Mithai 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Mithai 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mithai 12th September 2022 Girish gets a call from the police station, the officer says your son beat someone up during an interview, we are filing a case against him so you have to come here. Girish is shocked.

Mithai is in the kitchen and is worried about Sid. Dadu and Dadi come back home. Dadu asks why do you look worried? Mithai says I am scared for Sid. Dadi says don’t worry, he will get an offer. Girish brings Sid back home. Mithai asks what happened? Sid says they were misbehaving so I slapped him, he angrily leaves.

Sid comes to his room and recalls people taunting him. Mithai comes there and says don’t worry, they must be fools to mess with you. Sid says you are trying to calm me down. Mithai says you are not wrong, you are educated so you shouldn’t fight with people. Sid says you calm me down and bring back my confidence.

Mithai says I know about your talent, she says can you help me with orders? I can’t understand English so help me till you don’t find a job. Sid stops her and says you are pitying me? Mithai says you are taking it wrongly again. Sid hugs her and says I am sorry. Mithai says since you entered my life, my life has become great.

She hugs him and says thank you. Sid tries to grab her but she runs away. They both play in the room. Sid and Mithai fall down on the bed. Thora thora pyar plays. Mithai tries to leave but Sid pins her to the wall and pulls her closer.

Girish asks Shubham why did you lose this order? It was a big order. Shubham says I got Mithai’s call so I was doing her work. Girish asks who got this order? Shubham says Mithai won the order. Girish says that’s okay.

Mithai comes there and says don’t scold him, I just one order so don’t worry. You people might give this business to me. Shubham is embarrassed and says I will be careful. Mithai says I was joking, don’t take this seriously. Shubham nods. Pramod notices it.

Girish talks to Sid and says we lost an order because of Shubham but Mithai got that order so it was okay. I think Shubham doesn’t have talent to run the business but Mithai has so I was thinking to give business to Mithai to run it.

Dadu says it was Shubham’s first mistake and Mithai wants to fulfill her dream. Girish says we can’t let this business down, I think Mithai will handle everything. Shubham is hard working but he doesn’t have skills to get new orders. He should work with Mithai together.

Pramod makes a video of all that. Sid says I think we should give a chance to Shubham. Girish says I am not saying to remove him from the business but he can learn from Mithai. Sid says okay I will think about it.

Pramod shows Girish’s video to Shubham and says you worked for him all your life and now he is taking everything from you because you did one mistake? He wants to give everything to Sid and Mithai because Sid is his blood.

Shubham is hurt and says I don’t know what to do. Pramod says how can I help you? Shubham says just do anything for me. Pramod says okay let me think. She smirks and thinks to use Shubham against the family.

Mithai comes to Sid and says I can’t understand all these emails. Sid opens his laptop and shows her how to use it.


Mithai 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pramod says to Shubham, this fight is not about power, it’s about your mind, you just try to break the bond between them.Sid says to Mithai, be quick, I’m already late for an important interview. Shubham throws something on floor. Mithai brings breakfast for Sid, but she stumbles into that and falls, she drops all the breakfast on his documents.


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