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Mithai 24th August 2022 Sid handles the goons and asks Mithai to leave. Mithai and her driver leave from there in their truck. Her contractor calls her and says you can’t be late, Mithai says I am on my way. He says we will cancel the order if you are not here soon,

we did a mistake by giving you the order. Mithai says no, we will be there soon. She ends the call. Her driver says this truck is leaking oil so let’s hope we reach on time. Mithai arrives at the hotel with her delivery.

Adi is in her engagement party and keeps ignoring Karishma. She says I am very happy to get engaged to you, are you planning to go to the US? We can plan together. Adi says we will do it later, he leaves from there. Karishma tells Shaurya that he is not interested in talking to me. Shaurya says he is busy with the guests.

The contractor thanks Mithai for delivering the order and gives her a cheque. He says we have a contract now. Sid comes there and smiles.

Agarwal gets a call and is angry. He tells Pramod and Abha that Mithai was able to deliver her order. I think Sid helped her. Abha says I will go and check his room. Sid comes there and says I took some time to change my clothes. Mithai arrives there and congratulates Karishma. Mithai tells Dadu that she got the hotel contract,

she give her first cheque to him. Dadi blesses her. Girish prays for her success. Dadu says she got 7 lacs cheque and she will become famous soon. Mithai says we will get these orders every month. She asks Sid to calculate their revenue. Sid says we will earn 28 lacs/year, I am proud of you Mithai. Mithai smiles at him. Abha and Pramod are angry to hear that.

Mithai and Sid comes to the mandir to pray. Mithai thanks him for saving her. Sid says you did everything. Mithai says it’s not you and I but us. Sid says you are right. Dadu comes there and asks if she is fine? I think this engagement was planned to destroy your contract.

Sid says Abha won’t trust our words. Mithai says what if Karishma breaks off her engagement? What if Adi speaks up in front of her? Sid says why would he do that? How will the truth come out to Karishma? Mithai says I have an idea, she tells them about it and says if Adi is plotting something then we won’t let him marry with Karishma.

Sid and Mithai are talking about Adi not taking a photo with Karishma. Karishma hears that. Mithai says Adi and Agarwal were against our family so why would he agree to this engagement? Karishma comes there and says Adi loves me, why would he say yes to marrying me? Mithai says if he loves you then he should prove it. Karishma says I will prove it, Adi takes care of me so I will show her. She leaves from there.

Adi comes to Agarwal and says I can’t marry that Karishma, she is so stupid. Karishma calls him, he says I hate her. Agarwal asks him to take the call. He takes the call, Karishma says I want to meet you so you have to come here, I am your wife so do as I say, she ends the call. Agarwal tells Adi that you won’t go the mandap so don’t worry, this marriage won’t happen. They turn to see Pramod and Gitika there. Pramod thinks Gitika can destroy our plan.

Karishma is waiting for Adi. He arrives there, she tries to hold his hand but he jerks it away. Karishma says Mithai was saying that you don’t want to marry me. Adi says I don’t need to clear any doubt.

Karishma says she just needs a proof. Adi says why would I prove anything to her? Her own marriage is a fraud. Sid says one minute, Mithai is my wife so be respectful. Karishma asks Adi to make her wear the mangalsutra to prove that he loves her. Adi is shocked. Mithai says I will accept your love then. Karishma says my marriage is not fake and Adi will prove it. Adi looks on.

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