Mishti Kuhu Meenakshi’s kidnapping twist, Meenakshi handover business to Parul turns servant


Meenakshi handover business to Parul turns servant

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular serial Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke will showcase interesting twist and turn.Post the drama amid Kunal and Meenakshi, Abeer comes to talk.Meenakshi gets angry with Abeer for exposing her private life story in media.Abeer wants Meenakshi to understand the good story behind the same.

Abeer wanted to stay calm as said by Mishti while Meenakshi gets irked and believes that Mishti is the problem maker in Rajvansh Mansion.Abeer Mishti Kuhu Kunal shocked with Meenakshi’s drastic step,Abeer is adamant where he believes he did correct to make world know that Kunal is Parul’s son.

Mishti and Abeer had made Kunal accept Parul as his mother and here Meenakshi is super irked.Kuhu is also irked as she believes that Mishti has made her realise that she is daughter-in-law of a servant.While Meenakshi and Kuhu are planning their ways to not let Mishti get successful and trouble her.

Here a major dhamaka is awaited as a shocking kidnapping dhamaka will unfold.This shocking kidnapping dhamaka is that Kuhu, Mishti and Meenakshi will go missing and here Abeer and Kunal are left clueless.

While Meenkashi feels hurt and decides to teach Abeer lesson by exposing Mishti Kuhu’s truth.Meenakshi thus handover the business to Parul and turns servant of the house like Parul.

What drama awaits in Rajvansh house? Keep tuned to for more updates.


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