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Mithai 22nd July 2022 Apeksha comes to Mithai and Sid. She says if he is done then she wants to talk to him. Mithai asks him to go and leave her alone. Sid goes with Apeksha. Shubham comes to Mithai and says I told Sid about Kishore, he is missing.

He says I know you didn’t do anything so why are you trying to go to jail? Mithai says Sid has to stay here for Dadu and others. I can go to jail and nobody would care as I am an outsider but this family needs Sid. She leaves from there. Shubham looks on.

Abha comes to Indu and taunts her for using her daughter to trap Sid. Mithai comes there and says the truth is known, if I bring it out then everyone will be exposed.

Abha says you want to trap Sid that’s why you lied. Mithai says that even if my lie is proven then I would go to jail in any case. I have made breakfast so go and eat. Abha says I don’t need that, she leaves. Mithai asks Indu to eat something. Indu says we will keep hearing these taunts now because of your lie. Mithai hugs her.

Apeksha asks Sid why does he have sympathy for Mithai? Sid says I will go to jail. Apeksha says she is accepting the crime so let her go to jail. We both have to go to Singapore together. Sid glares at her and says my family is more important, I can’t let her sacrifice for my family, she is innocent.

Apeksha says she might be the culprit, she is behind your money. Sid says I asked her what does she want. Apeksha says she must have asked for 3-4 shops right? Sid says she only asked for Dadu’s happiness. If you know me then how can you expect her to go to jail for my betterment when I know she is innocent?

Apeksha says you are also innocent, think legally. Mithai lied in court so if it’s proven that Mithai lied then everyone who helped her in creating a lie will go to jail. Sid is stunned and says what? Mithai lied and Dadu must have helped her so he can go to jail… Apeksha says Mithai is playing a game with your family. Sid says I have some work and leaves.

Dadu is stressed, Dadi asks what is he thinking? Dadu says the Lord is behind all this. Sid comes there and says Mithai has trapped Dadu too. If I tell the court that Mithai lied about our relationship then Dadu will go to jail also as he helped her. Dadu thinks I know I helped her and it will have a repercussion but what is Mithai hiding? Sid says I don’t understand what Dadu and Mithai are thinking.

Scene 2
Karishma brings food for Abha. She eats and spits it out. She says what is this? Mithai comes there and offers her water. Abha says you call this breakfast? You will have better food in jail. Mithai says oh yes, I will have to eat food like this in jail so I made this food as a practice.

Mithai comes to Dadu and offers him tea. Girish comes there and says our shops are sealed, we have to get this case closed soon. Abha says Mithai should go to jail. Sid comes there and says I will go to jail. Dadu says enough, you are being stubborn. Mithai will go to jail. Sid says but.. Dadu says enough, that’s final.

Girish says you are on the right track now. We have to save Sid and I will send him to Singapore, we will settle the case here. Abha says I don’t think Sid can handle this business. Dadu says Sid’s decision of dividing the wealth was right. Mithai says but.. Dadu says enough, you are an outsider so stay out of it. Dadu says nobody will say anything now. Mithai will go to jail tomorrow, he asks Girish to prepare papers for the division of the business.

Mithai comes to Dadu and says we did all this to stop the division so why are you doing this? Dadu says I kept asking you but you keep hiding the reason behind all this. Mithai says I can’t tell you. Dadu says then I can’t stop this division.

Sid talks to Apeksha’s mother Kirti and says I don’t want Mithai to go to jail as she is innocent. She is sacrificing, what if I say that Mithai lied in the court? She says then everyone who helped her will go to jail,

you also indirectly accepted her lie so you will go to jail also. Dadu comes there and talks to Kirti. He says I have decided Mithai will go to jail and we have to divide the wealth too. I will send Sid to Singapore then, he ends the call. Sid says I am sure that Mithai is innocent, I don’t know why she is lying. If she goes to jail then I won’t be able to forgive myself. Dadu says then you should ask her why she is doing all this,

all I care about is you. Everything is against Mithai, even though she is not caring for herself. Sid says you know her, you know she is lying. Dadu says if you know she is truthful and she is lying to save you then will you take a stand for her? Everyone is saying that she is lying because she is greedy for money and my shops.. it’s better for her to go to jail then. Dadu leaves. Sid looks on.

Mithai brings medicines for Indu and asks her to take care of herself till she comes back. Indu starts packing bags and says I can’t let you go to jail, let’s go from here. Mithai tries to calm her down. Indu says if you go to jail then I will die and you won’t be able to see my face. Mithai says we are fighters, I am standing with my truth and God is with me. I am sure Dadu and Sid will take care of you. She wipes her tears and hugs her.

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