Molkki 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Molkki 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Molkki 16th September 2021 Episode starts with Priyasi saying there is a special relation between Virender and Dhwani, the relation of seven births. Virender and Purvi’s marriage is shown. Daksh asks what, I don’t believe this, you are saying anything. She says I m not mad, you are being fooled, you think I m mad, you just think why did Virender call you in this village, everyone knows Purvi here, she may get an attack if she knows the truth, Virender is reminding her the past life by using your marriage.

He asks why are you telling this to me now. She says your Dhwani is Virender’s wife and my elder sister, she will ruin your life like she ruined mine, I don’t want your life to get ruined, so I m telling the truth. He says it isn’t the truth. Virender is coming upstairs. She says just see how Virender sees Purvi, think, Purvi lost her memory, but her heart identifies her love and heart.

Anjali and Prakashi run to tell Nani about Priyasi, she was telling truth to Daksh. Nani says I will find out. Daksh thinks who is saying the truth, why didn’t Virender confront, who is saying the true and who is lying. Nani comes to ask Daksh. She asks what was that mad girl saying. Purvi comes. She asks shall I come later.

He says no, I was asking Nani about the rasam tomorrow. Nani says its mehendi tomorrow, sleep on time, come with me. Purvi says fine, good night Daksh. He gets thinking and says good night. They go. He thinks if my Dhwani really Purvi, I have to find Purvi’s truth from Virender, its too late, I will ask him tomorrow. Its morning, Daksh looks for Virender. He thinks to go and meet Virender.

Daksh goes upstairs. Nani looks at him and thinks is he looking for Virender. She asks where are you going, its mehendi function, Dhwani is waiting for you, select a nice design for her. He says I will do it later, I have to first talk to Virender. He asks the helper about Virender. She says he went out for some work. Nani sighs relief. Priyasi opens the door and sees Sudha. She asks why did you come here. Sudha asks what are you doing in my husband’s life. Priyasi asks her to ask her husband.

Sudha says Veer is my husband now, don’t come between us. Priyasi says you cheated me and married Veer, you came between Veer and me, ask your husband to stop coming to me, there is a difference between husband and love, I m his love, you are his helplessness, you get away from us. Sudha says I will not leave, I will tell your truth to Virender, then see what he does, I m giving you time, just change yourself and leave from here. She turns to go. She says when a wife gets determined, then she can do anything. She leaves. Priyasi gets angry. Nani asks what did that girl tell you.

Daksh says she said Dhwani’s name is Purvi, Dhwani is her sister, she is Virender’s wife, I feel she isn’t mad, I don’t know, you all said she is mad. Prakashi says she isn’t mad, whatever she said is true, we stayed silent because of Virender’s truth, he has threatened us, he will throw us out of the haveli, he appears like a friend, he is an animal, he is really dangerous. Virender is on the way. Anjali says yes, mum is saying right, Dhwani is Virender’s Molkki, I mean he had paid 20 lakhs and bought her for his fun, she was much tortured, the day she got hit by your car, she was running away from her.

He asks how did he torture her. She says he had thrown her in front of the wild dogs, and humiliated her a lot, she was punished, she was kept in the dark cell, she wasn’t given any food, Virender’s friends used to stay here, they also stayed with her. Nani says its so disgusting. She says I m ashamed to say that Virender got Molkki for his lust, no one has courage to say a word against Virender. Virender says I m sure that Purvi will remember me, Juhi, Manas and everything.

Prakashi says she ran away from here, she met you by fate, she met your family, you all gave her much love, she wanted to forget everything, that she used to stay here, she had a relation with Virender, if she comes here, then her life will be ruined, she is so happy now, I beg you, marry her and take her from here, she will be happy, she doesn’t know what is happiness, Virender will make her shed blood tears again, keep her happy.

She cries. Nani says you understand now, Virender is such a person, I doubted him from the first day, his own mum has told his truth, you realized why he befriended you and Chandni, he stayed near our house, he used to come close to us by excuses, because he wanted his Purvi back, it was his plan to call us here, you think he is telling you the truth, he was manipulating you, he wants to stop your marriage with Dhwani. Daksh recalls Virender and Dhwani. He says no Nani, Dhwani is just mine, she will always be mine, even if she is Virender’s ex-wife, I m her future, I will not let her future get ruined, I will marry her and free her from Virender’s shadow, she is mine.

The mehendi function goes on. Mehendi hai rachne wali….plays… The girls dance. Daksh smiles seeing Purvi. He asks Purvi for dance. They dance. Kissa tera….plays… Purvi imagines Virender in Daksh. She smiles happily. Daksh kisses her mehendi. They hug. Anjali says I can’t see Virender here, he is always around, something is wrong.

Prakashi says if Virender isn’t here, then something is going to happen, I know him well. Virender comes there and sees Purvi dancing with Daksh. He brings Purvi’s mum there. Purvi sees her mum. Prakashi says Virender got Purvi’s real mum from the village, now let’s see what happens. Purvi goes to her mum. Her mum cries. Virender thinks you will surely recognize her, she is your mum. Purvi says Maa… Virender smiles. Everyone gets shocked.


Molkki 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Purvi hugs her mum. Daksh taunts Virender for back-stabbing him. He asks what type of friend are you. Virender asks Purvi to close her eyes and ask her heart the questions. Purvi sees a shadow and opens eyes. Daksh says this marriage will happen in Delhi, so we are leaving today itself. Virender is shocked.


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