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Mithai 25th August 2022 Pramod talks to Agarwal and asks him to convince Aditya to marry Karishma. Agarwal says he doesn’t like Karishma so I can’t force him. Pramod says don’t do this.

Gitika says you people have made fun of us, you brought your son’s proposal for us, you played with my family’s honor. Agarwal says you wouldn’t like to know that Pramod knew about our plan, he wanted to own the business so he plotted all this with us. Pramod tries to calm Gitika but she says I will expose you both to the family.

Karishma asks Aditya to make her wear the mangalsutra. Abha comes there and asks what happened? Adi says this Mithai is doubting my love for Karishma, she wants me to make Karishma wear the mangalsutra, I want to marry her in front of all. Karishma says but what’s wrong in doing this today?

Adi says this is nonsense, dont’ doubt my love, he leaves from there. Abha tells Karishma that Adi is a good guy so don’t listen to this Mithai. Mithai says this wedding is fake. Abha says you are fake, I know about your character, you are against my daughter.

Sid asks her to not insult his wife. Dadu comes there and asks what happened? Abha shouts that this Mithai keeps making Karishma against Adi. Sid says you are wrong about Mithai.

Gitika tells Pramod that I will inform the family about all this. She leaves from there. Agarwal asks Pramod to control her wife otherwise we will be exposed. Pramod runs after Gitika and says I am doing all this for our family. Gitika says you are using Karishma for your greed, I will tell the truth to the family. She leaves from there.

Mithai tries to talk to Abha but she throws her away and asks her to start cleaning the floor like a servant she is. Sid is angry but can’t stop her, he asks her to not insult her. Mithai starts cleaning the floor but Sid stops her. Mithai says it’s okay, it’s just a work. Abha throws sauce on the floor and asks Mithai to clean it.

Dadu asks Abha to stop all this. Mithai whispers to Sid to keep an eye on the mission and don’t be angry. Sid leaves from there. Dadu asks Mithai to stop it, Abha leaves. Dadu tells Dadi that Sid and Mithai are feeling each other’s pain so that’s good.

Sid comes to his room and is angry recalling Abha’s humilating words for Mithai. Mithai comes there and sees Sid hitting a mirror and his hand bleeding. He says how can I see them insulting you? Mithai says you shouldn’t hurt yourself. Sid says it’s better to leave than bear all this. Mithai says you know what our mission is right?

she covers his wound. Sid says I don’t know what I am feeling but I feel pain when you are hurt. Mithai says but I am okay, they are our own people. Sid says I can’t see anyone insulting you. Mithai says it doesn’t matter. Sid says it matters because I love… Sid stops himself and says I never thought I would feel all this,

you have made me starting feeling emotions again. This is changing me, I didn’t feel anything before but you have changed me. Mithai smiles at him and says you should feel all these emotions. Sid says I want to feel the life with you, you are my motivation, I can’t see you in any pain Mrs. Mithai Sidharth.

Sid starts leaving but Mithai holds his hand and says I will bandage your wound. He stares at her and asks her to look at him. She blushes and says I need to bandage your wound. She cleans his wound and makes him sit down with her. They both smile at each other, Mithai puts her head on his shoulder and rests.

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