Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi Written Updates

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Ira notices Akhilesh praying and heaves a sign of relief. I was getting afraid for no reason! My Akhilesh can never do this. I wonder why I saw this strange dream. Akhilesh sits next to her. Amma says I should bless you on Diwali today. I wish that all your dreams come true. She panics. I don’t want my dreams to come true. He is confused. She murmurs that no one would want such a dream to come true. I want you to be happy always. She offers to apply uptan. He asks her to bathe first. Ira has changed and is applying uptan on Akhilesh a little seductively. He asks her if her emotions are overpowering her under the pretext of applying uptan. Keep a tab on your emotions. It is a festival today! She asks him if there is a specific time of getting romantic. She thinks she was wrong to worry about him.

He follows his ideals diligently. Mishri greets them just then. She shows kurta to Akhilesh. Badi Ma has bought it for you but I have chosen the colour. Akhilesh loves it but Ira is startled by her dream yet again. It does not suit you! Akhilesh says butterflies used to chase me when I used to step out of the house wearing a green kurta. Ira confuses butterflies with girls but Akhilesh clarifies her doubt. I love green colour very much and I will wear this kurta. He leaves with Mishri. Ira makes a face. I am overreacting because of a stupid dream / kurta! She receives Dr. Bajrangi’s call but the line drops before he could tell her anything. Dr. Bajrangi wonders how to talk to Ira now. I am unable to reach her!

Devina notices bundles of cash on the table and gets excited. She picks a bundle. Mishri shows her laddoos made of real gold. Devina touches them in amazement when Pushpa handcuffs her. The fish is trapped now! Devina demands to be set free. Pushpa asks Mishri if they can tie her mouth too. You will stay like this till the time the puja happens. The money might disappear during the puja itself. She puts the key in her necklace. Devina and Pushpa engage in a struggle when Akhilesh enters. He makes his mother free Devina. Pushpa gives in. Akhilesh gifts diamond necklace to Devina. Pushpa and Devina fight for it as Devina pretends to act modest. Akhilesh falls on the sofa. He tells Devina to try it. She goes upstairs.

Akhilesh gifts a necklace to Pushpa as well. Pushpa and Mishri compliment Akhilesh’s choice. Mishri asks for her gift. Akhilesh gives her bracelet. Pushpa tells the significance of Diwali to Mishri. Akhilesh is our Rama. Where is our Sita Maiyya? Ira joins just then. Akhilesh kisses Ira on her cheek as Pushpa diverts Mishri to look somewhere else. Ira smiles sweetly. She is asked to come to hospital for few hours. Akhilesh tells her to go ahead.

Pushpa asks Akhilesh for bill. Akhilesh realises that he forgot to give Ira her gift and goes after her.

Ira collides with a Baba. She immediately apologizes to him. He stares at her intently. Your life is about to change! Everything will be green. Akhilesh reaches there and calls out to Akhilesh. Baba stops Ira from moving. Ira is irked with the word green. Akhilesh gives the gift to Ira. Baba is looking at Akhilesh. Ira looks sweetly at the card that Akhilesh has made. Baba leans closer. He is the guy who will bring greenery in your life. Akhilesh smiles. Are you hinting at my kurta? Baba denies. You will understand my words at the right time. He blows at Akhilesh. Ira tries to shoo it away but Akhilesh says he just blew some air on me. Baba leaves. Akhilesh tells Ira that Baba ji was high. Let it be. I will spend the entire day with you today. Ira tells herself not to think too much.

Ira comes out of the OT and gives instructions to nurse. She notices her friend Archana and her husband Hampesh. They get talking but Hampesh does not let Archana talk much. Akhilesh joins them. Hampesh does not let his wife shake hands with Akhilesh. Ira asks Akhilesh to show the cafeteria to Hampesh. Akhilesh obliges. Hampesh tells Ira to take care of his wife till the time he is gone. Ira agrees. Ira compliments Archana who complains that she is fed up of his love. I have 3 kids already. Hampesh wants a boy now! I came here to meet you. I have heard that you can do vasectomy surgery.


Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Archana hits Akhilesh on his head mistaking him to Hampesh. Ira comes from behind. They don’t really see his face till Akhilesh is brought in the OT. Ira is shocked to see Akhilesh on the OT table. She meets Dr. Bajrangi outside but does not let him talk. He is unable to share a very important info with her. She rushes back to the OT to operate upon Akhilesh. Dr. Bajrangi slips and gets hurt. He speaks of a side effect which might occur once Akhilesh’s reversal surgery happens.


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