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Molkki 25th May 2021 Vikas uses his kerchief to clean the sweet from her chest. She pushes him away and slaps him angrily. Everyone else is shocked. Purvi tells Vikas to remember this slap before trying to pull another cheap act like this. Aarti calls her Molkki. You should remember your status and limits. How dare you slap my husband? You are worthless yet you hit my husband? I will break your hand if you do anything like this again! Sakshi offers to speak to Purvi. She asks Purvi why she slapped Vikas. Purvi says I am sorry but he deserves this. Vikar sheds fake tears. Amazing, Sakshi ji! You have treated your guests very nicely. I saved her when she was about to fall but I got slapped and insulted in return. I wont stay where I am not respected. Purvi says you are acting as if you dint do anything wrong. I may be a Molkki but that does not mean that you can touch my anywhere while pretending to save me. You are lying in front of everyone right now. Tell the truth now. Vikas begins to repeat his story. Aarti tells Sakshi it is enough. She is insulting my husband and you are standing here quietly. His respect is my respect. I did not come here to be insulted by any Molkki! Sakshi says I will talk to her. She asks Purvi again. Why did you do this? Virender joins them. What happened? Purvi says Vikas’s intentions are not right. He tried to touch me many times. I had to slap him this time! Vikas calls it a lie. I was trying to help her as a human being. How do you save someone who is falling without touching them? I am characterless because I touched her waist in the process? I deserve a slap and insults? How am I wrong here?

Prakashi says you are not wrong here. Even Purvi is not wrong though. She is very smart. There must have been a misunderstanding. We all saw how you were trying to save her when she slipped. Let’s end the matter here. Sakshi tells Purvi she should have thought things through before sayng something to anyone. Vikas is a nice guy. How could you even think that he will stoop to this level? Guests are not treated like this. You could have come to me if there was something like that. Virender says I am positive that Bawri will never lie though I wont say that Vikas is lying. Maybe he wont be lying either. He tells Purvi that he knows she isn’t wrong. Maybe Vikas is not wrong either. Misunderstandings happen in some situations sometimes. Forget it. Aarti says she has insulted us badly. We will leave now. They head to their room. Sakshi goes to stop them. Prakashi and Anjali smirk. Purvi wonders if she really misunderstood Vikas. No, his touch wasn’t right. I doubt his intentions since he has come here. He ended up blaming me after all!

Vikas is angry. I shouldn’t have listened to you. I have been running a Mahila Ashram since years but I lost my integrity today. She apologizes to him. I know how you are feeling. I did wrong by bringing you here. I never thought that a worthless Molkki will insult us like this! Sakshi comes there. Vikas continues packing his bag. Sakshi requests Vikas not to leave like this. You are our guests. I apologize to you for Purvi’s misunderstanding. Kindly stay. Vikas tells her not to apologize. You are not at fault here. I cannot punish you for someone else’s mistake. I am very hurt today though. No one has behaved so badly with me till date. I have served and even worshipped women till date but a woman has ruined my dignity today. What would you have done if you were in my place? Would you be able to bear such an insult? Sakshi admits that it wasn’t right. Please stay if you are genuinely not upset with me. Stay here so we can go to fulfil Aarti’s wish together tomorrow. Vikas gives in. We cannot say no to you. Sakshi leaves. Vikas smirks.

Virender and Vikas are waiting for the ladies. Purvi gives a thaal to the servant to keep in the car. Virender asks her how much time women take to get ready. She says we are done. She turns to go inside when he asks her where she is off to. Sit in the car. We are getting late. Purvi says I wont go. I will stay at home with the kids. Sakshi seconds her. Vikas gets tensed. What will I do by going to the temple while my Devi ji is here? Prakashi notices his expressions. Vikas decides to make use of this opportunity as kids will be sleeping too. He feigns to have a stomach ache suddenly. They all get concerned. Aarti says I don’t think he will be able to accompany us to temple. I can stay with you if you want. He denies. Such mahurat comes after a really long time. I will rest at home. You all should go. Prakashi agrees. He will feel better after having kadha. I will ask someone to bring it to your room. Vikas pretends to feel guilty but Virender says it is better to rest. Vikas tells Aarti to apologize to Devi Ma on his behalf. She agrees. They leave for the temple. Prakashi tells the maid to make kadha for Vikas. Tell Purvi to send it to his room. She leaves as well. Vikas heads back inside.

Maid tells Purvi that Vikas was not feeling well so he is staying at home. Prakashi ji told me to give this kadha to you to give to Vikas. Purvi asks her why she cannot go herself. Maid says I have been asked to bring medicine from the shop. It will close in 15 minutes. Purvi tells her to tell the other maid to do it instead. She says no one is at home. Please give it to Vikas ji. She leaves the kadha there. Purvi is in a fix. She is uncomfortable going to Vikas’s room on her own. Kids are sleeping or I would have let them take it instead. I have no option now. I will give it and come back asap. She heads to Vikas’s room.

Virender is on his way to the temple premises with the family.

Maid calls Prakashi. Your work is done! Purvi is headed to Vikas ji’s room with kadha. Prakashi smirks.

Vikas pretends to be in pain when Purvi knocks at the door. I was in so much pain but you are here with the kadha now. My pain will go away. It is said that the pain goes away with medicines and by taking good care of those who are ill. He touches her hand again while picking the glass and she screams at him.

Virender and everyone is doing puja in the temple.

Vikas says you dropped the kadha. Now you must take care of my pain. He pushes her on the bed. She tries to go out but he pins her to the corner of the bed. Till when will you remain Virender ji’s Molkki? She shouts at him to let go and pushes him. Your intentions are not right and I did figure that out yesterday itself! I will kill you if you try to touch me! He pushes her on the bed when she tries to go out again.

Virender is still in the temple.

Vikas tells Purvi to agree with her. You will forget Mukhi. She hits him. A struggle ensues. He winces in pain as she stomps on his feet. He notices her calling someone.

Virender’s phone is in his pocket and aarti is going on in the temple.

Vikas throws the phone away and covers Purvi’s mouth. Agree or I will have to force myself on you! She bites on his hand. He is holding her by her neck from his other hand. She shouts for help. Save me! The kids are sleeping in their room. Vikar covers her mouth yet gain. Purvi begs him to let her go. She screams in shock as he tears one sleeve of her blouse. Juhi wakes up. Purvi screams for help again but Vikas covers her mouth.

Juhi wakes Manas as well. I heard haathi screaming for help. She needs us. They run to look for Purvi.

Vikas tries to kiss Purvi’s shoulder but she pushes him away. Virender is still in temple. Kids check every room to find haathi. Vikas pushes Purvi on the bed and tries to force himself on her.

Kids were not able to find Purvi anywhere.

Purvi cries and calls out to Juhi and Manas. They hear her voice and head to Vikas’s room. They see Vikas slapping Purvi from the window. Manas decides hitting Vikas but Juhi reasons that the door is closed from inside. We have to save haathi. We have to find another solution to get inside. We must teach this bad uncle a lesson. She tells him a plan (in mute).

Purvi cries as Vikas leans closer.

Juhi boils water and puts it in the bucket.they keep a ladder outside and open the window above.

Purvi pushes Vikas away. Juhi shouts Jai Bajrang Bali and throws the hot water on Vikas. Purvi is relieved to see her. Juhi loses her balance and falls down. Purvi shouts her name in shock.

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