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Molkki 1st September 2021 Purvi is making chow mein for kids in kitchen. Virender watches her. Daksh comes and asks he’s alright, right? Virender says that was nothing, they do wrestling in village everyday. Daksh thanks him for saving Purvi again. Virender says he had to and was about to say that she is his wife… but then says she’s like his friend. Daksh goes to meet Purvi. He asks how she is. She says that she is mad at him. What if those goons took her away? He hugs her from side and says they can’t touch her as long as he’s there. Kids and Virender watch with jealously. Juhi separates them and asks Purvi how long it will take for their chow mein. She says, soon. Daksh tires to talk to Purvi. They have gup shup. He turns her to him and says sorry. Manas tells Daksh that he can’t keep his hands on their Haathi. Daksh laughs saying how she looks like an elephant. He tells Purvi good job, she has kept two bodyguards. Daksh tells kids that Purvi is his fiancée, so if they allow him, can he go little closer to her? Manas says how’s that possible? Juhi takes him away. Purvi reminds herself that she’s upset and ignores Daksh. He offers help, but she says she doesn’t need.

Manas asks Juhi how Daksh can marry Purvi. She’s already married to Virender. Juhi reminds him about Virender telling them not to remind Purvi of her past. She says that she has a way to teach a lesson to Daksh.

Priyu asks Veer for how long they will meet like this by hiding. He says if Purvi didn’t do bride swapping other day, then today they would have been husband wife. Priyu says that she hates her and asks him not to take her name. He hugs her and says in his mind that he hates her more and that is why he won’t let her come in his house. He will make sure she doesn’t get her memory back.

Purvi brings chow mein to dining table. She forgets forks. She goes to get them. Juhi mixes red sauce in a plate. Virender, Daksh join them on dining table. Daksh eats from the plate in which Juhi mixed red sauce and finds it very spicy, but he doesn’t say anything. He continues eating. Manas and Juhi wonder why Daksh didn’t react. Virender insists Purvi to sit and eat. She says that she is not hungry and she will just take a little from Daksh’s plate. She eats and asks Daksh why he didn’t tell her that it’s so spicy. She then tastes it from Juhi’s plate and it’s fine. She says sorry to Daksh saying she might have added extra red sauce for his chow mein. She says he should have told her that it was spicy. He says that she made it with so much love, so how he could complain. He says it’s very yummy. She grabs his hand and asks if they shall go home now. Virender and kids look on. Daksh and Purvi leave.

Daksh tells Nani about Virender saving Dhwani from the goons. Nani wonders how Virender reached there. Did he know Dhwani was there? She wonders who failed her plans.

Purvi recalls Virender beating up the goons. She wonders what’s happening to her? Why she keeps thinking about Virender? Chandani suggests Nani and Daksh to invite Virender home for dinner to thank him. She starts blushing while talking about him. Daksh agrees. He tells them to do preparation. He will go and invite him.

Purvi comes to school and sees Manas and Juhi serving punishment outside classroom. She asks why they got punished. Juhi says it’s because of Virender. He didn’t know how to put cover on their books. She checks it and laughs. Kids say they don’t have mother, that’s why they got punishment. If they had mother, she would have put covers on their books properly and teacher wouldn’t have punished them. She says, their Haathi is there, she will help them. She asks them to go to her during their break.

Daksh again thanks Virender for saving Purvi. He invites him for dinner with kids. Virender thinks this is what he wanted. More time he and kids spend with Purvi, faster Purvi will get her memory back.

Purvi puts on the covers on kids’ books. Kids say, baba doesn’t know anything. He did it so poorly and she did it so well.

Chandani tells servants to do preparations fast. Purvi comes home and asks Chandani if anyone is coming. She says, yes, my special. Chand ji is coming. Doorbell rings. Purvi’s heartbeat becomes faster. She opens the door. Virender smiles looking at her. Kids come and ask whether they can come inside. She says, sure and takes them inside by holding their hands. Virender follows her. Family welcomes Virender. He sits on a dining table chair. Chandani tries to sit beside him, but Juhi sits and Manas makes Purvi sit on the other side. Chandani then sits on the opposite side. Virender and Purvi look at each other. Purvi says that she will serve. Nani notices Virender continuously looking at Purvi. Daksh keeps getting calls and he keeps going away. Virender drops food on his clothes. Daksh signs Purvi to help him. She takes him to a washroom. Virender thinks this is a good chance to re-create past moments which may remind Purvi of her past. He breaks his kurta’s button purposely. He asks Purvi if she could bring thread-needle. She brings it. He says that he doesn’t know how to use. She asks him to give it to her. She stitches the button. He looks at her and smiles recalling how she used to stitch button before. They have eye lock. Nani sees it. Purvi loses her balance. He holds her. Nani says, Dhwani?


Molkki 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Virender lifts Purvi while playing basket ball so that she could score. Veer asks Virender if Purvi got her memory back. Virender says, not yet, but soon she will. Veer tells Virender that he thinks Purvi has moved on and there is no space for him in her life now. Virender gets angry and says, she is my bawri, my wife. No one can separate her from me. Nani hears it and gets shocked. She thinks what will happen with her Daksh now.


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