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Molkki 19th November 2021 Renu breaks down. I survived there somehow even though I was dying there every second. A lady points out that her story wont change her character now. Another lady points out that she will be labelled as a pr*stitute only. Sakshi decides to take the lead but Purvi steps forward.

She puts her arms around Renu protectively. Enough! She covers her well with the dupatta and walks up to those ladies. A woman who becomes a pr*stitute is not solely responsible for her condition. Society and men are equally responsible for it. Your husbands visit them. Why couldn’t you stop them? Why are you blaming her instead?

Your husbands have abused her yet you are blaming her? Every girl dreams to become something when she grows up. This is no one’s dream. Situation, compulsions and betrayals force them into this. Society, men and all of us are responsible for it. Why is she getting blamed for it solely? She looks at Virender. If men understand how to respect the women of their society then no woman will end up becoming a pr*stitute or Molkki. Renu Didi is not responsible for it alone. All of us are equally responsible. Keep a tab on the men (she tells this to the women).

She next tells Virender not to point fingers at his sister when everyone else is doing that already. She has no one but you. Don’t do this. Which woman would want her family to be disrespected because of her? What she has gone through would be more than enough. Why punish her more? She has borne her punishment already. Throw me out of the house first if you want to throw her out of the house. I wont leave her side.

Sakshi is irked. Purvi has ruined my plan completely!

Virender tells Purvi she is right. Renu breaks down. Purvi says she has a right to live in this haveli and she will stay with us now. She is the daughter of this haveli. Virender agrees but Sakshi disagrees. I wont let a pr*stitute live in my haveli or village. I am the Mukhiyayini of Rewari. How will I face these ladies who had come to seek my help? Renu must leave the haveli and Rewari! Purvi is adamant. Renu Didi wont go anywhere. Sakshi reminds her that she is the owner of this haveli.

I will decide who will stay here and who wont. Virender firmly reminds her that this haveli belongs to his ancestors so he has the right to decide that. Renu has full right to live here. Renu will stay in outhouse for a few days if you have a problem but she will stay here only. Do you understand? The lady tells Sakshi this isn’t right. You cannot allow a pr*stitute to live in haveli. Purvi tells her to be quiet. Renu Didi is Mukhi ji’s sister. Neither he nor I will accept anyone calling her a pr*stitute. Control your husband before questioning someone’s characters. Villagers leave. Renu hugs Purvi and cries.

Sakshi is pacing in her room. Prakashi asks Sakshi if she had thought she will defeat Molkki. Did you forget how shrewd she is? She wont give up so easily. She has snatched your pawn. What will you do now? Sakshi replies that she has thought of it already. Anjali says Molkki is always 2 steps ahead of us. What’s the point of thinking anything? Sakshi is sure they will be 200 steps ahead because of her plan.

We will get Renu kidnapped. When Mukhi ji will begin to wonder about her whereabouts, I will tell him how it is common for pr*stitutes to flee. They cannot get used to family again. They need money. Purvi has made you look down by calling her a good woman. Prakashi likes the plan. I hope you win this time. Sakshi is sure of it. Molkki will lose!

Renu tells Virender she wouldn’t have been in this condition if she had listened to him that day. She folds her hands and apologizes to him. He says I should be the one who should apologize. You couldn’t come back because you were afraid of me. don’t worry now. Your brother wont let anything happen to you. She hugs him and cries.

Sakshi tells 2 men which room Renu would be in. No one should find out anything. They nod and head to that room. Sakshi thinks that Purvi cannot win from her as she is smarter than her. I must leave now.

The goons knock at the door. They cover Renu with a blanket and kidnap her the moment she opens the door. She shouts at them to let go. Purvi hears her voice and prays for Renu’s well-being. She picks up the rifle hanging on the wall. It might be a thief so this will be of help.

Goons drag Renu outside. Purvi asks them to stop. Renu shouts for help. Purvi aims the rifle at them. Let go of her or I will shoot. Purvi shoots as they don’t stop.

Virender wakes up because of the sound. Sakshi is startled as well. Virender looks around and finds Purvi missing. Sakshi wonders why the goons shot a bullet. It will be a problem if others wake up. I must check.

Virender reaches outside and tells the goons to leave Renu. One of them takes out a knife. He warns Virender to be careful. Virender asks for his rifle. He manages to overpower the guy and removes the cloth covering his face. He looks at his face intently. The guy pushes him. Both the guns manage to run away. Purvi supports Renu while Virender shoots after the goons but they manage to run away unscathed. Purvi and Virender ask Renu if she is fine. Sakshi comes out and notices all 3 of them together. My plan is ruined again.

She asks Virender what happened. Anjali and Prakashi come there as well. What was it about? Purvi says some goons came to kidnap Didi. Anjali says this is a house where pr*stitutes live now. Different kinds of people will visit our house soon now. Purvi warns her to mind her words. Renu Didi is Mukhi ji’s sister. Virender points his rifle at her. I will shoot you if you utter any such nonsense again.

Anjali makes faces. He warns her on that too. Don’t forget your limit! Sakshi tells Virender to calm down. I agree that Anjali shouldn’t have said that but she isn’t completely wrong. We could be in danger too if such men approach haveli. Virender threatens to kill anyone who will try to harm his sister. Purvi says it might be happening because Renu Didi is living in the outhouse alone. She will be fine if we bring her inside the haveli. He agrees. Renu will live in haveli from now itself. No one will oppose my decision. I will show my real avatar if anyone tries to go against me! Virender, Purvi and Renu head inside. Prakashi smiles. I hope you wont get thrown out of the haveli before you manage to throw Molkki out.

Virender tells Renu to sleep. I will kill anyone who will try to harm you! Purvi tells her not to worry. Renu holds her hand as she closes her eyes. Purvi decides to sleep in the same room to make her feel comfortable. Virender also sits on a chair to stay as a guard. She will feel safe. Purvi decides to make their bond stronger.

Next morning, Renu wakes up and finds Juhi and Manas staring her in her face. She sits up with a start. They ask her who she is and what she is doing here. Purvi shares that she is their Baba’s sister. She is your Bua. They ask Renu where she was till now. Why dint you come before? Purvi lies that she went abroad to study. Juhi says you should have come few days ago so you could celebrate Bhaidooj with Baba.

Purvi suggests celebrating it today. She sends them outside to get ready. Purvi gives clothes to Renu to change. I will bring new clothes for you in the evening. Renu holds her hand. How will I repay you for all that you are doing for me? purvi says you are my SIL. It is my duty. I call you Didi and I think of you as my sister only. They share a hug. Kids come to call haathi for breakfast. Baba is calling you. We are hungry too. Purvi and Renu smile. Sakshi glares at Purvi. I had to do all this with Renu in your place but don’t worry. I have more ways to defeat you!

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