. He says you will get it.

She says no one helps me, Ratri would have helped me. He goes with her. Maa smiles and thinks Ratri has won Avi’s heart. She blesses Ratri. Turanta shows many toys. Avi says I want Pari. Dulaari says I have got all the toys kept here in storeroom, but I didn’t see Pari. Pari comes out of the box. Raghav says it will be here, check everything again. They check the toy box. Madhuri says come this way Raghav, I m here. Dulaari says toys boxes are just here. Raghav says fine. He goes. Madhuri tries to go out.


Meri Gudiya 10th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Shaurya says Raghav is getting an award, Dr. Rudraksh will be giving the award. Avi looks for Pari.


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