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Molkki 5th July 2021 Sakshi says thank you to Virender for supporting her in her decision to stop Purvi and Vipul’s marriage. I have one more request to make. No one else in the house should know that I am with you in this decision. Virender replies that even he dint want Bawri to marry Vipul but I had never thought that this would be the reason why we would do it. Don’t know why God is showing me this day. Sakshi says God does everything for good. Maybe that’s why we found out about this secret on time. Please let this remain a secret forever. No one should ever find out about it. Virender tells her he wont be able to do that. You can ask for anything else but not this. How can I hide such a big thing? It wont be right. I wont be able to do it. Sakshi agrees it isn’t right to hide the truth. I understand as you will never do any injustice. God knows what will happen next.

Purvi is in her room. What happened today, Kanha ji? Mukhi ji came like a storm today and has scarred 3 lives. Sakshi ji’s dream, Vipul’s feelings and my divorce remained incomplete! He cheated me by breaking his word. How could such a strong man turn so weak? Don’t know what Sakshi ji and Vipul must be going through. Now there is only one way to make Mukhi ji realise his mistake. I will have to do it now.

Sakshi tells Virender she did her best but she could not stop Vipul. He left for his village. Virender admits that it is wrong. I am worried for Bawri. She must be going through a lot. I think I should tell her this secret. She tells him against it but he insists that he cannot hide it from her. Sakshi insists. We cannot tell this to anyone. Virender reminds her that they had decided not to tell the kids. We dint discuss to hide it from Bawri. I must tell her today. It will be best to tell her now. It will come out in open one day anyways. Think from her point of view once. Does she not have a right to know why I broke the promise I had made to her; why I took her away from the mandap? I will have to tell her.

Prakashi wonders what is taking so much time. Sakshi has been inside for so long. Anjali says she is miffed today. She wont spare Mukhi so easily. Prakashi nods. Virender walks out of the room just then followed by Sakshi. Anjali is puzzled. She looks sad. Looks like she has lost to Virender! Prakashi says I don’t understand what made Virender cancel the wedding. The one who should be crying isn’t! We must find out the truth.

Virender comes to Purvi’s room. The cupboard is empty. Has she left the haveli? He asks a servant about Bawri but he hasn’t seen her either. Prakashi asks Virender why he is looking for Purvi. What’s the matter? Virender says I will find her. He finds out from a maid that Purvi has left with her luggage. She said she will go on her own. Virender leaves. Anjali and Prakashi are glad that they will get everything now as Molkki has left. Outside, Virender finds out from the guard that Purvi has left for the bus stop.

Virender thinks this shouldn’t have happened but she had told me that she will leave for real if I do anything against her wish again. I wont let it happen though. He reaches bus stop. He checks the bus which is about to leave for Saraswat. She is not in the bus though. He gets sad. Where did she go without telling me? An old man asks Virender what he is doing here. Did you come here to drop someone? Virender thinks someone left me. He shakes his head. I am looking for someone who is very close and special. The old prays that he is able to find that person soon. Sometimes people get separated in such crowd for forever. He gets down sadly and blames himself for everything. She wouldn’t have left me if I had told her the truth. Bus leaves. Virender falls on his knees and cries. He screams her name helplessly. Past memories flash in his mind. He notices someone’s feet at a distance just then. The bus moves away and he sees Purvi. She is crying. He calls out to her. Virender and Purvi look at each other.

Purvi and Virender walk towards each other. Virender asks her why she left him alone like that. She cries. I was going far away from you. I was leaving you and your love behind but I cannot do this! I have been trying so hard but I cannot do this anymore. I have tried to break this thread thousand times but this is becoming stronger. I cannot do this anymore. I come back closer to you. What have you done to me, Mukhi ji? I have done everything but this relation, this thread wont break! What have you don’t to me that I cannot live without you? We have become incomplete like Kanha ji and his flute. I thought things will change once I get married but I cannot do this anymore! I just cannot! I thought everything will be fine but it isn’t the case. I have gone crazy for you. Why did you love me so much? You have really made me a Bawri! I have lost my sanity. Please let me go. I cannot break this relation. Please don’t make me do this. He hugs her. you cannot leave me and go away and I wont let it happen. I know you are upset with me. It is valid too but I should get a chance to tell you the truth. I wouldn’t have let you go like this. Let’s go home. She denies. Sakshi ji will be there. How can I go home? What if she sees us together? He tells her not to worry about Sakshi. Neither humans, nor God, no one can separate us now! He takes her home.

Sakshi thinks we stopped Purvi’s wedding because of that secret but what will happen when the truth will come out in front of Purvi. She sits between Juhi and Manas who are sleeping peacefully. She sings the lullaby sadly. She closes the door as she leaves. She still looks shaken up and notices Virender coming with Purvi. Purvi apologizes to Sakshi. I know what happened today shouldn’t have happened. Because of us, things remained incomplete. I couldn’t face you so I decided to leave but I just could not go. Please forgive me. Virender tells her not to cry. It is someone else’s turn to apologize now. Right, Sakshi? Sakshi is in tears.

Virender brings Sakshi and Purvi to a room and closes the door from inside. He asks Sakshi to apologize to Bawri. Purvi asks him what he is saying. Why will she apologize to me? Virender says she has been unjust to you. Purvi denied. She did everything for my sake only. Virender counters her. Sakshi did everything for herself. You will find out the truth in 2 minutes. You will find out how envious she is of you and how low she stooped to throw you out of here! Sakshi tells Purvi it is true. Virender says it wasn’t a wedding but a sham. She will tell you why she cheated you. I found out the truth an hour before your wedding only. Purvi is confused. What are you talking about? I don’t understand anything. Virender tells Sakshi to come clean or she will see the worst of him. Sakshi tells Purvi she hates her in reality. Epi ends on Purvi’s shocked face.

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