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Molkki 21st July 2021 Manas asks haathi if Babbar Sher is angry. Did he scold you as well? Purvi nods. Juhi rues that they wont be able to attend Nandini’s wedding. She will feel so bad as her none of her family members will be there. I will breakdown if this happens during my wedding. Purvi tells her not to say so. I cannot tell you how worried I am. I cannot upset either Mukhi ji or Nandini. I want to be a part of her happy moment, but I cannot understand anything. Juhi gives her an idea. Tell Babbar Sher that Juhi and Manas want to attend the wedding. Babbar Sher will give in and will let you a part of it too. Kids high five. Purvi reasons that he is very upset with her. He wont listen to anything that I say now. Sudha calls out to Purvi who excuses herself.

Sudha is in the corridor. Veer notices her and asks Sudha to help him with something. He holds her hand and brings her to a room where jewelry is kept. Nandini is getting married so I cannot decide her gift. Sudha says you love her a lot. He nods. I can do anything for those I love. Please help me select one. Sudha selects a heavy necklace. It will look beautiful on her.

Purvi asks a maid about Sudha. She was calling out to me but I cannot see her. She asks a maid about Sudha. Maid shares that Sudha is in Veer’s room. Purvi nods. What is Sudha doing there?

Veer asks Sudha to wear it once. I will get an idea. He helps Sudha as she removes the pin from her dupatta. He also helps her in tying it. Sudha smiles shyly. Veer shows mirror to her. It looks beautiful on you. It will be best for Nandini. Thank you for your help. He helps her in removing it as well. Purvi comes there just then. Sudha tells her why she is here. Purvi asks her if she was looking for her. Sudha nods. They leave. Veer looks at the necklace. Anyone else may not be there but your brother will surely be there for you today.

Sudha says I know Mukhi ji isn’t happy with the wedding but this is a good chance to win Nandini over. You should attend the wedding.

Virender thinks I know how sly Chaudhary is. He is hiding his real intentions behind his sugar coated words. Others may not be able to see it but I do! Anyone can say anything but I wont let Nandini’s life be spoiled. I will stop this wedding at any cost. Purvi tries to say something to her but he asks her to leave. I don’t want to hear anything. Maid informs Virender that 2 guards have come. They are Chaudhary’s men. Should I send them inside? Purvi nods. Virender questions Purvi when maid leaves. I don’t want to meet any of his men. Throw them out of the house! Purvi tells him to calm down. Don’t take out your wrath on those men. Maybe we will find out why they have come here after meeting them. 2 guards greet Virender. We have brought invitation and sweets for you. The wedding is at 10 pm tonight. Chaudhary Sahab said that they will wait for you. Virender throws the box on the floor and tears the invitation. Tell Chaudhary I wont let this marriage happen at any cost! Tell him that he is messing with Babbar Sher! This marriage wont happen at any cost! Leave now. Guards leave. Purvi tries to talk to Virender but he leaves. Purvi is worried that things have become messier now. Don’t know what all Mukhi ji will do if I don’t take an action asap. I wont let it happen. I must stop him at any cost.

Nandini and Aarav are all dressed for the wedding. Nandini asks him if anyone has come. Aarav makes a sad face. Veer enters just then. Nandini hugs him. Thank God someone is here. He wipes her tears and teases her to make light of the situation. He gives her the wedding gift. She complements it. Aarav says you will look more beautiful when you will wear it. Veer coughs. Nandini tells Veer his presence is the biggest gift for her in this situation. Even mom is not here. I would have been sad on the happiest day of my life if you weren’t here. He reminds her that they are twins. We have a special bond. I can sense when you are feeling bad. Please smile.

Nandini is unhappy to see Purvi at the door. Who called this Molkki here? I don’t want any drama on my wedding. Just go away. Purvi requests her to listen to her once. Mukhi ji is in rage since he received that invitation. He wont let this wedding happen. Please listen to me and postpone this wedding for a few days if possible. He will ruin everything otherwise. Nandini wonders what kind of a person he is who cannot see her happy. Why is he so hellbent upon ruining my happiness? Aarav seconds her. Why can’t Mukhi ji understand that I genuinely love Nandini? Why can’t he accept this wedding for her sake when my Baba can go to his house to ask for Nandini’s hand? What’s important for him – his daughter or rivalry? Nandini says his wish and his orders matter to him. He does not care about his kids or family. He is a selfish person and is no less than a devil. Mom wouldn’t have let him do this if she was here today. Purvi feels bad. Nandini says she would have fought with anyone for her daughter’s sake but Mukhi ji has pushed her away from him too. Don’t know how she will be. I am sure she will be sad like me and will curse Mukhi ji. Veer comforts her. I wont let anyone do anything till the time I am around. I will see how Mukhi ji will stop your wedding. Nandini nods.

Servant gives rifle to Virender. Virender asks him if everyone is here. He nods. We will wait for your orders.

Virender reaches the wedding hall and shoots at the name tag at the reception. He orders his men to break everything. They comply. They ruin all the preps / décor inside the venue. Virender wonders where everyone is. Virender notices pundit ji hiding on the stairs and shoots in the air to call him outside. Pundit ji requests Virender to let him go. Virender asks him about the bride, groom and Chaudhary. Pundit ji says Chaudhary changed the venue in the end. I was leaving when you entered. Virender lets him leave and wonders who could have dared to go against him.

Chaudhary and his wife welcome guests. A man asks Chaudhary why he changed the venue at the last minute. Flashback shows Purvi requesting Chaudhary’s to change the wedding venue as Virender wont let it happen otherwise. He will abduct Nandini from the mandap if he visits the venue during rituals. Chaudhary asks her why he should believe her. You are Virender’s Molkki. You will never go against him. Purvi agrees that it is true. I am suggesting this for Nandini’s sake. Please do as I say. She leaves. Chaudhary calls someone and informs him that the wedding should now happen at a different venue. Mukhi and his men should never be able to reach there. Flashback ends. Chaudhary smiles.

Veer brings Nandini downstairs. Aarav and Nandini sit down in the mandap.

Purvi is at home. By now Mukhi ji would have found out that the venue has changed. Please take care of things now, Kanha ji. Mend things between Chaudhary and Kanha ji. Kids come there just then. We are ready. Are you? Purvi nods. They leave together.

Virender orders his men to check every corner. Let me see from where can Chaudhary get my daughter married stealthily! They leave.

Nandini and Aarav exchange garlands.

Virender’s men search every marriage hall / venue. Virender suggests going home in the end as his men come back empty handed.

People feel bad for Nandini as Virender is not here at her wedding. This wouldn’t have happened if her mother was here today. He has been a part of every wedding in the village. He even married off orphan girls but he is missing his own daughter’s wedding. She is unfortunate. Nandini wipes her tears. Pundit ji asks them who will do Nandini’s kanyadaan.

Virender feels helpless in the car.

Chaudhary tells pundit ji to find an alternative to this ritual. Pundit ji says wedding cannot happen without this ritual. Fathers give away the hand of their daughters to the groom and take a promise that he will stick by her side through thick and thin. This wedding will be on hold till the time that happens. Purvi says it wont stop. Everyone looks back in surprise. Nandini says Molkki in shock. Purvi offers to do Nandini’s kanyadaan. Juhi and Manas run to hug their sister. Nandini thanks them for coming here. They share that haathi deserves the credit for that. She is the one who brought us here even though Baba is angry. Veer and Nandini look at Purvi emotionally. Purvi greets Chaudhary’s with folded hands. She tells pundit ji to start the ritual. Pundit ji asks her how she is related to the bride. Purvi says Ma in reply.


Molkki 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Virender searches for Purvi and kids in the house. Chaudhary video calls him and tells him to see live telecast of his daughter’s wedding. Purvi is seen sitting with Nandini and Aarav. Chaudhary tells Virender that he must have understood because of whom that marriage happened – because of his Purvi. When Purvi comes home, Virender gets angry at her. She asks why she would do that. He asks her to keep her mouth shut. From today, they will sleep separate. It will be better for them if they maintain the distance. He doesn’t need her support now, he will do everything by himself.


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