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Mithai 19th August 2022 Agarwal and his family arrive at Dadu’s house. Abha tells Dadu that you should bless Karishma as she is your granddaughter. The priest arrives here and looks at Aditya and Karishma’s Kundli.

Pramod grabs Sid and says Agarwal is a great man so you will do all the arrangements for Karishma’s wedding, I will pay you more than you can imagine. Sid says Karishma is my sister so I will do anything for her. Abha says good. Mithai pulls Sid aside and tells Abha that he will help me in the kitchen.

Sid and Mithai come to the kitchen. Mithai says there is something wrong, Aditya was looking around the house like he is up to something, this game is about greed. Agarwal was behind all the things that happened to us.

Agarwal and Aditya don’t have good intentions with this wedding, you have to keep an eye on them. Mithai starts cooking and her burns her hand mistakenly. Sid scolds her and puts her hand in the cold water, he asks her to be careful. Mithai is surprised to see his concern. Sona Kitna Sona plays as Mithai stares at him.

Girish asks Abha if she has gone crazy? I will not serve food to Agarwal. Dadi says Mithai and I can take care of it. Abha says can’t Girish do this for his niece? Pramod tells Girish that we have worked for you for years, you are the elder son so do as we say. Mithai nods at Girish. Girish says fine, Karishma is my daughter so I will do it.

Aditya and others are sitting at the dining table. Aditya holds Karishma’s hand. Girish starts serving food to everyone, he feels insulted but doesn’t say anything. Sid and Shubham are hurt seeing him working like a servant. Agarwal asks Girish to work faster. Abha asks Girish to clean the plates.

Girish wipes Agarwal’s plate silently. Abhishek is hurt seeing all that. Agarwal tells Girish to serve him faster. Girish is about to leave but Adi deliberately puts a foot in front of him and he falls down. Girish says Adi did this deliberately. Adi says you want this proposal to break right? You should stop with your antics.

Girish is about to slap him but Adi pushes him away. Sid holds Girish. He glares at Adi and slaps him. He says I won’t let you insult my father. Agarwal says we came here to see all this? Pramod says I am sorry for all this. Agarwal says Sid has to apologize to Adi. Sid says I won’t. In fact, Adi has to apologize to Girish. I would rather leave the house before apologizing to him, he leaves from there.

Mithai rushes to Sid and asks him to calm down. Sid says I won’t let them insult Girish like that. Mithai says drink some water, she says you did the right thing and I am happy that you stood up for Girish, it shows that you care for him but we have to understand why Agarwal and Aditya are doing all this.

Agarwal says we will leave now. Abha apologizes to him and says please don’t break off the marriage. Agarwal says how dare Sid slap my son? You people have no manners. Abhishek apologizes to Agarwal and says it’s my daughter’s marriage so I will apologize on my family’s behalf.

Abha asks Dadu to make Sid apologize to Adi. If Karishma’s wedding breaks again then I won’t spare anyone. Mithai comes there and says whatever happened was wrong from both the sides. Sid couldn’t bear his father getting insulted but Karisha is his sister. Sid says sorry to Aditya. Karishma asks Adi to forgive him.

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