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Molkki 4th June 2021 Anjali lights the havan kund and tells Purvi to take rounds around the fire with the bricks tied to her feet. Sakshi keeps looking at Purvi’s teary face but does not do anything. Anjali starts chanting a song / poem about Molkki’s. You must not forget this which is why we will remind you every year that we had paid a price for you. You should never forget about the chains in your feet. You are destined to be like this. You are destined to be in the dark always. It has surrounded you from all sides. We will remind this of you every year so you wont forget it ever. Purvi is having a hard time but she continues walking. Prakashi smirks.

Virender reaches haveli. He is stunned at the sight and demands to know what is going on. Sakshi, Anjali and Prakashi are shocked to see him. Anjali wonders how he came back so soon. He scolds her and asks her to answer him. He walks up to Purvi and looks at her condition. She cries. Anjali shares that they were celebrating Molkki Diwas. It was Bhabhi’s idea. We used to celebrate it every year in village so we decided to celebrate it here as well. Virender wipes her face clean, removes the garland and throws the bricks away. Purvi cries. He wipes her tears. How dare you humiliate Bawri like this? He questions all 3 ladies. Sakshi asks him why he is shouting so much. We were only celebrating Molkki Diwas. It is an age old tradition. You value it being a Mukhi so it is also the duty of a Mukhiyayin to follow your example. It is not a crime. I don’t think you will have a problem with it. Virender says I have a problem with it as Molkki’s are insulted and humiliated by following this tradition. I don’t know why I ignored it when I was trying to end it since years! This only tortures, insults Molkki’s. How can we grow by showing someone down? No Molkki wont be insulted like this. They will be respected from today onwards. As the Mukhi of this village, I decide that this tradition will end today itself! He calls the same Sarpanch and tells him to announce this decision to everyone. Molkki Diwas, all the rituals and traditions will be over from today. I wont tolerate if anyone will torture a Molkki in the name of this tradition. I will punish that person. All Molkki’s will be treated justly from now onwards. This is my final decision. I don’t want any argument. Remember this well and tell everyone. He ends the call. Purvi folds her hands. Virender makes her lower her hands. He holds her hands and takes Purvi with him.

Virender brings Purvi to her room and feeds her water. They hold hands. Purvi asks him till when will he fight for her like this. He says I will do it till the time I am alive. I want to apologize to you for what happened today. She tells him he isn’t at fault here. You ended up realising that this tradition is inhuman and wrong. I am glad that Molkki’s wont have to meet those injustices ever again. You have saved the lives of many Molkki’s today. I am thankful to you for that. She kisses his hand gratefully. Virender hugs her.

In the corridor, Sakshi claps for Virender. You do all this so easily. You bend the rules and traditions as per your convenience! He tells her to speak clearly. She asks him if he has the strength to hear them. You dint want that Molkki to leave the house so you suddenly spoke of the traditions. You realised that a Molkki cannot be free of the relation till the time she pays her Mol. When she had to go through some traditions, you called them inhuman. You put an end to those traditions for her sake. Truth is that all the rules, traditions and culture is only for the villagers. Mukhi can change them whenever he wants to. You are not just anymore. You have fallen for that Molkki. You are a hypocrite. He counters her that he did it for humanity, not for Bawri but she calls it a lie. Don’t call your shrewdness humanity. You can fool others but not me. Why don’t you come clean with the fact that you cannot see Bawri in pain? You don’t care whether others are in pain because of that. Why don’t you accept that your rules are being manipulated as per Bawri? He says your words wont change the truth. It is all in your head. She uses his words at him and keeps his hand on her head. Swear on me and say that you have no feelings or affection for Purvi. Swear upon our kids. He asks her if she can dare to hear the truth. She says I have the strength to hear the truth if you can say it.

Virender admits that he has feelings and affections for Bawri. Not just this, I have started falling in love with her. This is my truth. She looks at him in shock. Virender says don’t take me wrong. I have always loved you. I don’t know when Bawri won my heart in your absence. She handled everything and everyone on her own. I don’t know how this happened. I dint want to even look at her in the beginning. She is so pure that she won over everyone eventually including me. Our relation turned into love slowly. She started handling me slowly. I did not realise how her honesty, her purity, her concern, her affection won over me with time. You don’t have to worry though. It is my responsibility to take care of you and I will always fulfil my responsibilities. I may love Bawri a lot but I will look after your needs and wishes. I will always stand by you as your husband. I will always protect you like I have in the past. I will always be with you. She asks about his love. You will do everything for me but you will only love Purvi. He holds her hand. I have never lied to you till date and I wont lie even today. I will tell you everything honestly. Love happens. It is never forced. It is true that I have fallen for Bawri. I don’t even regret it that Bawri made a space for herself while you were gone. I fell in love with her. You will always be my wife, the Mukhiyayin. Nothing will change in your status but I wont be able to do anything beyond this for you. He lets go of her hand. Sakshi walks away teary-eyed. Virender calls out after her but in vain. Prakashi and Anjali have overheard everything. Virender keeps calling out to Sakshi but she walks away.

Kids ask Purvi to play hide and seek with them. She is reluctant but they convince her to play. You can find us. Purvi agrees to count till 10. Hide asap. The kids are going inside when Manas collides with Virender. Virender ends up scolding him for no reason. He tells them to go inside and study. Purvi stops Virender. Why are you scolding them like this? What’s the harm in them playing? He tells her to do her work. Don’t try to teach me. She reasons that the kids got scared. He tells her to mind her business and walks away. Purvi is sure something is wrong.

Sakshi is crying thinking about Virender’s confession. I have only loved you till date. I went through everything for 5 years after the accident and this is how you broke my truth? First fate pushed us away and now you went away from me yourself. Maybe I wasn’t destined to be your love. All the past memories flash in her mind. Everything is over now!

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