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Mithai 23rd August 2022 Pramod tells Sid that you promised to take on the wedding responsibilities. Abha tells Dadu to take care of getting the cards printed. Pramod tells Girish and Shubham to arrange food and catering. Sid says you people are doing this so Mithai can’t fulfill her orders?

Pramod says we are not scared of her selling some sweets on her cycle. He leaves from there with the family. Mithai gets the call from the hotel and says your order will be fulfilled. Sid asks how will she do it? Mithai says Pramod won’t know that the whole family is helping me.

The engagement arrangement starts, Sid takes Mithai and Dadu on the call. Sid says I have booked a truck for the delivery. Dadu helps Mithai with calculations and everything. Mithai thanks him and ends the call.

Sid calls Mithai again and says if you need help then let me know. Girish comes there and thinks Sid is taking responsibility for everything. Abha comes there and is about to find Sid talking to Mithai on an earphone but Girish falls in front of her to stop her. Sid asks Abha to go and get ready. Abha says you are on the right path with responsibilities now.

Mithai is arranging her order. Agarwal’s man calls him and says she has filled her truck for delivery. Agarwal asks him to not let the truck go, just stop it. He ends the call. The engagement ceremony starts and Sid hears Agarwal on the call. Sid calls Mithai and says I am sorry I couldn’t be with you. Best of luck.

Mithai thanks him and goes in her truck to deliver. Agarwal’s goons start following them. She stop her truck and beats her driver. Mithai tries to stop them but they push her away and take the truck from there. Mithai says this must be Agarwal’s plan, I forgot my phone in the truck too.

Aditya and Karishma get engaged. Sid thinks about Mithai. In the ceremony, Adi is avoiding Karishma. Sid notices it. Dadu tells Sid to notice all this. Sid says I am, maybe this engagement is a drama to trap us?

Dadu says they must have arranged this engagement ceremony to stop Mithai from fulfilling her order, call her. Sid calls her but she doesn’t pick up. Sid tries to leave but Pramod stops him and says nothing is more important than this.

The driver is beaten but he asks Mithai to save her order. He gives his phone to her but his phone has died. Mithai sees the truck leaking oil and starts following it.

Sid is in the party and gets an idea. She deliberately throws juice on himself and says I will go and get changed. Pramod says okay.

The truck stops suddenly. Goons come out and call Agarwal. Mithai comes there and hides from them. She takes her phone. Agarwal tells his goon to destroy all sweets. Mithai calls Sid and tells him everything. Sid says I am coming there soon. He changes his clothes and jumps from the balcony. Mithai hears the goons saying they will destroy her sweets.

She takes a stick and hits them. The goons grab surround her and is about to attack her but Sid arrives there. Sid asks Mithai to go and deliver sweets. I will handle them. A goon tries to attack him but Sid says I am talking my wife. He grabs his hand pushes him away angrily.

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