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Molkki 3rd September 2021 Nani stops Daksh. I want you to propose Dhwani for marriage frankly. I think this is the right time. Daksh says there is no problem in proposing. I am afraid she will say no. Nani says I have faith on you. She can never say no to you. Tell her everything honestly. She will surely say yes. I have seen love in her eyes for you. I think she is waiting for you but you are taking too long. Do it today. Daksh smiles. I will talk to her right away if you think so. Nani nods. Superb!

Sudha is checking the pockets of Veer’s clothes as she has to do laundry. She finds the receipt of anklets. He brought only lehenga for me. How did this receipt come in his pocket?

Juhi and Manas hug Veer. Virender tells them to take a bath. They leave. Virender and Veer exchange pleasantries.

Daksh knocks at Purvi’s door. She asks him if he has come here to lose again like he lost in Basketball match. Daksh denies.

Veer asks Virender about Purvi. Did she remember anything? Virender is positive that it will happen soon. Veer says I know she will never remember anything. I don’t think there is any place for you in the new path. I think she has forgotten you completely.

Daksh asks Purvi what relationship do they share. She says it is friendship.

Virender reminds Veer he cannot forget her and neither will he let her forget him. We are husband and wife. It is joined from heart. This does not break when someone forgets the other due to a memory loss. It stays forever. Veer insists that she will never recall anything. It’s madness to try and remind her of her past. Come back asap. Virender refuses to leave without Bawri. This isn’t madness but my love for Bawri.

Daksh goes on his knees and holds Purvi’s hand. I love you Dhwani. She is shocked. Daksh says I cannot do this drama anymore. I cannot lie anymore. I really love you. I want to marry you for real. I really mean it. Do you love me? Do you want to marry me?

Virender tells Veer to understand. She isn’t Dhwani but my wife, my Bawri. No one can separate her from me. Nani is stunned to hear it. Virender says Bawri is mine and will always be mine. I will make her mine again. I wont let Daksh marry her ever. I will return to haveli with her only or I wont! Veer tries to say something but Virender refuses to hear anything further. Nani worries for Daksh.

Daksh tells Purvi he genuinely loves her. This isn’t a prank. I want to marry you for real. Please say that you want to marry me too. She is in a fix. I am sorry but I don’t love you. I respect you a lot. You have done a lot of favors for me. You are like my family but I have never looked at you as my life partner. I am sorry but I am being honest with you just like you have been honest with me. Forgive me but you are my very good friend, my family. I cannot think of losing you ever. Daksh nods emotionally.

Nani thinks Dhwani was Mukhi’s wife before losing her memory. Daksh will be heartbroken to know this. She is his life. How can I play with his life? There must be a reason why Dhwani was brought in Daksh’s life. It was meant for good. I must get them married before Dhwani regains her memory. I have to do it at any cost!

Nani switches on the lights in Daksh’s room. Why are you sitting here in dark? She notices him in tears and asks him if he had a word with Purvi. She said yes, right? Daksh admits that he spoke to her but she doesn’t love him. He tries to leave but Nani asks him not to go anywhere in this condition. He asks for some time. she hugs him. Take it but don’t go outside. He tells her how heartbroken he is right now. I need to breathe. I need to go out for some time. please let me go. He leaves.

Purvi is pacing in her room. She keeps thinking about Virender and about Daksh’s proposal.

Daksh is drinking in a restaurant. Purvi’s words haunt him. Virender keeps thinking about Veer’s words. All 3 of them are in a fix. Purvi’s words keep ringing in Daksh’s ears as he drives. He meets with an accident and passes out because of the head injury.

Daksh is brought to hospital. Purvi, Chandni and Nani rush to hospital. Nurse tells them that he is operation theatre right now. He was in a critical condition when he was brought here. They wait outside the OT. Purvi is in tears. She thinks of Daksh’s confession and cries. Chandni stands with Nani. Nani prays for Daksh’s well-being. Chandni assures her that her bro is very strong. He will fight and recover. Purvi also tells Nani not to worry. He will be fine. Chandni comforts Nani. Doc comes out and shares that the operation was successful but he will be under observation for some time as the wound was deep.

Sudha confronts Veer about the receipt. Did you buy anklets? You dint give it to me. Who did you buy it for? Veer feigns innocence but she shows it to him. I found it in your jeans. This is of Delhi. I want to know what you are hiding from me? Veer lies that he might have picked up someone else’s receipt by mistake. He excuses himself to attend an important call. Sudha looks on.

Kids keep talking about the picnic and wonder when haathi will regain her memory.

Purvi prays for Daksh’s well-being. Nani asks her what’s the point of this now. Purvi is taken aback. Why are you saying this? Nani says what else will you say for a person who gives the wound and then prays for them to heal. Such prayers are never fulfilled. You are responsible for his condition. Purvi reasons that it is because of that accident. Nani blames her for the accident. He loves you so much. You refused his marriage proposal and broke his heart today! He couldn’t bear it, drank alcohol and drove in that condition you are responsible for his condition. Purvi is in tears. What are you saying?

Kids ask their Baba if haathi will be able to remember them soon. Virender nods. God always listen to genuine prayers. She will remember everything.

Nani reminds Purvi of how much Daksh looked after her after her accident. He gave you his family, his house when he couldn’t find anything about your background. You couldn’t do this much for the guy who can go to this extent for you! How selfish are you! You would have been at a footpath like an orphan if it wasn’t for him! Always remember what he did for you and how you paid him in return. You dint care about his feelings, care and concern. I know the reason behind it too. Purvi asks her what she is saying. Nani asks Purvi if she has started liking that Mukhi. Purvi is shocked. Trust me it isn’t true. Nani tells her that she broke that trust long ago. I have been observing you two since he came here. I have seen everything. Everyone must have seen what happened during the game today.


Molkki 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nani advises Purvi to stay away from a guy like Mukhi. Don’t know what kind of a person he will be if this is what he has been doing in this age! Daksh returns home with his family. A lady runs to them when they open the door. She looks disheveled and her clothes are torn too. Nani asks her who did this to her. She points at Virender. He is the one who tried to take advantage of me! Everyone is shocked to see Virender. Virender seems to be drunk or inebriated and tries to stand up.


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