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Molkki 13th September 2021 Nani says I realised that you want to get rid of Dhwani the moment I saw you two. I want the same thing. I know that Dhwani is Mukhi’s wife but I want to make her my Daksh’s wife now. Prakashi and Anjali smirk. Let’s join hands to achieve that goal. Anjali and Prakashi happily agree. Nani and Prakashi shake hands. Prakashi says let’s have tea now.

Sudha serves tea to Nani and Prakashi. Virender returns with everyone. Purvi and Chandni praise the village. Nani says it is good that you all had fun. You should sleep on time tonight as it is karvachauth tomorrow. Girls are surprised. Daksh does not want Dhwani to fast for him as it is not easy. Nani insists though. These are traditions. What will she teach your kids if she wont follow tradition now? Daksh gets embarrassed after hearing about the kids. She reasons that they will ultimately have kids. Traditions should be followed. Daksh is reluctant but Purvi convinces him. Sudha says this fast is kept after marriage. Dhwani ji is not married yet. Nani says it is alright. Women still keep it for their fiancé’s. You all should sleep now. Virender looks unhappy.

Purvi and kids stop at the stairs and start talking. Virender looks on. Purvi turns around and smiles at Virender. He smiles as well.

Sudha finds gold bangles in Veer’s pocket and is surprised. She thinks that he might have brought them for her for karvachauth. Looks like he has started to have feelings for me too. I should keep it back so I don’t break his surprise.

Daksh says goodnight to Purvi. we will meet in the morning for Sargi. She asks him why they will meet in the morning. I will keep fast for you. He wants to keep it for her as well. She reasons that women fast for the long lives of their husbands. He jokes that he does not want her to die early. What will I do without you then? She hits him with a pillow. You are shameless! Keep it then. Maybe this will bring good luck and we will stay together for a long time. He corrects her. we will be together for 7 births. Virender has overheard everything from outside. Your story started with me and will end with me only. You kept the fast last year for me and you will keep it for me this time as well. I broke your fast then and I will break your fast tomorrow as well.

Ladies have gathered for sargi. Nani asks about Daksh. Purvi suggests taking sargi to his room. We can eat it together then. Nani agrees. Virender is watching them from upstairs. Preeti offers to help Purvi but she tells her that she will take it.

Priyu is eating sargi as well. She looks at Veer’s photo. I kept a fast for you today. I will break my fast from your hands only.

Purvi tries to wake up Daksh but he tells her to eat sargi on her own. I am sleepy. She tells him that even she wont be able to eat sargi then. He requests her. She gives up and takes sargi outside. Purvi sits on the chair in the lobby. Virender asks her what she is doing here alone. She is surprised to see him up so early. He says I wake up early morning. Plus, it is karvachauth today so I have to overlook preps too. She tells him how Daksh isn’t ready to get up. I will have to eat sargi alone. He tells her that it wont happen when he is around. I usually drink tea in the morning before going for walk but the servants are busy today. It is one cup only. I can atleast share tea with you if it is ok with you. She nods. We are friends now so I don’t mind. He tells her to start then. Purvi takes the first sip. Virender and Purvi keep looking at each other as they drink tea from the same cup one by one. Virender smiles thinking of the past when they had done the same thing. He gestures her to eat something too. She complies. Virender thinks it began as he wished. You ate sargi with me. I have kept fast too and I will break my fast with you now. Just wait and watch.

Priyu thanks Veer for the bangles. Make me wear them in the evening. He asks her why. She tells him that she has kept karvachauth fast for him. He makes a face. She tells him that she has kept a fast for him. You must spend the entire day with me today. He tells her that he has to be at home. Sudha has kept fast for me too. I have to break her fast. She asks him why he comes to her then. Sudha is your wife and I am nothing to you. Go to Sudha. He holds her close. You know I love you. Sudha is my compulsion and you are my love. We had decided this beforehand. Come what may, we wont let anyone find out about us. Why are you doing this drama then? She reasons that she wont eat anything for the entire day. You think this is a drama? He tells her to keep the fast if she wants. I cannot stay here though. I have to go home to break Sudha’s fast. He leaves. Priyu blames Purvi for her situation again. You have enjoyed enough. Just wait and watch how I will make your life hell now. I will teach you an unforgettable lesson today itself.

Anjali asks Virender to have food. He tells her he isn’t hungry. I will eat in evening. Anjali asks kids to eat. Chandni overhears it and wonders if he kept fast for her.

It is evening. Nani gives a dress to Purvi to change. Wear this when you break your fast. Purvi and Chandni head upstairs. Kids and Virender signal each other.

Purvi and Chandni look at the tear in the saree. Nani is aghast to see it. Kids look on from far and laugh. They recall how they had cut the saree earlier and wink at each other. Nani wonder how and when this happened. It was fine when I had given to you. Chandni gives a lame example and tells her it isn’t a big deal. Purvi asks them what they should wear now. Sudha brings a dress. She can wear the traditional Haryanvi dress. Nani gives in. Chandni takes Purvi with her to help her get ready. Nani is curious if someone cut the saree intentionally. Who will do it and why?

Sudha goes to Virender. Flashback shows Virender giving that dress to Sudha earlier. Nani overhears Virender asking Sudha if the work is done. She wonders if they are in this together. Mukhi will surely try to mess up Daksh and Purvi’s fast. I must do something.

Nani pretends to have difficulty breathing. She reasons that Daksh has to break Dhwani’s fast. She asks Virender to take her to hospital. Virender calls a servant but Prakashi tells him to take her instead. Virender is in a fix. What should I do now? I have kept fast for Bawri too. I have to break her fast. He agrees to take Nani to hospital seeing no other option. Nani, Anjali and Prakashi smile slyly at each other.

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