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Molkki 21st May 2021 Anjali says it was Jeth ji who had decided to keep this competition as he wanted to draw his Molkki’s portrait. You were too eager to let her sit in your place. Sakshi calls it rubbish but Anjali says it is true and I have a proof. She shows a video to Sakshi where Virender is speaking to the Panch. He ends up thanking the Panch for arranging the competition in such short notice upon his askance. It was because I wanted to paint. Thank you. Panch tells him not to thank him. Sakshi looks at Virender. Anjali asks Sakshi if she believes her now or should she play it again. This is a sham. He did this so he can spend some time with his Molkki and draw her portrait. Sakshi asks her if she is done. Stop trying to fill poison in my life.

Were 5 years not enough? I know you are doing it intentionally to create right between me and Mukhi ji. I wont let you succeed though. I was the one who pushed Mukhi ji to draw Purvi’s sketch. He would have made my portrait otherwise. You know that he said yes just so he can make my portrait. Keep these conspiracies to yourself and don’t try to ruin my life. Prakashi walks away in a huff. She asks Anjali if she has understood her point or if she should repeat it for her. Stare as much as you want to but I wont fall in your trap. Leave! Anjali says I will leave but you will lose your husband and your kids very soon. They will go to Molkki. You keep talking about how great your love is. I am sure your husband wont even remember about your wedding anniversary tomorrow. You will understand the truth then. Anjali walks away. Purvi overhears the last bit of their convo. Sakshi thinks this cannot happen. How can he forget it when he kept all my possessions and my memories even when I was gone? This can never happen. Purvi thinks that Mukhi ji is forgetful like her Tau ji. Hope he wont forget his anniversary tomorrow. She prays to Kanha ji to make sure that does not happen or Sakshi ji will be heartbroken. She decides to find out whether Virender even remembers the anniversary or not.

Purvi asks the kids to help her. You have to find out whether Baba remembers the anniversary or not. No one should know about this secret plan. Just do as I say. They promise her. She tells them a plan. They agree to execute it brilliantly.

Next morning, Juhi and Manas trouble Virender while he is reading newspaper. Purvi smiles at the kids. He ultimately keeps the paper aside and asks them what they want. Juhi says we don’t want anything. We just want to ask you whether it is a special day today. Virender denies. Manas says there wont be anything special if you don’t know. Juhi says Baba does not remember anything. She asks Virender again. He says it must be something special if you are saying this. Was a saint born today? They pat their heads helplessly. He tells them to go. They walk up to Purvi and tell her that Virender does not remember anything. Purvi wonders how to remind Virender about his wedding anniversary.

Sakshi gets ready. Virender enters in the room and starts rummaging through the cupboards. She starts cleaning the cushions to catch his attention but he gets lost in the files. She asks him how she is looking. He does not look at her and simply replies that she always looks beautiful. What’s there to ask Sakshi? She is taken aback and he realises something too. He looks at her. You look really beautiful today. Are you going somewhere? Is there a function? She denies. I just felt like dressing up today. He says it is good. One must always do what they like. I will be back after finishing an urgent work. He leaves. She begins to wonder whether Anjali was right. Mukhi ji could never forget any fact related to me earlier but so much has changed in the 5 years. He forgot our anniversary. She removes her earrings. Kids come running there just then with a message from Virender. Baba has called you on the terrace at 6 in the evening. You should wear your bridal dress. Sakshi kisses them and thanks them. I will be there. They say thank you and run outside. Sakshi is thrilled. Mukhi ji is too smart. He was acting as if he does not remember anything but he does!

Kid’s high-five as soon as they come out of the room. They next tell Virender to go to terrace at 6 PM to meet his wife. She has kept a surprise for you. He readily agrees. Manas asks him if he remembers who this surprise is from. Don’t forget to bring gift for her. He nods. I wotn forget. They wish him luck. Virender wonders what Bawari has planned for him. Did she get really happy because I drew her portrait? I will bring a gift for her. She will be glad.

Sakshi steps out of the room. The corridor is decorated with flowers. Mukhi ji has made such beautiful preps. He was acting in the morning but look at all this. Now I am sure he loves me just as much as he loved me earlier. I am still very special to him. Virender comes to terrace and looks at the decor. Amazing! Bawari has decorated it beautifully. Looks like she is as eager to thank me and spend time with me as I am. She did what I had been planning to do for her. Where is she though? Sakshi is standing with her back to him. She has covered her head like Purvi (as it is a bridal dress / look). He walks up to her and keeps the bag near her. I bought a special gift for you. Wont you look at it? Sakshi looks at the clothes. Virender says this will look very good on you. There is something else in the bag too? Sakshi takes out a box. Virender hugs her from behind. Check the box too and let me know whether you like it or not. I got it especially for you. Sakshi says how I can not like something that you will choose. Virender is shocked to hear Sakshi’s voice and backs off a little. Sakshi thanks him. You don’t know how happy you have made me today. I will remember this surprise my entire life. She hugs him. Virender receives a text from Purvi just then – happy marriage anniversary to you and Sakshi ji. You forgot about it so I planned all this. Sakshi ji shouldn’t feel bad. Please don’t hurt her today. Tell her that you have done all this yourself. Purvi looks at Virender and folds her hands. He is taken aback. Sakshi tells Virender she cannot believe that he did all this for her. I thought you forgot about our anniversary but I was wrong. Thank you for doing this for me. Virender looks at Purvi again. She is still folding her hands. Virender says there is no need to thank me. I have done this for your happiness. Happy wedding anniversary. Sakshi wishes him as well and hugs him. Purvi smiles in relief. She walks away feeling awkward. Virender’s eyes are fixed on her. Purvi is struggling with her emotions. She wipes her tears and composes herself.

Prakashi asks Anjali to bring food. Sakshi brings sweet for her instead. You can wish me on my anniversary afterwards. Anjali comes there as well. Anjali shows her saree and ring to them. Mukhi ji gave them to me. You said Mukhi ji wont remember it. What do you think now? You are so quiet. Keep your low thinking and stories to yourself. My place is still intact in Mukhi ji’s heart. It wont change ever. No one was, is or can be more important to him than his Sakshi. Remember it well and have sweets. She leaves.

Virender tells the maid to make khichdi for Sakshi. Maid agrees. I will make it once I finish the work that Prakashi has given to me. Purvi offers to make it instead. Virender follows Purvi in the kitchen. Will you make it for Sakshi? Purvi nods. Will she fall ill after eating the khichdi that I will make? He denies. You have been taking care of her already. She says it isn’t anything big. He says one needs to have a big heart to look after the first wife of your husband. How do you manage everything? I fail to understand you. You made grand preps for our wedding anniversary yesterday. One must have a big heart to do all that. Purvi says I dint do a lot. It was a very important day for her. I just helped you a little. He says you helped me and saved me as well. I forgot all about it. Sakshi would have felt bad if she had found out. I cannot thank you enough. She tells him it isn’t needed. He says it is ok but I can do something for you. I gave the ring that I brought for you to Sakshi. She tells him to forget it. She deserved it. I will bring this khichdi soon. You can feed it to her. Go now. He nods and leaves. They both smile.

Juhi tells haathi that all the kids are taking part in fancy dress competition. We want to take part too. Sakshi overhears them and smiles. What do you want to be? Juhi says I will become fairy like Papa says. Sakshi asks Manas who decides to tell haathi. It will be our secret. He whispers it in Purvi’s ears. Sakshi is hurt that her son is keeping secrets from her but tells Purvi everything. This isn’t right.

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