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Mithai 15th September 2022 Dadu tells Sid that you can prove your worth by taking this job and Mithai won’t interfere. Sid says no, I always got everything using my talent only. He leaves from there. Mithai’s worker calls her and says some goons are breaking everything in her shop. She is shocked and tells Dadu that some goons attacked your shop, I will go there. Girish and Abhishek go with her.

Girish, Abhishek and Mithai arrive at the shop. They try to beat the goons, A goon is attacking Girish and Abhishek, Mithai takes a stick and is about to hit him but another goon takes the stick and is about to her but Sid arrives there and stops him. He starts beating the goons. Mithai rushes to Girish and Abhishek.

Sid is beating the goons but a goon throws Mithai at him, he gets distracted so a goon hits him with a hammer. Sid falls down and is bleeding. Mithai screams for someone to call the ambulance. She cries for him.

Sid is brought to the hospital. He is taken to the OT. Girish says who would send the goons there? I was there but couldn’t help my son.

All family members arrive there. Dadi hugs Mithai and says everything will be fine. Mithai recalls everything and cries. Dadu is worried too. Shubham is crying seeing everything. Dadu says nothing will happen to him. Mithai leaves from there.

Mithai comes to the mandir in the hospital and prays for Sid’s health. She says I have always trusted you. For the first time, I have connected with someone, I won’t be able to live without him. Dadu comes there and consoles her. Mithai says who sent those goons? They wanted to attack me. I can’t live without Sid.

Dadu says trust God and everything will be fine. Nothing will happen to Sid. Mithai prays to Lord and says don’t let my trust break. Dadu and Mithai come back to the family. The doctor comes out of the OT and says we have done his operation but if he doesn’t wake up in sometime then he can go into coma.

If he goes in the coma then we can’t say when or if he will ever wake up. They bring Sid out and shifts him into ICU. Mithai and others look on. Shubham is crying in a corner, Pramod thinks I have to handle him before he spills anything. He takes Shubham from there. Mithai looks at Sid from the window and recalls her moments with Sid. She thinks I won’t let anything happen to Sid. She leaves from there.

Pramod takes Shubham aside and says you have to control yourself. Shubham says you did wrong with my brother, I should be punished. Pramod says then go and tell them you played a game with the family to get the business. If you want to expose yourself then do it, what will you get by telling the truth?

you will become an orphan again, just be silent and don’t tell anyone about the truth. Sid will become fine but if you open your mouth then Girish won’t spare you. They turn to see Dadu coming there. Dadu asks him to keep some cash with him. Shubham nods so Dadu leaves. Pramod asks Shubham to stop crying.

Mithai comes to the mandir and puts her hand over a diya, she says I will keep my hand here till Sid doesn’t wake up, I can’t live without him so you have to bring him back to life.

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