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Molkki 14th July 2021 Maid gives an envelope to Purvi to give to Virender. Purvi comes to her room and the kitchen is already set. This looks very good. Has Joru Ka Ghulam set it? He tells her not to call him that. I am her saathi (partner). She smiles. He says we are together like the queen and king in a deck of cards. A family is managed by both the partners together and here we are! Did I miss anything? She denies. Your Joru is very happy with you. You understood my point and respected me too. You have done better than what I would have done. She keeps flowers nearby. This looks like Mukhi ji and Bawri’s kitchen now. He asks her why they need to keep bouquet here when a beautiful flower like Bawri is already here. She smiles shyly. He rests his face on her shoulder. You are the beautiful flower of my heart, my home and my kitchen. He kisses her on the cheek. They share an eye lock. He kisses her on the cheek again and smiles. Don’t tell anyone that I did this or people will say that I have become crazy after you. She agrees. He leans closer for a kiss when kids come running inside. They ask Purvi who has set the kitchen. Purvi tells them it is Virender. He sends them to play. He later asks Purvi what they will think of him now. She tells him not to worry. Manas will learn to help his wife like you only. You will be his example. Virender says he is so small. Don’t know when he will marry and you made me do this already? She gives him the envelope. He asks her to make tea for him. She calls the kids to help her. They gladly go to help her.

Virender shares that this is an invitation from Chaudhary Charan Singh. The battlefield is open again. We will meet in the elections now. It will be a win or lose this time! Virender smiles. He lost to me in the previous elections. This is a challenge to me. He tears the letter. I wont let you succeed, Chaudhary Charan Singh. Do whatever you want. You will face me! Purvi decides to not tell Virender about Viren and Nandini. I must find out how close they are.

Veer comes to a photo studio shop. He asks someone to help him find the owner. Sudha asks the photographer to come inside. We are ready for pictures. Veer goes inside. They have their back to Veer and mistake him to be the photographer. Priyu fixes her hair. Veer hides under a cover and starts clicking their pictures as they turn. Veer keeps looking at the girls. Photographer walks in and looks at the guy clicking photos. He recognizes Veer. Sudha wonders what Veer is doing here. Veer tells the photographer he offered to click pictures for the beautiful girls. You can do it now that you are here. He says bye to Priyu. Have a good photo session. We will meet in haveli again. He says bye to Sudha as well and leaves. Sudha asks Priyu about him. Priyu tells her that he is Virender’s elder son Veer.

Nandini leaves haveli stealthily at night. Purvi wakes up because of the sound of the engine. She decides to follow Nandini. She finds a rickshaw outside and asks driver to follow the car. We shouldn’t lose sight of the car. Driver obliges. Nandini reaches an isolated place. Purvi follows her. Nandini calls out to Aarav. Purvi wonders why Aarav would have called Nandini here at this hour. Please keep our Nandini safe, Kanha ji. Nandini smiles as she looks at the decorations. Purvi wonders what made her run.

Nandini hugs Aarav. This is so beautiful. Such a great surprise! No one can love me like you do. Purvi thinks that he really loves her a lot as he has done so much for Nandini. Nandini tells Aarav that she found out today that Mukhi ji and his dad are rivals. Why dint you tell me before? I am sure you knew about it. He nods. I wanted to but I was afraid of losing you. I thought you will leave me after knowing the truth. Our dad might be enemies but I love you. She says I love you too to him. Till when will we hide about us from the world? I am so excited. I want to tell the entire world about us! He tells her to wait for the right time. I want your Baba’s permission to marry you. He is like my Baba. She begins to reply but he calls Virender sensible and nice. Everyone respects him a lot. I just hope he can forget the animosity and accept us. Nandini hugs him. Purvi finds him very smart. He loves Nandini and respects Mukhi ji. Maybe his love can fix things. Thank you Kanha ji for sending him in Nandini’s life. I understood their story but please show me a way to turn Mukhi ji’s hatred into love, Kanha ji.

Next morning, Purvi tells Juhi and Manas that Baba has decided to watch film. We will go together. Kids jump excitedly. She asks Veer and Nandini if they will come as well. Nandini refuses to be a part of it. Movies are watched in theaters and not in open air like this. Have fun watching it in your poor / cheap style. Priyu tells her sister she will definitely come. Veer also says yes. Purvi tells him that he will enjoy it a lot. She wonders what she should do about Nandini. My plan will be spoiled otherwise. Juhi asks Nandini to come. We will get late for school otherwise. Purvi nods. They leave. Veer and Priyu look at each other.

Nandini calls Aarav and asks him to come over tonight as no one will be at home. He tells her that he has to go with his dad to see the movie at Panchayat. I couldn’t say no to him. She tells him to go ahead. You will get a surprise. He asks her about it but she tells him to wait for it. You will enjoy it.

Kids ask everyone to come asap. We will miss the beginning otherwise. Anjali agrees. A film should be seen from the beginning. Juhi asks them to convince Nandini as well. prakashi denies. She is stubborn like Virender. I wont say anything to her. Nandini comes running outside just then. I will be bored as everyone is going anyways. Purvi asks her to sit in their car. Nandini sits in the passenger seat in the front. An emotional song plays as Virender puts her seat belt.

Entire village has gathered to watch the movie. Virender arrives with his family followed by Chaudhary Charan Singh and his family. Nandini texts Aarav. How was my surprise? Did you love it? He shows thumbs up to her. Everyone takes a seat. Veer sits next to Priyu while Sudha sits next to him. She introduces herself. He begins to introduce himself when Priyu tells him not to waste his time with introduction. Everyone knows about you already. Veer nods.

Virender and Chaudhary Charan Singh keep staring at each other. They start watching a movie. Nandini realizes that this is her favorite film. Only Veer and Mukhi ji know about it which means he put it on for me. Virender and Nandini exchange awkward glances. Veer tells Nandu this is her favorite film. Purvi tells Virender he did a great thing by putting her favorite film. He begins to say something when she holds his hand. He realizes that this was her doing and smiles. Purvi thanks the guy for playing this movie upon her askance. He politely requests her not to thank him. Mukhi ji has done a lot for us. Can I not do this much in return? She thanks him and joins Virender again.

Nandini and Virender look a little emotional. They think of the past. Nandini is in tears and holds Virender’s hand. He keeps his hand over hers emotionally. She looks at him teary eyed.

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