Molkki 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Molkki 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Molkki 26th August 2021 Virender calls her Bawri but Purvi looks at him in confusion. Daksh comes outside to check on her and is shocked. Virender looks on in shock as Daksh takes Purvi inside. Purvi keeps looking at him while going with Daksh.

Purvi is drying her hair and wonders why Mukhi ji called her Bawri. Why do I see hazy flashes? Why does it look like I know that name?

Virender is equally boggled as to why Purvi reacted strangely. She has even changed her name to Dhwani. Why didn’t she try to contact me in the last 6 months?

Purvi thinks that it feels as if they know each other.

Virender thinks that Purvi might be playing this game as she is upset with him. I wont give up so easily though. I will pacify her and take her home at any cost.

Daksh comes to check on Purvi. It is good that you have changed. Mukhi ji is a great man. He saved you today after all. He goes to check on Virender. he complements Virender on his appearance. You look just like a rapper in suit. Let’s go now. Nani must be waiting. Virender nods.

Daksh and Purvi go downstairs holding hands. Virender watches them from upstairs. Nani and Chandni smile. Chandni’s focus gets shifted on Virender. She goes to complement him on what he did today. I wish I had fallen in water instead of Dhwani today. Virender’s eyes are fixed on Purvi and does not react.

Nani asks DJ to play nice songs. Let’s take the party outside. He agrees. Daksh and Purvi dance on Kitthe Chaliye. Virender watches them curiously while Chandni’s keeps looking at Virender. Purvi keeps glancing at Virender as well. Virender is uncomfortable to see them thus. Everyone claps as the song comes to an end. Virender cannot understand why Bawri is reacting like this. It might be because she knows I cannot see her with anyone else and how much I love her. Maybe she has decided to settle down with Daksh for that reason.

Veer comes to his room. Sudha offers to keep his bag for him but he is reluctant. She asks him why he is acting strangely. I do it every time. He gives her the gift that he has bought for her and smartly hides the anklets in his jeans pocket. She thanks him for the lehenga. He goes to change.

DJ announces that they will play a game now. You will change partners once the music stops. Everyone starts dancing. Virender is still watching Daksh and Purvi. Purvi is disturbed by Virender staring at them constantly. Virender decides to speak to Bawri while dancing. I will ask her why she wont recognize me. He looks around for a partner and notices Chandni. She walks up to him just then. He asks her for a dance. She is overjoyed and holds his hand. Purvi gets directed towards Virender in a few minutes and they look at each other. He calls her Bawri again. What’s this drama? Why are you so angry that you are even refusing to recognize me? Why did you decide to forget me and marry someone else? She looks at him in confusion. The partners get changed again. Purvi is bothered by Virender’s words though and keeps looking back at him. She gets Virender as her partner again. He keeps her the cold stare. Tell me why you are doing this drama Bawri? Do you know how I am living since you left? Why don’t you say anything? Partners switch again. Purvi and Virender are unable to take their eyes off each other. Purvi becomes his partner again. Virender asks her to say something. You left as if you dint leave anything behind. You should have looked back once and realized how I am living without you? Why are you so confused? Purvi wonders why he is calling her Bawri. He is talking to me as if he knows me beforehand whereas I am meeting him for the first time.

Purvi becomes Daksh’s partner this time. He tells her that this means that no one can separate them now. Dance comes to an end. Nani asks everyone to come inside for the ring ceremony.

Nani asks everyone to bless Daksh and Dhwani. She invites the couple on stage. Virender looks on unhappily. Daksh takes the ring. Virender is adamant that Bawri is his. I wont let her become anyone else’s. He picks a glass of cold drink. Nani asks Purvi to extend her hand. She looks at Virender once and clenches her hand worriedly. Nani tells her again. She finally extends her hand. Virender starts walking towards the stage. Daksh is about to make her wear the ring.


Molkki 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Purvi asks Virender why he is here. Virender asks her how she can get engaged to someone. She asks him who he is to take her. He asks her to come home with him. You are mine and will always be mine. She passes out in his arms. Daksh walks in and notices them thus. Virender tells Veer that Bawri is alive. You must not tell anyone anything. Doc checks Purvi and shares that she will feel pressurized if someone will try to remind her of her past life and she can have brain hemorrhage then. Virender gets stunned.


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