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Molkki 6th September 2021 Nani asks Purvi about what happened at the basketball court earlier. Who dint see that? Purvi tells her she is mistaken. Nani says I understand that such mistakes happen when you are young. I understand this but understand that Virender has 4 kids. How will someone feel after seeing these things? You know nothing about his past or present while Daksh loves you a lot. He can do anything for you. He cares about your likes and dislikes. You must stay away from a guy like Mukhi. Don’t know what kind of a person he will be as you don’t even know him! Purvi insists that Virender isn’t like that. I know that I don’t know him since long but he isn’t that kind of guy. You know a girl is the first one to understand when a man looks at her wrongly or with wrong intentions. It isn’t like that with Mukhi ji. He is a nice human being and a good father. Have faith on me. He is not a bad person and I have no such thoughts in my head. Nurse gives her a prescription. Purvi goes to bring medicines. Nani decides to teach a lesson to Mukhi. I will not sit peacefully till the time I prove that Mukhi is a sleazy and cheap guy. I will get you married to my Daksh at any cost.

Daksh is home. Purvi gives him medicine. He tells her he is perfectly fine. You don’t have to do this for me. Don’t miss school for me. She refuses to go anywhere. I have taken leaves and I will look after you. Daksh begins to say something but Nani supports Purvi. She goes to do some work.

Chandni, Daksh and Purvi are playing Monopoly. Purvi tells Daksh it is time to rest. Daksh insists upon buying Delhi. Chandni tells Purvi to let him play one chance. Nani joins them just then. They hear a woman screaming for help and head to Virender’s house. They are shocked to see the condition of that lady. Her clothes are torn and her hair is dishevelled. Purvi covers her with a cloth. She hugs Nani and begs her to save her. they ask her what happened. She points at Virender. He is the guy who tried to molest me! They are shocked to see Virender. He is having trouble standing and looks inebriated. Nani tells the lady not to worry. We are here. Virender is holding his hand and trying to find his balance. Purvi, Daksh, Chandni and Nani walk up to him. Nani asks the lady to tell them what he did. She shares that she leaves at 5 after completing her work. He sent the kids outside and drank alcohol. He tried to molest me even when I tried to stop him. He even tried to offer me money. Virender passes out. Daksh is in disbelief. He cannot do this. It must be a misunderstanding. He is a family man. Nani asks him if a woman will make a mockery of herself like this. She has been working here since last 10 years. Has anyone tried to do something like this to her before? What else will happen if a characterless guy like him will stay here? Daksh says Mukhi ji is not characterless. I know him. I work with him. He cannot do this. This is not possible. Nani fumes. Chandni supports Daksh as well. Even I tried to flirt with him but he never crossed the line. I am sure he cannot do something like this. The guy who cannot even meet his Chandni’s gaze can surely not do this.

Nani asks them if they cannot see the condition of the maid. That guy is still inebriated and a piece of her blouse is still stuck in his hand. Do you want something like this to happen to someone else in the society? Call the cops if you don’t want that to happen! Purvi, Daksh and Chandni look at Virender.

Priyu asks Veer why he looks so happy. Looks like you got rid of Sudha! Veer denies. I am thinking about the one who got me married stealthily. Priyu says she is dead. Veer shares that she is alive. She is taken aback. Did you forget that we are in this condition because of her? Veer tells her to relax. She is alive but she is not a danger to us. She has lost her memory in the accident. She does not recognize anyone anymore. It’s chill. Priyu asks him what if she regains her memory. Veer says Baba is trying his best but I am sure he will lose. I have confirmed with doc. There is only 0.1% chance of her regaining her memory. It is rarest of the rare case. We should chill. She will never regain her memory. Priyu says that’s best for her. I wont let her live peacefully if she comes here. I will make her life hell!

Police comes to arrest Virender. Kids run downstairs and beg them to not take their Baba. Purvi holds them. Daksh gives his guarantee to Inspector but Inspector says victim Sushila has given a statement that Virender Pratap Singh tried to rape her. Your Nani is also supporting her. Let us do our work. Don’t interfere in our work. Kids follow Virender till the jeep. Pruvi tries her best to control them but they are berserk. Virender is taken away by police.

Nani smirks. Flashback shows Virender telling Sushila to make something for the kids as they will be coming from school soon. Nani comes to speak to Sushila. Virender leaves them alone. Nani takes Sushila outside and asks her to blame Virender for trying to rape her. Sushila is hesitant but Nani assures her that it will be fine. You are working here since 10 years. People will believe you as he is new here. I wont let you work in this society if you will say no. Sushila begs for mercy. Nani tells her that she will pay her a lot of money for doing this. Flashback ends.

Purvi is putting the kids to sleep. Nani asks Purvi to come outside. I have to talk to you about something important. Purvi follows her. is everything fine? Nani says Mukhi’s kids are so sweet. Purvi nods. Nani says Mukhi turned out to be a monster though. Wont you say anything about him today? Eyes maybe deceptive but intentions are not. His monster has been awakened today. Did you see what he did today? It is a sign from God that Mukhi is not a good guy. Daksh can be a very good life partner for you. Forget Mukhi as he is a stranger and criminal. Daksh is very decent and has a good family background. Mukhi has 4 kids. We know nothing about his family background. You know everything about Daksh already. Mukhi cannot be trusted while you can trust Daksh blindly. Mukhi is a lowly man. Daksh is a decent guy with a strong character. Forget Mukhi and start thinking about Daksh if you want a good life partner. You cannot find a better guy than him for yourself. This will be the best decision of your life. Daksh tells her that they cannot force Dhwani to make a decision. It is her own choice if she does not want to marry me. Nani says I am explaining to her what’s right and wrong. Daksh tells her to let her realise it on her own. Dhwani and I had a discussion on this already. I respect her decision and feelings. Let’s not talk about this again. Purvi accepts Daksh’s marriage proposal.

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