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Mithai 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mithai 8th September 2022 The wedding ceremony is going on in the house. Girish says let’s look at how Sid and Mithai fell in love. Abhishek and Abha mimic Sid and Mithai’s romance. Mithai smiles and sees that.

Girish tells Mithai to say something. Mithai says I am speechless today, I wish Sid was here to see how much his family loves him.

Dadu says he will be here soon. Shaurya asks Mithai to wait for a bit for Sid. Mithai gets worried and says why is he not here yet? I am scared that Apeksha might have done something again, she calls him but he doesn’t pick up. All family members are scared. Mithai and others go to find Sid.

Apeksha is taking an unconscious Sid away from the house and says nobody will be able to find him now. She puts him in the car and goes away. Sid’s watch drops at her house.

Mithai, Girish and Shubham arrive outside Apeksha’s house but it’s locked. She calls Sid but he doesn’t pick up. Apeksha calls her and says Sid is mine so you won’t get him now. Mithai asks where are you? Apeksha says you will never find Sid now, I am taking him far away, you have one hour to find him otherwise I will leave the country with him,

she ends the call. Mithai says she must be around if she has given me 1 hour. Girish says we will find him. Mithai says no, I will find Sid now. She finds Sid’s watch there and shows them the tire marks. She asks them to go and inform the police, they all leave while Mithai starts following the tire marks. She loses track of them and looks around.

Apeksha brings Sid to a old house and calls her mom. She says I had to do what I could to get my Sid, I have to leave the country with him so do something for me. Sid wakes up and finds him tied to a chair. He says what are you doing? Apeksha says I won’t let you marry that Mithai.

Mithai is looking around for Sid and comes near the house where Sid is locked. She screams for him. Sid hears it and tries to call back but Apeksha stops him. Mithai enters the house but Apeksha hides Sid from there. Mithai looks around and leaves from there. Apeksha tells Sid that she is gone, let’s go far away from here now.

Abha tells the family that Apeksha ahs gone crazy. Gitika says they will find Sid, don’t worry. Dadu prays for Sid.

Apeksha is offering water to Sid but he denies it. Apeksha says you have to accept my love now. The door knocks, she says it must be my mother, we will go far away now. She opens the door to find Mithai standing there.

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