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Molkki 16th July 2021 Chaudhary tells Virender that he had him thrown out of the village but he will bring him back respectfully now. There is nothing to be ashamed of as you are the father of a girl. You are bound to rub your nose in front of the groom’s family. Virender replies that he has never and will do it in future. I wont let your dream of becoming Mukhiya fulfil in this birth. She is my daughter. Forget about rubbing my nose, she wont let me even lower my head. Chaudhary says this sounds good but truth is that boys are still way pricy than girls in Haryana. Virender says that must be in your eyes, not mine. A girl is priceless. Understand one thing and tell your son too. Stay away from Nandini or forget about becoming Mukhiya, I wont let you even remain a father! This is my first and last warning to you. Understand this or you will lose a lot more this time. He leaves.

Purvi is folding clothes. Who can make him understand that his animosity and Nandini’s love is different. How to tell him that he is wrong in mixing these 2 things? Virender asks her what she is mumbling to herself. She says I am angry as my husband wont listen to me. Virender says looks like it isn’t a good day today. My wife is fighting with me at home and that Chaudhary was arguing with me outside. He gets up. She asks him what happened. Virender says he came to Panchayat with his goons. He was trying to instigate people against me. I lost my cool but I have fixed things. Purvi asks him if they fought. Virender denies. I used words this time but I can use force if needed. I have told him to keep his son away from my daughter or I wont spare him. She reasons that some things can be sorted with love too. Why don’t you talk to Chaudhary and Aarav? You might find a solution. Virender tells her that he is not interested. We were destined to be enemies and that’s how we will be. If you try to support Nandini or coax me to fix things with Chaudhary or Aarav, our relation will be in trouble. I can go to any lengths to make sure their alliance can never happen.

Aarav tells everything to Nandini. She apologizes to him on Virender’s behalf. He cannot do anything else so he wont let me live in peace. He cannot see me happy. Aarav says I don’t care what he says but I love you. She says me too. He tells her he cannot live without her. she says the same. I am coming over to your house. Let’s get married today. No one, not even Mukhi ji will be able to stop us from living together once we are married. She ends the call.

Nandini comes downstairs and notices Virender in the hall. He asks her if she is going to meet Chaudhary’s son. I have heard everything. You are going to meet him and marry him! Don’t you dare step out of the house! She refuses to back off. Virender insists that Aarav is trying to trap her so Chaudhary can take revenge from me. Why can’t you understand this simple thing? Am I your enemy? She retorts that he is no less than an enemy. I have seen you since childhood. You have only given me what an enemy can! I have decided to live at your enemy’s place instead of living with you. Don’t you dare stop me! You haven’t fulfilled your relations till date, so don’t use that on me now. Let me go. He blocks her way but she ends up pushing him. A big vase falls on Virender. Purvi and Veer rush to his side. Virender shouts after Nandini to stop but in vain. Purvi and Veer manage to lift the vase. She asks Veer to bring ice. Someone call a doctor!

Doctor tells Purvi it is a hairline fracture. Virender needs to rest for 2-3 weeks now. Virender points out that election is near. I have to make so many preps. Doc tells him to rest if he wants to recover. If that is so important then you can use wheelchair. Purvi assures him that she will take care of Virender. Thank you. Doc leaves. Purvi tells Virender not to be upset. Doc said you can use wheelchair to complete your work. He tells her he isn’t bothered by this. Why can’t Nandini understand that Chaudhary and her son are laying a trap for her? I am worried for her, not this fracture. She assures him that she can understand his concern. I will try my best and speak to Nandini. Kanha ji wont let anything happen to her. You should rest now.

Purvi is on her way to Chaudhary’s house. Nandini must have gone there to meet Aarav. Aarav brings Nandini home. Aarav says I know your Baba is against our wedding so you two fought today. Remember one thing. I will marry you even if the whole world is against you. I brought you here today so I can introduce you to my parents. Purvi gets down at a distance. Why is Aarav taking Nandini inside? Is he going to introduce Nandini to his parents? I should go inside to find out what they think about Nandini. Tell me how I should go inside Kanha ji. She notices a few ladies going inside haveli.

Nandini notices an armoured guy at the staircase. Are you sure you will talk to your parents about marriage today? Aarav says you spoke to your father so I can do it too. Mukhi ji is your father and my father’s enemy but I love you. We will live and die together. We will face it together. She nods.

Purvi has covered her head with a dupatta and manages to get inside by lying that she has come to give massage to Chaudhary’s wife. She gets inside but the house is huge. Where should I look for Nandini and Aarav? She hears Chaudhary’s voice and hides.

Maid sends the guard downstairs. Purvi goes upstairs stealthily. I must find Nandini asap or I can get in trouble.

Aarav introduces Nandini to his parents. We love each other and want to marry each other. Aarav’s mother smiles. This is good news. Your choice is very good. Chaudhary seconds her. She will spread happiness in our home (as signified by her name). I am fine with it but your Papa does not like me or my family. Don’t worry though. I wont let out enmity come in the way of your love. He calls her their DIL. Welcome home. Your happiness is of utmost importance to me. I wont even let my ego come between this now. Nandini thinks of Virender’s reaction. It means Mukhi ji was fooling me again. Chaudhary says I will come to meet Virender tomorrow itself and will ask for your hand. His wife agrees. They bless the couple. Purvi thinks they don’t seem as bad as Mukhi ji was saying. He looks quite sorted. Why else will he approach Mukhi ji for the alliance? Hope he wont create a fuss. I must explain to him that this matter is delicate as it can break his and Nandini’s relation. I wont let it happen.

Purvi returns home and finds Virender calling her name repeatedly. He asks her where she was. I have been calling out to you. What was more important than me? She asks him why he was looking for her. He shares that he is feeling hot and wants to take bath. She does not want him to take bath as his fracture will be wet. What if your fracture gets worse? I will give you a sponge bath instead. He agrees but tells her to close the door first. She asks him if he was feeling shy. He removes the kurta. Why would I be shy? She nods. Mama ji told me that you used to take bath in the open outside naked. He reasons that it is about childhood. All kids do that. Mama ji says anything anytime. I will see him. She gives him sponge bath. He looks at her sweetly as she does that. She leans closer to wipe his back and he holds her by her waist. Juhi and Manas come just then. They tease Virender calling him Nangu (naked). Purvi smiles as well. Virender reprimands them for mocking him. He asks Purvi to bring turmeric milk and tells the kids to study. They call him Nangu papa and nod. Purvi signals them to stop. They go out.

Virender is unable to pick up paper. It is kept on the table which is out of his reach. Veer notices him struggling and gives it to Virender. Virender thanks him. Veer asks him what the doc said. Virender shares that it is a fracture. I must rest for 2-3 weeks. It is going to be difficult as there is so much work to wind up at Panchayat. Election is near too. Veer nods and excuses himself.

Purvi is in the kitchen. Nandini asks her about Virender. Purvi tells her about Virender’s fracture. Nandini is taken aback but Purvi tells her not to worry. I know you dint do it intentionally. It is sad that he kept calling out to you even when he was in pain but you dint look back even once. Anyways, he is a bit better now. Nandini tells her she isn’t guilty at all. It was the end result of his karmas after all. I only wanted to tell him that Aarav’s parents are coming to haveli for my alliance with Aarav. Tell him to accept it without any fuss. Purvi says it is good news. I will tell Mukhi ji not to make any fuss and agree. Nandini says it is good if you can convince him or he will see the worst of me. Purvi decides to speak to Virender about it. He should be nice to them and should not create any mess tomorrow.

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