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Molkki 2nd July 2021 Virender tells Purvi to sign the papers so the last thread of their relation is broken too. I couldn’t brighten your life but I want to help you get ready and bid adieu on your wedding one last time if you will allow me. She steps aside to let him in. He helps her wear jewellery. He wipes her tears in between. They both think of the Karvachauth when Virender had helped her get ready. She stops him from touching her feet but he makes her wear anklets. Both of them are in tears when he puts the dupatta on her head. He keeps the pen and papers in front of her sadly. Lawyer will come soon to collect them. It needs to be finalised by 2 pm. You will be free to marry Vipul then which is why the mahurat is of 3 pm. She signs the papers with a heavy heart. He wipes her tears as he picks the papers.

Sakshi asks pundit ji if the preps have been made. He nods. Please call the bride. It is time. Sakshi says she will come soon. Virender comes downstairs holding Purvi’s hand. Juhi rues that haathi and Babbar Sher are here now. Prakashi smirks. Virender and Purvi look at each other. Virender keeps her hand in Vipul’s hand with great difficulty. He is crying. Purvi is pained to see him thus. She keeps looking at Virender as she goes to the mandap with Vipul. The other end of her dupatta is stuck in Virender’s coat’s jacket. She looks back when the dupatta gets pulled. He shakes his head and frees her dupatta. Both of them cry silently while looking at each other. Title track plays. Vipul holds her hand and takes her back to the mandap. Virender looks shattered. He gives the papers to lawyer. Complete the proceedings. Lawyer leaves. Virender tells pundit ji to wait till the mahurat time. Pundit ji nods. Virender and Purvi look at each other. Sakshi asks Virender where he is going. He tells her that he did all that she had asked him to. I even brought her to mandap but I wont be able to see anything further. Please have mercy on me and let me go!

Virender drives recklessly on the road and is crying. He notices an incoming call from lawyer.

Pundit ji says we will start the pheras when it’s time.

Lawyer tells Virender that the divorce proceedings will start at 4 pm. Virender’s phone gets switched off. He decides to stop Bawri’s wedding. It will be considered void otherwise. I will have to push the wedding to 4:30 pm. He takes a u-turn.

Purvi and Vipul exchange garlands. Virender is on his way. Pundit ji lights the kund. Purvi looks around. Anjali asks Sakshi about Virender. Is he not at home? Everyone is asking about him. What should I tell them? Sakshi says even I don’t understand anything. Don’t know where he went. His phone is off too.

Purvi keeps her hand over Vipul’s and the rituals begin. Virender continues driving. Purvi’s mother does gathbandhan. Pundit ji asks the couple to take pheras. Everyone showers flower petals as Purvi and Vipul start walking. Virender comes home just then. Kids smile seeing him. Virender throws the decorations and douses the fire of kund shocking everyone. He breaks the gathbandhan, lifts Purvi on his shoulders and heads for the door. Juhi smiles whereas everyone else is taken aback. Vipul chases them but Virender pushes him away. Everyone starts following them.

Virender makes Purvi sit in the car. She asks him what he is doing but Virender drives away. Vipul is too stunned. How can Mukhi ji abduct my Purvi like this? We will follow him. Anjali asks him to come. We will go after them.

Purvi asks Virender to stop the car in a corner. You cannot force me for anything and you certainly cannot abduct me like this! Virender replies that he has lost his mind which is why he is doing this. She tells him not to threaten her like this. Please stop the car.

Prakashi says I cannot understand why Virender is acting like this. He seems to have gone crazy. Anjali says he must have been drunk today too like last night. She becomes quiet when Sakshi looks at her. Prakashi tells Anjali to be quiet. Don’t say anything that comes to your mind.

Purvi says my Tau ji used to act childish like you too. He says to hell with your Tau. Today I will do what I want to! He avoids meeting with an accident. She screams at him to be careful. He tells her to be quiet so he can focus but she keeps telling him to stop the car. This is really wrong.

Vipul is chasing Virender’s car. Anjali wonders where Virender is going. Vipul remarks that this is the way to court. Why is he taking Purvi to court?

Lawyer approaches judge and submits the divorce papers.

Purvi keeps telling Virender to drive slowly. We might meet with an accident. Virender stops the car outside court. He pulls her out in haste. She demands to know why he has brought her here. He tells her that she has really become Bawri. I brought you here to stop our divorce. The proceedings will happen at 4 pm. She asks him how he thought of this when he promised her otherwise. He takes her inside.

Vipul and other family members reach court as well. They go inside too. Prakashi and Anjali wonder what Virender is up to now.

Judge accepts the divorce request. Lawyer thanks him as he collects the papers. He is startled to see Virender. Prakashi asks Virender what he is up to. Why did you bring Purvi here? Lawyer asks Virender to come with him to judge for his case. Virender says judge has already accepted the request. Lawyer replies that that was another case. Your chance is now. Vipul asks lawyer about it. Lawyer shares that he informed Virender that the time has changed. I informed Mukhi ji about it. Anjali remarks that it is good that the one divorcing Purvi is here and so is the one who will marry her next. Let’s do it right away. Lawyer asks Virender to come. Virender goes with him. Are they my papers? Lawyer nods. Virender asks him if there is another copy. Lawyer denies. This is the only copy. Virender takes it from him and tears the papers. Everyone is stunned when he throws the papers away. Purvi asks him what he did. Virender tells her that they wont get divorced now. We will never separate. We will live together for forever! Vipul leaves. Everyone else looks unhappy.

Servants are cleaning up when Sakshi, Vipul, Anjali and Prakashi enter. Vipul apologizes to Sakshi who apologizes to him instead. Your marriage broke today because of my Mukhi ji. Your happiness was ruined. I am a culprit here as I couldn’t fulfil my promise. He tells her not to blame herself. No one but fate is to be blamed here! I dint get to marry Purvi in the past and it dint happen today. Now I am sure she is not in my destiny so I dint get her. She is Mukhi ji’s Bawri now so I don’t want to come between them anymore. I have hurt all of you a lot. I am leaving from here for forever now. Please excuse me. He goes.

Prakashi asks Sakshi to stop Vipul. Don’t you understand that you are Virender’s wife? You are the Mukhiyayin, not that Molkki! You have few rights. You wanted to marry her off so how can you stop it? You must get Molkki married. You can use your rights and get Vipul and Purvi married! Sakshi agrees to demand every answer from Virender today. I wont sit quiet when he has crossed all the limits. This house has only seen my love till date. It will see my wrath today! Prakashi wipes her fake tears. Atleast the wedding will happen now! Anjali nods.

Sakshi says thank you for supporting her in her decision to stop Purvi and Vipul’s marriage.

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