Molkki 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Molkki 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Molkki 30th April 2021 Prakashi tells Pundit ji to pack his stuff and leave like Virender said. This wedding wont happen. Purvi says the wedding will happen. Please make preps, Pundit ji. Manas steps forward. Prakashi and Anjali look upset. Manas hugs his Baba. Virender asks Purvi where she went with Manas right now. She shares that she brought them back just now. Virender asks her what she means. She shares that Manas got kidnapped. I could see everyone except Manas in Juhi’s video call. I checked nearby and called you but we couldn’t hear each other. Bhuri came to me later to tell me about Manas’s disappearance. Flashback shows Manas using his laser light to seek help. Purvi notices the dot on the cloth. Manas’s laser light stops working. He screams for help. Purvi is unable to get inside as the door is locked. She breaks the lock with a brick and rescues Manas. He asks her where she was. I missed you so much. She asks him if he got hurt. He shakes his head. I did just what you told me. I used laser light to signal but teh battery stopped working. How could you find me? Purvi says your haathi is also smart like you. I saw the light before the battery got drained. How did you end up here? Manas tells her what happened. Purvi wonders who would have kidnapped Manas. Who would have brought him here? Flashback ends.

Manas says haathi saved me or else. Purvi stops him. Virender wonders who could dare to do it and why. Prakashi tells him not to worry. He is back finally. You can inform police. Sudha asks Anjali why she lied that Manas was sleeping in his room. Anjali says it is true. I don’t know when Bhuri took him to market. She walks away. Mama ji tells Virender and Purvi to get married as everything is fine now.

Sudha, Priyu, Juhi bring Purvi to the mandap. Virender looks at her sweetly. Humesha Tumko Chaha plays. Virender walks towards his bride and extends his hand towards her. She keeps her hand in this. Pundit ji tells them to exchange garlands first. Purvi and Virender exchange garlands. They sit down next. Purvi’s face is covered with the dupatta.

Anjali tells Prakashi they should start the countdown now. Molkki will be Jeth ji’s wife soon. We cannot defeat her. She wins always. We are left for no good now. Let’s apologize to her or she wont spare us. Prakashi calls her coward. You got scared from a normal Molkki! She is very ordinary. You are praising her as if she is Rani Lakshmi Bai. I am still alive. Don’t worry. I still have the best card with me. I think it’s time to use it. Go and do as I say. Keep your brain safe. Anjali smirks and goes.

Virender and Purvi look at each other as their hands touch while giving aahuti. Purvi imagines them dancing romantically on Hum Tum song. Mama ji asks them to wait to look at each other for 7 births. Get married first. Virender and Purvi smile. Priyu does their gathbandhan. Virender and Purvi start taking pheras around the holy fire. Virender walks in front for the first 4 pheras. Pundit ji asks Purvi to walk in front now. You will become husband and wife for the next 7 births then. Prakashi thinks that will never happen. The eighth wonder of Virender’s life is going to come here soon! Purvi and Virender exchange positions. Sakshi reaches the venue. Prakashi and Anjali smirk.

Sakshi looks at Virender emotionally. Juhi says Ma as soon as she spots Sakshi. Virender turns to look in Sakshi’s direction and is shocked to see her. Sakshi? Purvi follows his gaze and is shocked to realise that the lady was Sakshi. She is Sakshi ji? Everyone is surprised to see Sakshi.

Juhi tells Manas she is their real mother. You always ask me about our mother. She holds his hand and runs to Sakshi. Where were you, Ma? This is Manas. She tells Manas it is their Sakshi Ma. Sakshi touches Juhi’s face and cries. She hugs her daughter. Lullaby plays in the background and Sakshi kisses her forehead. Juhi asks her where she was. I missed you so much. Sakshi cries looking at her son and later hugs him. Sakshi is looking at Virender emotionally. Virender walks towards Sakshi in a trance. The gathbandhan falls in fire. Purvi is shocked to witness it and cries.

Sakshi and Virender look at each other. Sakshi looks at his clothes. She touches his cheek hesitantly. O Saathi Re plays. Purvi cries thinking of her memories with Virender. Virender holds Sakshi’s hand and hugs her. Purvi is reminded of their past. Virender is at a loss of words. He hugs his wife and kids. Juhi says we missed you a lot.


Molkki 3rd May 2021 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Doc tells Virender that any shock can be risky for Sakshi. Purvi asks Kanha ji why He did this to her. I won everyone’s heart after so much difficulty but now I have nothing! Sakshi asks Mama ji about Purvi. Mama ji says she is our servant. Purvi overhears it and runs away in tears. Later, Virender comes to Purvi ‘s room and wonders where she is. Even her luggage is not here.


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