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Molkki 1st July 2021 Virender comes to his room and looks shaken / disturbed. He cannot stop thinking about Purvi and Vipul. I cannot see them together! I cannot bear it even if I close my eyes! I swore on her but I am dying while living up to my word. I am not so afraid of death but I am afraid to lose Bawri. I can bear anything but I am not able to see them together. What should I do? Juhi and Manas come there. Virender wipes his tears. Juhi hugs him and caresses his head. Are you pained that haathi will leave too? Virender looks away. Juhi says she will leave us tomorrow after her wedding. Even we are pained at this thought. Manas makes Virender look at him. You said that her happiness lies in this so we were pretending to be happy too. You are feeling bad in reality, right? Virender hugs his kids.

Prakashi tells Anjali to do her Nagin dance. That’s the highlight of every function. Anjali happily agrees. Everyone smiles seeing her dance.

Virender tells the kids to be happy for haathi’s sake too. Go downstairs. Manas asks him if he wont join them. Virender agrees to come asap. I have to make an important call. Juhi nods. Come soon. They kiss Virender on his cheeks and leave. Virender takes out alcohol from his hiding place.

Anjali asks Sakshi about Virender. Sakshi says he was right here. Anjali says he left when Purvi and Vipul were dancing. Oh, he might not have been able to see them dancing romantically. Sakshi tells her not to say anything. Anjali says guests were asking me about Virender. What should I tell them? It does not look good that he left when there are so many guests at home. Sakshi goes to call Virender.

Virender throws his jacket away and starts drinking. He ignores Sakshi’s calls. Sakshi gets worried. Virender answers Sakshi this time. He lies that he is working. Enjoy Sangeet. She tells him that everyone has been asking about him in the function. Come soon. You agreed to take part in the rituals. Come for her sake. She ends the call before Virender can say anything. He finishes the entire bottle. He feels dizzy as he gets up. He wears his jacket and heads towards the stairs. His vision is blurred and he is tipsy but he continues walking.

Juhi, Manas and Purvi’s brother are dancing together. Purvi, Sudha and Anjali join in. Anjali notices Virender coming downstairs. She pulls Purvi and Vipul for a dance intentionally. Virender looks at them. He tries to walk carefully but loses his balance. He screams Bawri as he trips. Everyone looks up in shock. Virender rolls down the stairs and passes out. Purvi screams Mukhi ji and runs to him. She collides with a servant and glass breaks. She runs over it. Blood prints get stomped on the floor. Purvi requests Virender to open his eyes. Someone call doctor! Everyone gathers around. Purvi keeps requesting him to open his eyes for his Bawri. Someone please call doctor! Mama ji is dialling someone. Purvi keeps requesting Virender to open his eyes. I love you very much! Please open your eyes. Vipul is shocked. Purvi keeps telling Virender to open his eyes and cries. I love you very much. I wont be able to live without you. Please open your eyes once for your Bawri. I cannot live without you! Sakshi is shocked as well. Manas is in tears. Purvi keeps rubbing Virender’s hand and asking him to wake up. I wont be able to live without you. Mama ji, Ma, please ask him to wake up. Vipul removes his turban and walks away.

Vipul is packing his bag when Anjali walks in. Where are you off to? You cannot go anywhere. You must marry Purvi! Vipul refuses. Wedding is unison of 2 hearts. Why should I marry Purvi when she doesn’t love me? I thought she wanted to live a respectful life by being someone’s wife instead of being a Molkki. I was wrong though. She wants to be Mukhi ji’s Molkki. I saw and understood everything. She only has love, concern and pain for Mukhi ji now. She is not my Purvi anymore. She ended up as Mukhi ji’s Bawri. This will never change now. Anjali tells him to understand but he requests her to leave him alone. Anjali leaves. Sakshi tells Vipul to be strong. Everything will be fine. What you saw and heard was true! He asks her if she knew beforehand that Purvi loves Mukhi. She nods. He asks her why she was cheating him. Why were you forcing this marriage on the base of lies then? Sakshi admits that she was wrong. My mistake was that I wanted to see you and Purvi happy. I wanted you to be with your love and give a new life to Purvi. I think this will remain incomplete now. Mukhi ji has become Purvi’s now and she has become his. We are in the same boat. Someone else deserves it though. Love may be one sided but we will get our love one day if it is true. You dint ask her before loving her, right? Vipul says love just happens. I love Purvi and I will love her my entire life even if she wont! Sakshi says that’s what I am trying to say. Those who love shouldn’t lose hope. Love can melt stones as well! Purvi will surely return to you one day just like I came back in Mukhi ji’s life. We shouldn’t lose hope. Please marry Purvi. She will only be yours at the right time.

Purvi is sitting next to Virender while he is resting. Sakshi ji walks in. Purvi says doctor came to check him. You weren’t there so I sat with him. Sakshi says I am not bothered by you staying here but I am certainly not happen with how you confessed your love in front of everyone today. I wouldn’t have felt so bad if you had confessed in front of me. You did wrong by doing it in front of everyone including Vipul. I know you couldn’t stop yourself after seeing Mukhi ji in that condition but think about Vipul. How will he marry you after knowing this truth? Purvi asks her if he wont. Sakshi says I pacified him for now but don’t do it again. You wouldn’t have been able to accept him too if he had done something like that instead of you. It is just for another day. Keep this to yourself. She folds her hands and requests Purvi as an elder sister. Purvi promises her that she will do as she says. I wont do anything like that again. She looks at Virender and leaves with a heavy heart.

Next morning, Virender wakes up with a heavy head. Sakshi brings lemon water for him. Virender says my head and heart are heavy. He drinks it. I don’t know why I drank so much last night. Did I do anything last night afterwards? I cannot remember what I did afterwards. Sakshi says what happened yesterday shouldn’t have really happened. She tells him what happened last night. Vipul found out that Purvi loves Virender Pratap Singh, not Vipul. Virender asks her if Vipul wont (marry Bawri). Sakshi says he will marry Purvi. I pacified him. His heart and faith was broken but I have assured him that things will change after marriage. Purvi will love him slowly and gradually. Tell me honestly if you will let this happen smoothly or not. Wont you create any fuss till the wedding? Virender promises her. I have to finalise the divorce first. I will take her signatures on the papers. No problem will ensue then. He picks up the papers and goes to Purvi’s room.

Purvi is startled to see Virender at the door. Are you fine? He nods. What I did last night in your Sangeet wasn’t right. Forgive me if possible. She asks him to forgive her if possible. I couldn’t support you. I will leave in few hours, leaving behind all the promises. Virender says the relation that was supposed to last for births will end in a few hours. You will become Vipul’s Purvi soon. The relation which started with papers (money) will end on these papers!

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