Mithai 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Mithai 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mithai 5th September 2022 Sid is drunk and tells the family that I want to talk to my wife right now, He takes Mithai from there. He brings her to the room and they both fall on the bed. Sid gets up and looks around the room.

He shows her his recipes and says how can this happen? I am sure you copied my recipes. He falls down. Mithai says the truth is something else. Sid says your truth is always different,

Mithai says you need to see the truth. Sid says if you wanted this then you should have asked me, why did you steal from me? I would have lost to you easily but you cheated against me. Mithai cries and says how can you think I will cheat against you? Your best friend stole my recipes.

Sid says you think only you are an honest person. Mithai says if I was greedy about money then I would have taken your business. Sid says you are greedy to make your own name, you did all this to win.

The host told me you gave him money to put my name at the bottom. You paid him also. Now you will say that Apeksha was behind that too. Mithai says I don’t even know that guy, I never gave him any money. Sid says other people also confirmed that you gave a bribe against me. He gives her the money that she paid as a bribe. You cheated me to win 10 lacs so congrats.

Mithai says you have blamed me as much as you could. Sid says you insulted Dadu also. Sid tells Mithai that I promise today I will take Dadu’s business to new heights and you will be nowhere to be found.

Mithai glares at him and says let’s go to find the truth. She brings him to the mandir oand shows her trophy. She says you think this is my victory by cheating? She says God knows that I never cheated, if I had insulted Dadu then I should die right now.

Sid stops her. Mithai says if you think I cheated then I will keep this money and trophy here till I prove that I didn’t cheat you. You know I need this money but I won’t touch it till I prove my innocence. When you give me this trophy then I will accept it.

Apeksha looks at Sid’s photo and says I will soon throw Mithai out of his life, he will be my winning trophy. The door bell rings so she goes to check.

Dadu comes to the mandir and prays for Sid and Mithai. He looks for Mithai.

Mithai comes to Apeksha’s house and asks why are you doing all this? Apeksha asks her to get lost. Mithai says why do you want to break us apart? Apeksha says so that you know your standard, you played a game with me but I can’t let you win Sid. You took him from me. Mithai says I won him with my love,

I didn’t snatch him from anyone. Apeksha says I can do anything for Sid. Mithai says I am here to tell you that Sid is happy with me so don’t do all this. Apeksha says you don’t deserve him so I will throw out of his life.


Mithai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Apeksha, with blood on her forehead, rushes to Sid and says please help me. Sid asks her what happened. Apeksha says Mithai came to my house and threatened me, she asked me to say in front of everyone that I stole all the names and recipes of sweets and when I said no, she pushed me. Sid says to Mithai who will you beat? you already got trophy and 10lakh check, just keep with you and stay away from me and my friend, her bruises are telling the truth which you tried to hide.


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