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Molkki 23rd July 2021 Virender and Chaudhary reach party office. People cheer in support of their respective leaders. Virender sits on the wheelchair. He tells Chaudhary that people who rule everyone’s hearts can rule in the end. Chaudhary says one must submit nomination to take part in the elections. You are not able to even stand. Tell your men to stop cheering and take your chair inside. You will be out of the elections otherwise. Virender says an elephant is not bothered when dogs bark at him. Let’s go inside.

Nandini reaches haveli. She overheard Prakashi and Anjali speaking against Purvi. They are keen to see her get thrown out of the haveli! Prakashi is surprised to see Nandini. I thought you will come tomorrow with Veer for pag phere ritual. You look beautiful. Nandini tells her not to lie. You would have attended my wedding if you were so happy. Prakashi says I had to go to a neighbour village as someone wasn’t willing to pay for the land they owe to us. We cannot bear a loss, right? Nandini says you missed your granddaughter’s wedding for money? What’s important to you – me or money? Prakashi denies. We came to marriage hall afterwards but we found out that the venue has been changed. Nandini says you could have called Veer but you did not. I was beneficial to you till the time I was here but I am not of any use now that I am married. Prakashi denies but Nandini says I am not a kid to not understand my Dadi. Mukhi ji was right. You two brainwashed me, especially about that Molkki. She corrects herself and says Purvi. She isn’t as bad as you had described to me. In fact she was the only one apart from my siblings who was present in my marriage. She got me married and did my kanyadaan. She did what you were supposed to do. Where is Purvi? Prakashi says she must be around. Purvi comes there just then. I am here.

Nandini walks up to her. Purvi complements him. Welcome to your parents house. You look beautiful. I would have made a lot of preps to welcom you if I knew about it. I am glad that the daughter of the house has come home after her wedding for the first time. They go upstairs as Nandini wants to discuss something.

Chaudhary and Virender submit their nominations. Chaudhary taunts Virender again and leaves.

Nandini gives a gift to Purvi. It is a beautiful lehenga. Nandini says thank you to her. I got it especially for you from a designer friend. You wear clothes like this only. Purvi says thank you. It wasn’t needed though. Nandini calls her by her name which surprises Purvi. Nandini says I told you once that we can never be friends but I have come here to extend my hand towards you today. Think of this gift as a start. I want to apologize to you as I have been very rude to you. I have realised it today that Dadi and Chachi had filled my ears against you. You aren’t what they had told me. I was feeling so bad as no one from my family was present during my marriage except you. You did my kanyadaan too. I was really touched. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. Even Baba said the same thing. Mukhi ji would have spoiled anything if you hadn’t advised to change the marriage venue in the end. You have to bear so much because of me. Veer has told me everything. I am sorry as you and Mukhi ji have become distant. Please forgive me. Purvi holds her hands.

Chaudhary and his wife sit in the jeep. Chaudhary’s wife tells Chaudhary she feels that entire village will support Virender only. You shouldn’t think of taking part in elections as we will lose whatever respect is there if that happens. He tells her to be quiet. You are talking about losing. I have his weak spot. He will fall in my feet if I touch him at his weak spot. Virender leaves. Chaudhary says I let Aarav marry Virender’s daughter to take revenge only. I wont lose. See how Mukhi will give his chair to me willingly. The game has just begun.

Virender reaches home.

Nandini rues that Purvi always tried to support her like a mother but she couldn’t understand it. Please forgive me. Purvi wipes her tears. Prakashi and Anjali peek from the door. Virender comes inside. Purvi tells Nandini that loved ones end misunderstandings with a hug. Nandini hugs her. Virender is shocked to see them thus. You guys look great! He asks Nandini what she is doing here after marrying her enemy’s son against his wish. Was something left? He tells Purvi that he dint expect what she did. You two are worse than enemies! You have backstabbed me. You look great together. You must be plotting against me. Purvi tries to explain but Virender asks her if Nandini isn’t happy after marrying her enemy’s son. Has she come to rub salt to my wounds? Tell her that she has no relation with this haveli anymore. She shouldn’t come back here. Tell her.

Nandini tells Virender to lower his volume. Calm down. Don’t forget that I am the rightful owner of this haveli. I let you stay here. Speak nicely to the owner. It is you who should take permission from me to do anything in or around the haveli instead of the other way round. He says her name angrily but she firmly tells him not to shout. I don’t like the guests who scream. You have no right to speak to me like this. You can scare your Purvi with this tone. Anyways, she is smarter and intelligent than you. You should learn the duties and responsibilities of a parent from her. She was a part of my happiness like my mother even when you made such a ruckus! She got me married and did my kanyadaan. She did everything that a daughter expects from her family. Why would you understand it though? A selfish man like you does not deserve to be or to be called a father. She tells Purvi to send Veer for pagphere tomorrow. I will wait. Purvi tries to talk to her but Nandini leaves. Prakashi and Anjali smirk.

Purvi asks Virender what he did. She came to her home for the first time after her wedding. You could have been nice to her. you could have hugged or blessed her sweetly. That would have bridged the gap and made her happy. For a daughter, love from a father is above the number of times he scolds her. She would have forgotten everything and had called you Baba again if you had showered love on her. your anger and rivalry has ruined it though. She came here for the first time after her wedding but your anger has upset her again. Virender says I dint upset her. You have upset me. You used that opportunity to help her marry my enemy’s son. You aggravated the distance between us. Purvi denies. You are mistaken. Virender says I have finally understood you. You promised to bridge the gap between me and Nandini but you distanced her further from me while trying to be her mother. You filled more hatred in her heart against me and misguided her. You are responsible for what’s happening. Purvi tells him to stop. Think about things honestly before blaming everything on me. Is it because of me or your zidd? Your zidd isn’t letting you bend. Remember it that you will break if you wont know how to bend. That’s what’s happening to you. You are breaking and so are the relations. A father has to stop being so stubborn in front of his daughter to win her over. You wont be able to win Nandini’s heart this way. You will win it with love. I told you the best I could. Rest is on you. I am trying my best to fix this relation and I will continue to do so in future as well. She leaves. Prakashi and Anjali have seen / overheard everything.

Sudha and Veer come home. Priyu greets them just then. What are you two discussing? Sudha begins to tell her when Priyu feigns sprain in her leg. Sudha goes to bring balm for her. Veer asks Priyu to walk a little but she tells him that it is paining too much. I cannot really walk. He takes per mission and lifts her in his arms to take her inside. Priyu smiles thinking about Anjali’s words. Purvi asks Priyu if she is fine. Priyu tells her. Purvi tells Veer to put Priyu on the sofa. I will bring balm for her. Sudha comes back with balm and is shocked to see Veer holding Priyu in his arms. Purvi applies balm on Priyu’s feet. Priyu shares that she was in a lot of pain. Maybe it was a vein! Purvi assures her that she will feel better now. Purvi asks Veer to bring Nandini from her home for pagphere ritual. Veer nods. Purvi says I thought I will send Priyu with you but she has a sprain in her leg. You can take Sudha with you. She knows the rituals too. Sudha readily agrees. Priyu thinks that her drama ended up proving beneficial for Sudha.

Nandini asks a maid who she is taking the hot water bag for. Maid tells her that Aarav is wounded. Nandini runs to look after Aarav. How did this happen? He tells her to relax. I will be fine. Nandini still demands to know how it happened. He says I slipped while riding my bike. She knows it has gone for servicing. Don’t lie to me. I am your wife now. Don’t hide it from me. He tells her (in mute). Epi ends on Nandini’s shocked face.

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