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Molkki 20st May 2021 Kids notice Anjali leaving. Purvi gets tensed. Kids run to Purvi. We have overheard everything and we have a plan. They whisper it in her ears. Purvi smiles.

Sakshi tells a maid to clean the kitchen and give milk to Virender. Anjali shows fake concern to her. I will do all this. Please go and rest. Sakshi tells her to keep her fake concern to herself. Anjali says I will show you something just now and you will see that I am really concerned. Purvi signals kids. Manas wheels in on his scooter and hits Anjali. She falls down. Her phone falls in the process as well. Juhi picks it up but Anjali takes it back from her. Manas apologizes to Anjali upon Sakshi’s suggestion. Anjali checks her phone. Manas starts throwing a tantrum for milkshake. Manas tells him to have it later. I must show something to Ma first. Juhi tells her against it. She requests Sakshi to bring the milkshake. Sakshi agrees. Anjali vows to show Purvi and Virender’s photo to Sakshi at any cost. Juhi drops the banana peel just when Anjali turns. She slips and falls down. Purvi, Juhi and Manas offer to help her but Anjali refuses. Juhi returns the phone to Anjali. It fell like you. Anjali makes a face. She goes to kitchen to show the photo to Sakshi. Sakshi smiles. Is this what you wanted to show me? Anjali nods. She is shocked to see her own photos that were clicked when she had slipped. She rummages her phone but cannot find the photo. Purvi smiles. What happened, Anjali Bhabhi? Can you not find something important? Kids stand next to Purvi and smirk / boo at Anjali. Flashback shows Juhi throwing Anjali’s phone towards Anjali when she had slipped. Purvi deletes the photo from Anjali’s phone. She clicks Anjali’s photos and throws the phone back at Juhi. Purvi and Juhi wink at each other. Flashback ends. Anjali refuses to stop trying. I will fix you 3 one day for sure!

Kids run to Sakshi when she calls out to them. Purvi thanks Kanha ji for sending the kids on time. They saved me today. Things could have become worse today otherwise.

Purvi comes to her room and Virender walks in as well. She closes the door worriedly. What are you doing here? He gives new clothes to her during the sketching competition. I will draw your sketch. She gets confused. You draw Sakshi ji’s sketch. She is back now. You should draw her sketch. She wont like it anyways. He says I have been drawing her sketch since years. I will make yours tomorrow though. That canvas is still new. It is time to fill new colors in it. I will draw your sketch tomorrow. She says I cannot give permission to you to do that. Sakshi ji will feel so bad. She has waited for this moment since years and is very excited for tomorrow. Please make her sketch. She will feel bad if you make mine. How can you think of this? He says it seems to be God’s plan. Don’t worry about Sakshi. I promise you that Sakshi will make you sit in her place tomorrow and will tell you to make your sketch. Just wait and watch. He is headed for the door but then comes back to tell her one final thing. The farther you will try to go away, the closer I will come to you. It is time to fill new colors in the canvas. I will make a new sketch tomorrow, i.e. yours.

Next morning, everyone is at the haveli for the drawing competition. Purvi comes there wearing new clothes. Prakashi asks Sakshi what she is doing here. Virender will be drawing your sketch today. You should look the best. Sakshi goes to change. Virender drinks tea with Panch. Virender looks at Purvi with a smile. She walks away.

All the people (subjects) sit down in their respective places. Virender is setting his canvas. Sakshi helps him as it was about to fall. They both smile. Virender is looking for pencil and brushes. He finds them on another table. Purvi walks up to him and helps him. The day has come after years when you can actually look at Sakshi ji and draw her sketch. Virender says feels like your Tau dint give you almonds when you were a kid. You have weak memory. I told you that I will draw your sketch on this canvas. Did you forget? Purvi says you say next to impossible things just like my Tau ji. He smiles. We will see.

Kids run up to Sakshi. Manas pulls her cheek. You look very pretty. Juhi seconds him. Sakshi thanks them. Manas asks her to come with them in the back garden. Baba has set a new swing there. Prakashi says Ma cannot go anywhere right now. She must sit here so Baba can draw her sketch. She tells Juhi to take Manas. Kids insist. Virender tells the kids not to be stubborn. She cannot come. Manas asks Sakshi if she cannot comply with his request. We are asking for something for the first time. Juhi requests Sakshi to come with them. Manas is right. Baba has made so many beautiful sketches till date. Sakshi nods. It is a competition today. Juhi says that’s why I am saying it. Baba does not have to only make your sketch for the competition. He can draw someone else too. Anjali and Prakashi look at each other. Manas asks his mother what is more important for her – him or painting. Sakshi says nothing is as important to me as you. Juhi and Manas request her again. Manas suggests taking haathi along if Ma wont come with them. Juhi agrees. Haathi is very nice. Sakshi decides to go with the kids. They have asked me something after so long. I shouldn’t hurt them. She tells the kids she will come with them. They hug her. Anjali and Prakashi walk away disappointed.

Host announces that everyone has only 6 hours to complete the painting. Virender asks Sakshi to sit. She says I must go with the kids. He reasons that the competition has begun already. I will lose because of you today. Sakshi starts looking around. Virender asks her what she is thinking. Kids ask Sakshi to come with them. Sakshi notices Purvi coming there. I wont let you lose. You can draw her sketch this time. You have made many paintings of me till date. Virender refuses. I have only made your sketch till date. This cannot happen. She says I respect your emotions but you can do this this time. She asks Purvi to sit in front of Virender for the sketch. She tells Virender to start drawing. I am sure you will make the best drawing. He pretends to give in. Kids and their happiness is of utmost importance to me. You can go with them for their sake. I will try to draw the sketch somehow. Kids take Sakshi with them and wish Virender good luck as they leave.

Purvi looks at Virender pointedly. Kids look back at Virender and wink. He winks back at them. Purvi notices their exchange and is surprised. Flashback shows Virender asking the kids to help them so he can draw haathi’s sketch. They readily agree to help him. He tells them a plan and they shake hands. Flashback ends.

Purvi glares at Virender who smiles in return.

Sakshi spends time with the kids. Virender walks up to Purvi. I told you that I will draw your sketch today and you said that Sakshi ji will feel bad. Like I said, she made you sit here in her place and told me to draw your sketch herself. Purvi says I know that you got the kids on your side and managed to pull it off. He says they are my kids. They are bound to listen to me. You will sit with me for the next 6 hours now. There cannot be a better way than this to spend time with you. Sit quietly and let me make your sketch. Purvi smiles.

Sakshi is having a good time with the kids.

Virender makes Purvi at a different spot and helps her sit in a pose. He even keeps fixing her posture, clothes and hair. They keep looking at each other sweetly. Purvi looks around feeling shy but he tells her to look at him. Don’t move. She smiles. Virender starts drawing her portrait. He keeps fixing her hair and holds her chin up when she feels shy. Prakashi fumes as she notices them thus.

The time is up. Everyone is asked to submit their sketches and stand at a distance. Sakshi and and kids come back. Sakshi asks Virender to show her the sketch. He steps aside. It is a very beautiful sketch. They praise him for it. Sakshi remarks that Virender has not made such a beautiful portrait of her till date. Purvi feels guilty. Virender says I think I have become a better artist while sketching your drawing over these years. I think that’s why this turned out like this. Purvi smiles.

Panch look at all the paintings and announce Virender as the winner. Virender and the kids receive their gifts. Anjali and Prakashi stand next to Sakshi. Sakshi begins to go for the photo but Prakashi feels her hand. You are naive, or rather, you are a fool. That Molkki is trying to snatch all your relations while you are clapping here. Sakshi tells her to be quiet. Don’t just say anything. Anjali says we will if that’s what you want. Do you know that it was Jeth ji who had decided to keep this competition as he wanted to draw his Molkki’s portrait? You were too eager to let her sit in your place. Sakshi calls it rubbish but Anjali says it is true and I have a proof.

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