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Mithai 5th August 2022 Mithai tells Dadu that we can start the business but we would need Sid. Dadi says we are in this situation because of him, how can he help? Mithai says he did a mistake but he must be stressed, I am sure he will help us and will become our business partner. I will go and meet him. Dadu says go, you will succeed.

Mithai meets Sid on the road. She says I have to talk to you, I have found a way to earn money. We can become rich and then tell the family that money doesn’t matter. Sid says you have started again? Mithai says don’t you want Dadu to reunite with his family? I need your help to set up the company.

Sid says I have come here for some work. Mithai says just listen to my idea. I will send my sweets to people using many cycles. Sid shows the divorce papers to her and asks her to sign them, Girish wants this. Mithai is shocked and says what? I came here to reunite the family and you are saying this?

Sid says why do you want to create another problem. Just sign the papers as I only have 10 minutes otherwise Girish will drag us all to court. Mithai is hurt but complies. She signs the papers and gives them to him. Mithai says I did what you wanted me to do but now you will do as I say. Sid says first show me how you can earn some money. Mithai says fine, I will earn 50K rs in a day and come back to you. Sid starts leaving.

Mithai thinks why did God bind me in a relationship which had to be broken? Sid thinks this relationship was fake, if Mithai didn’t lie in court then all of this wouldn’t have happened. Dadu and Dadi are in this condition because of Mithai only and I can never forgive her, he leaves from there. Mithai cries and thinks I won’t be able to take him out of my heart ever.

Sid brings the divorce papers to Girish, he says I will keep them with me and use it when I want. Sid says now bring Dadu and Dadi back. Girish says it’s their house so they can come back anytime they want. He tells Sid to get married to Apeksha and you have no right to say no. Sid says how would you decide who I would marry?

Girish says if you can do a fake marriage for Dadu then why can’t you do this marriage? I have talked to Deepti and I will get you engaged to Apeksha when she returns. Sid says you can’t take decisions for me. Girish says the decision has been done and I can do anything I want now. Sid angrily leaves.

Scene 2
Mithai comes to her old house. Indu, Dadu and Dadi are cleaning the house. Dadi says Dadu is acting like the same as when he opened the first shop. Dadu sees Mithai and asks if she met Sid? What did he say? Mithai thinks if I tell them then they all be disappointed. She says I gave him my suggestion, he said he would think about it.

He is still stressed so I gave him time. Dadu says why do you look drained? Mithai says I had to walk so much so I am tired but it’s okay. She leaves from there.

Sid is alone in his room. He is about to punch the mirror but Shubhan stops him. He says I did a mistake too, he looks at his mother’s photo and says your mother brought me into this house and Dadu did my upbringing but I hurt all those people to earn Girish’s love. I cheated a good person like Mithai,

she has a big heart so she never blamed me for anything. Do you know why? Because this family is important to her. You might have married her under pressure but don’t blame Mithai for it. Sid asks if she asked you to talk to me? Shubham says she would never ask me.

I want to tell you that papa used me against Mithai and now he is using you against her. I want to tell you that Girish planned all this with your friend Apeksha, he used your own best friend. She made that video. Sid says no, she is my best friend, why would she do that? Shubham shows him Girish’s phone and says see who called him before you reached him. Sid checks the call history and it has Apeksha’s number.

He calls her using Girish’s phone and doesn’t say anything. Apeksha says Girish uncle? Did Sid and Mithai sign the divorce papers? Sid says Apeksha? She is shocked to hear him. Shubham ends the call and says Girish used her too against you. Sid recalls Mithai trying to tell him that Apeksha was hiding a camera. Girish comes there and slaps Shubham. He drags him from there, Sid goes behind them.

Karishma is talking to Shaurya. He says I think my glasses number has changed. I can’t see things clearly. Karishma promotes a lens brand.

Dadu is making ads for Mithai. Mithai says you are writing like a poet.

Girish is dragging Shubham and says I will throw you out of the house today. I am tired of your antics. Sid asks him to stop it, I found the truth that you used Apeksha. I am ashamed to call you my mother. Girish says I will throw this shit out of the house first. Sid says you think I will marry Apeksha after knowing all this, I am leaving the house. Girish says if you try to leave then I will take the recording to the police. Sid stops. Abhishek asks Girish to calm down.

Abha asks Sid to calm down, I am like your mother. Sid says enough, you can never be like my mother, I have seen your real face. Abha asks Girish to calm down, they are young. Abhishek tells sid that he should marry Apeksha. Abha asks Sid to calm down and go back to his room. Girish starts dragging Shubham and throws him out of the house. Sid looks on.

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