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Molkki 6th July 2021 Sakshi tells Purvi that she hates her in reality. You snatched my husband, my kids, my family from me! Everything that was once mine was yours when I came back. You had replaced me in Mukhi ji’s heart and my kids had forgotten me. They loved you more. You erased my memories of 20 years and made a place for yourself. I was jealous and hated you for this. You were a thorn in my way. I decided to get you out of my way sweetly when I realised I wont be able to handle you by being mean to you. Recall how I had been sweet to you and instigated you against Mukhi ji. You fell in my trap one day and agreed to marry Vipul. Do you want to hear more? I was instigating Mukhi ji as well with promises and my love often. He too fell in my trap. I made him agree to let you get remarried. You always wanted to know why I hid from Mukhi ji that I was trapped in that old building. Why dint I tell him who had held me captive? I will tell you the entire story today.

Flashback shows Prakashi telling Sakshi she can send her back to her husband and kids but you must do as I say. I will lock you again if you make even a single mistake! Listen to everything that I say and hide the truth from Virender. Flashback ends. Sakshi says it was no one else but Mukhi ji’s mother Prakashi Devi who had abducted me. Purvi is in disbelief. Sakshi says it is true. It was Ma’s plan. Purvi says I saw Anjali Bhabhi in the old building. Sakshi calls her a pawn. Ma is the actual culprit. Our car fell off a cliff 5 years ago. Everyone thought I was dead but Ma and Anjali found me alive. Flashback shows Anjali and Prakashi finding Sakshi. they check Sakshi’s pulse and realise that she is alive. Prakashi says it is our lottery. Let the world think she is no more. We will kidnap her. she is the owner of the entire property so we will make her give everything to us. We will kill her once we succeed in our plan. Flashback ends. Sakshi says Ma was the main culprit. Purvi asks her why Ma will do this. She loves Mukhi ji so much. Sakshi denies. She hates Mukhi ji. He is her step-son. She showed fake love to win her trust and property. I realised it too late that they brought me back to fight their enemy. It was you. It was too late though as you had become my enemy by then. You had snatched my Mukhi ji from me after all. I cooked up a story when you asked me why I wasn’t telling the truth to Mukhi ji. I had joined hands with Ma and Anjali by then. Purvi asks her why she joined hands with those who held her captive for 5 years and started hating her instead.

Virender says she turned blind in rage and forgot what’s right or wrong. She dint even think about the kids. He asks Sakshi to tell them everything in detail. Why were you blinded by jealousy? Sakshi retorts that she turned blind because of her love for him. She snatched my love, my rights from me. I wasn’t a wife or a mother anymore. She had become all that. She is a Molkki after all! They say that everything is fair in love and war. I did all this to win this battle of love. Purvi says you could have thrown me out of this house if you hated me so much. Why were you getting me remarried? Virender says she wanted to be great in front of everyone. She fooled both of us. Sakshi agrees. I wouldn’t have been able to make place for myself in Mukhi ji’s heart if I had thrown you out of the house. I decided to get you remarried. I couldn’t find any good guy for you so Anjali offered to help me. She asked me give my property to her in return. Purvi is taken aback. You dint think about Juhi and Manas even once? What’s their fault here? What if Anjali Bhabhi throws them out of the house tomorrow? You could have thought of this much atleast. Sakshi admits that she forgot her duty as a mother. I could only see that Mukhi ji loved a Molkki instead of me. I could gain money again but I would not have been able to gain Mukhi ji again. That’s why I planned your wedding with Vipul. I wanted to throw you out of Mukhi ji’s life. I wanted to show a Molkki her true place!

Flashback shows Sakshi signing the property papers. She tells Prakashi she has put everything in her name. I have even put the future of my kids at stake. Help me get Purvi out of Mukhi ji’s life now. Prakashi says I cannot tell you how happy I am today. I have been trying to do this since 5 years. Now we will make sure that Molkki wont stay here anymore. We will throw her out of here. Sakshi asks them how they will do it. Anjali tells her about Vipul. He is Molkki’s first love. You have to pretend that you have just found out about him and his love for Purvi. You have to act all great and nice and arrange their wedding. Sakshi agrees. I cannot tolerate that Molkki at any cost. I will get her out of here. Prakashi remarks that they will all be at peace once that Molkki leave the haveli. They join hands. Flashback ends.

Purvi says you hated me so much and put the lives of 2 little kids at risk. Why were you calling yourself my elder sister and said that you are doing it for my sake? Virender says she was playing with our emotions. She was cheating all of us. Sakshi agrees that she cheated them as she cannot see him with another woman. No woman can see her husband with another woman! I could have killed her if I could. I even tried to kill myself but you two dint let me live. What else could I have done? Should I have suffocated to death? Purvi says you dint have to do any of this. I did consider you my elder sister for real. I would have left everything behind if you had just asked me once. I would have left my love and my kids behind for you. Sakshi tells her not to act so innocent. You aren’t so naive like you pretend to be. I hate this drama. This is how you snatched everything from me. Purvi denies. I loved Mukhi ji and kids after finding out that you are no more and won their heart. I would have never done that otherwise. Sakshi says it doesn’t matter whether I was alive or not. I was still Mukhi ji’s wife and the mother of his kids! You are a Molkki. How could you have a right on them after being a Molkki? You forgot that you came to look after them. You weren’t brought here to be Mukhi ji’s wife and the mother to his kids? Purvi says it is you who is forgetting that you are Mukhi ji’s past and I am his present. People live in present, not in past. Sakshi seconds her. I am back now. I am his present and you are his past. Whatever I did to put his past away from him was right. I don’t regret any of it. Purvi says I regret that you lied to win your love. You can win a war by lying and cheating. You cannot win someone’s heart that way! You still couldn’t win his heart today after all. Virender agrees with Purvi. I can never be yours (Sakshi) now. I only support truth and true love. I will support truth today as well. I wont support lies. He holds Purvi’s hand. I am standing with her today as she did not lie. She is honest and has a pure heart. She has never snatched anything from you. She was willing to sacrifice her love for your sake.

Virender turns to Purvi. I will tell you what happened next. The moment I found out the truth..

Flashback shows Virender overhearing Sakshi, Prakashi and Anjali’s convo. They are congratulating each other for getting rid of Purvi. Virender wonders what Sakshi is saying and starts recording everything. Sakshi thanks Prakashi and Anjali for telling her about Vipul. You told me what to do and when. You told me how to separate Mukhi ji and Purvi. I could make them agree for the wedding because you both guided me well. Thank you. Prakashi tells her not to thank them. We agreed to help you as promised. You have done such a big thing for us. We never thought you will do it in your life. You gave us your property. We could have done anything in return. I never thought that the Mukhi of the town couldn’t find out where his wife Sakshi, who he immensely loves, for the past 5 years. His Molkki is going away from him but he has no idea who is behind it. Anjali and Prakashi laugh. Anjali tells Sakshi they own everything now. Virender is shocked. Flashback ends.

Virender says I was shocked to hear all of that. I stopped the wedding first and then confronted Sakshi. I had recorded everything already so it was very easy to make her spill the beans. Flashback shows Virender confronting Sakshi. She admits that she did it for him and for their kids. He tells her not to take his kids’ name. You will be punished for it. She agrees to do whatever he wants. I did it all for you as I love you very much. Please forgive me. He asks her to make a deal with him too. Help me stop this wedding. I will forgive you. Divorce me and leave the country for forever! I will arrange your ticket and stay. Do you agree? She is in tears. He tells her that her tears wont affect him anymore after what she has done. I wont be able to live with you ever now! I will forgive you only if you will accept my condition. She agrees but keeps a condition. I will go away from here but you will never tell the truth to my kids! He accepts her condition and she accepts his deal. Go and stop Purvi’s wedding. Virender tells her that she has finished everything. Flashback ends.

Virender tells Sakshi to leave before the kids wake up tomorrow morning. I don’t want a cheater wife like you and even my kids don’t need a mother like you!

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