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Molkki 3rd June 2021 Sakshi wonders what Virender really wants. Why wont he let Purvi go? Prakashi asks Sakshi what’s the point of her being a Mukhiyayini when the Mukhiya wont listen to her. He speaks about bringing change, respecting women but he wont understand the point of respecting his wife as he wants to keep that Molkki with him. He wont let her go. This is the reason why he is supporting the age old orthodox traditions. He wants to keep his Molkki near him. Anjali says don’t take me wrong but he has become too attached to that Molkki. Everyone can see that he is becoming mad. I can bet he wont let her go away in future too. Sakshi leaves.

Purvi asks Kanha ji what’s the point of this test now. Why did Mukhiya ji say all that? Did he do that intentionally? Virender comes to her room. I told you the more you try to pull away, the closer you will find me. She asks him why he is doing this. Why are you troubling yourself and Sakshi ji? Don’t ruin your family. I beg you. Don’t spoil everything. He insists that he will. I have become selfish now. Sakshi might want to live peacefully by sending you away from here but I don’t. my heart isn’t ready to let you go. Consider it anything but I wont be able to let go of you now. I cannot stay away from you now. I am restless when I don’t see you for even a second. Think how will I let you go away for forever then? I cannot do this, Bawri. Purvi asks him till when he will try to stop her. No one will be happy till the time I am here. Please let me go. He tells her to leave everything on him. I can handle anything when you are with me. I cannot stay away from you for another second now. Trust me. I will fix everything. Please don’t go away and support me. Have faith in me. She hugs him. Sakshi has seen everything and is shocked. She thinks of Anjali’s words. I made a very big mistake by not realizing your love and affection towards Purvi. I was a fool to think of her only as your Molkki. She is not Molkki but the owner of your heart. Anjali was right. I wont be able to separate you two at all. This ordinary Molkki has ruined my family and has my husband in her control. I am the Mukhiyayin yet I am helpless in front of a Molkki. I am watching my husband hugging someone else in his arms yet I am helpless. Anjali comes upstairs and notices Sakshi standing in a corner in shock. She peeks inside Purvi’s room and smirks at the sight of seeing Virender with Purvi.

Anjali offers water to Sakshi. Sakshi cannot stop thinking about what she had just seen. Anjali shows fake concern. I can understand what you are going through. Don’t you think that Jeth ji is crossing all the lines? He was holding that Molkki in his arms. Isn’t he afraid that anyone, especially you will see? He is enjoying with his Molkki. It is shameful! Sakshi says what can one do when your loved ones are wrong. Anjali tells her not to forget that she is his wife. You can still get your husband back. You are the Mukhiyayin of this house while she is a Molkki. She is worthless in front of you. Don’t take me wrong but you invited that trouble on yourself. You made her Choti Mukhiyayin and brought her to your room. You gave her too much freedom. What else will she do? Just wait and watch what happens next. Sakshi says I made a very big mistake. I don’t know what I will do. Anjali tells her to remind Purvi that she is nothing but a Molkki. Sakshi tells her to speak clearly. Anjali says it is June 1 tomorrow. We celebrate Molkki Diwas on this day. I am sure you know what is done on this day. This is your only chance to show her her true place. don’t let go of this chance. I know you and I are not friends but forget all that right now. Just remember that we have a common enemy so we should be friends. You need to save your marriage right now. I will support you in this fight. Jeth ji is going to a nearby village tomorrow for some work. God is on our side. Save your family. This is your only chance or you will lose your husband and family. Shall I make preps for tomorrow? Sakshi says now I will be at peace only after telling her the difference between a Molkki and Mukhiyayini. She wipes her tears.

Next morning, Virender tells Sakshi he is going to nearby villages for work. I will be back by evening. She nods. Take care. Virender leaves. Anjali tells Sakshi it is time to show that Molkki her real place. Shall we? Sakshi goes with her.

Anjali tells Renu to make preps for Molkki Diwas. We will celebrate it today. Purvi asks her about it. Anjali says this tradition has been continued for girls like you only. It is your day. Purvi says it will be celebrated in Rewari. Why here then? Anjali says Jeth ji said that it is our responsibility to maintain the traditions. You are here with us also. We will celebrate it grandly. Purvi asks her what needs to be done. Anjali tells her she has to do nothing. Sakshi Bhabhi will do it. Sakshi comes there just then. Anjali tells Purvi that Sakshi will do the puja. Sakshi tells Purvi to get ready so the ritual can be started. You must wear only black colored clothes today. Every Molkki should do this to continue with the traditions. Title track plays. Purvi heads to her room. Anjali smiles at Sakshi. Sakshi thinks I am not sure if I am doing the right thing or not but Purvi has forced me to do this. You are forgetting your limits. You are dreaming of becoming a Mukhiyayin and are trying to separate me from my husband by coming close to him. I wont just sit quietly and watch it. I must show you your place to make you realise that you are wrong.

Title track plays as Purvi comes downstairs wearing black clothes. Anjali announces that Molkki bride is here. Purvi is taken aback and hesitant but steps forward. Sakshi is told to do Purvi’s teeka and aarti. Sakshi applies a teeka (of coal) and does Purvi’s aarti. Purvi’s eyes well up. Anjali gives a garland of notes to Sakshi. Anjali says through this you will always remember that you weren’t brought here with respect but by paying a price for you. Sakshi puts it around Purvi’s neck. Purvi is crying by now. Sakshi tells her not to forget that she is a Molkki, not someone’s wife. You can never match a wife in any way, neither in terms of respect nor love. Purvi looks at Prakashi who looks down (pretending to be helpless). A servant brings 2 sets of bricks tied to a metal. Anjali explains that you will be tied to the haveli like this. You wont have a right to think, understand or to escape. Purvi wonders why she is being punished or insulted like this.

Virender gets a call from a Sarpanch who tells Virender that they must cancel today’s meeting. The weather is bad and a flyover on the route you are on is broken. Virender tells him to manage things then. Sarpanch agrees. Virender tells him to keep him in loop and ends the call. Virender tells the driver to take a u-turn. We will go home.

The metal locks are put on Purvi’s feet. Anjali says Bhabhi will blacken your face now. Purvi stands there helplessly as Sakshi applies coal on her cheeks. Anjali tells Purvi to take 7 rounds of the kund now.

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