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Molkki 7th July 2021 Virender tells Sakshi to leave before the kids wake up tomorrow morning. I don’t want a cheater wife like you and even my kids don’t need a mother like you!

Virender gives the plane ticket to Sakshi. leave now. I don’t even want to see you anymore. Sakshi says you are throwing me out of your life because of this Molkki. Did you forget how you couldn’t live without me for even a second? You loved me so much. Don’t you remember? He says I remember everything. It is you who forgot that you aren’t the Sakshi who I loved immensely, without whom I could not live. This Bawri you who keep calling Molkki and blaming is not a sinner like you. She has no ill feelings towards anyone. I think my Sakshi indeed died 5 years ago in that accident. You are not my Sakshi. Take this ticket and leave. Don’t show me your face ever again. You are not the Sakshi who I once loved! Purvi is in tears. Sakshi looks at her teary eyed and folds her hands. Forgive me if you can. Sakshi steps out of the room. Virender is in tears as well. Purvi hugs him and cries.

Sakshi looks at the house sadly and thinks of all the past moments with Virender and their kids. Goodbye! I am going away for forever! She walks out of the house.

Next morning, Prakashi asks Virender why he is sitting here like this. Is everything fine? She notices Purvi and is surprised. She is here. She asks Purvi how she came back. Virender says she did leave but I thought to throw the right person out of my house myself so I brought her home. Prakashi asks about Sakshi. Virender says she has left. She wont come back ever. It is time for someone else to leave now. Prakashi asks him to speak clearly. Who is going to leave now? Virender asks Bawri to open the door. Anjali asks Prakashi that Virender asked Molkki to open the door. It means it is her turn to leave. Jeth ji will throw her out of the house now! Purvi opens the door. Virender asks Purvi if the bags are packed. She notices the servants and nods. Anjali and Prakashi notice their bags and panic. Prakashi questions Virender. It was turn for Purvi to leave. Why are our bags packed? He replies that he has lost his mind. The mother who I considered as my own has stabbed me in my back. She acts innocent but he tells her that she has spoiled such a pious relation. You pretend to be good on my face but you did everything to ruin me! She disagrees. Same flashback is shown again.

Virender says Sakshi was alive and you held her captive for 5 years. You used her as your pawn when I was coming closer to Bawri. You tried to snatch what belongs to my kids! Which mother does that? You are not a mother but an enemy! He turns to Anjai. You are not a woman but a pesticide. You hollowed all the relations. You only know how to cheat people and lie. I know everything that all 3 of you planned. I know all the details. Sakshi has been punished already. I have ousted her from the house already. Anjali sheds fake tears again and begs for forgiveness but he refuses to fall for her crocodile tears again. You have played enough games already. I wont spare you now. You two don’t have a place in this house or my heart. Leave! Purvi requests Virender to forgive them one last time. Where will they go? Virender refuses to budge. They dint think about me or any of us. Why should I think about them then? He tells Prakashi and Anjali to be ashamed of themselves. You wanted to throw her out of the house yet she is begging for you. As Mukhi, I announce that you both will surely be punished. Law is above all relations. I announce that you two will leave the haveli right away! You can stay in this village if you want. I can even pay for your expenses but you are neither my mother nor am I your son after today. We are dead to each other. Our relation is over! You are elder to me so I am speaking respectfully. Leave quietly on your own and don’t show me your face ever again! Prakashi tells Virender to remember today’s date. Record it if you want but I will surely come back to take revenge! I wont spare you. I will make sure you will die a painful death. I will ruin all those who you love. Remember this well. I wont spare you. She walks away followed by Anjali. Virender tells the servants to take their luggage outside. Purvi holds Virender’s hand and rests her head on his shoulder.

Kids ask Virender about Sakshi, Anjali and Prakashi. Juhi says they might have gone to temple. Virender says Dadi might have missed telling you that few people were going on pilgrimage. All 3 of them left together. Manas asks him when they will be back. Virender says they will come soon. Have breakfast now. Purvi asks Virender why he lied to them. Virender says they are very young. This isn’t the right time for them to know this. Purvi reminds him that Sakshi is their Ma. Virender assures her that they will forget them in sometime. Manas never missed his mother in the past 5 years. Purvi nods. How will you hide things when Ma and Bhabhi will approach court? Virender says it will never happen. No one will reach court. She asks him what he has done.

Flashback shows Virender and Sakshi searching Prakashi’s room for the property papers. Virender finds the file eventually and tears the papers. He calls his lawyer next. We are coming to you right now for some urgent work. He asks Sakshi to sign some papers. Anjali and Ma wont have any right over the property afterwards. Sakshi signs the papers. Flashback ends.

Virender says I got a new will and took Sakshi’s sign on them too. Purvi asks him who is entitled to receive everything. Is it in your name now? Virender denies. I want everything to go to my kids. I never wanted anything for myself. I was doing everything for my family. I had named everything after Sakshi when I got married. That’s why Ma and Anjali kept her alive for 5 years. Purvi says I am glad that you named everything after the kids. Virender says it will be fun when Ma and Anjali will find out the truth. They will be shocked.

Prakashi and Anjali are walking holding their bags. Prakashi vows to meet the lawyer and take revenge from Virender. They overhear villagers talking about how Virender ousted Prakashi and Anjali. They take Virender’s side. Prakashi is a step mom. She must have done something wrong. Mukhi ji is never unjust. Prakashi fumes. I wont spare him. I will make sure he will suffer and pay for how he insulted me today!

Next morning, Purvi brings tea for Virender. He keeps shifting to the other side in his sleep. She sits next to him and dips his finger in the hot tea. He wakes up screaming. Is this a way to wake up someone? She gives example of her Tau ji. Are you hurt? He tells her to call her Tau to save her now. He pulls her closer. They share an eye lock. He moves the strand of hair aside and looks at her mesmerised. She rests her head on his shoulder. She tells him that they have been through a lot lately. Thanks to Kanha ji, everything is fine now. Can we hold a shanty puja before starting a new life? Virender likes the idea. It is true. We have been through a lot in the past few days. Everything is fine now so let’s keep this puja.

Prakashi asks lawyer how these papers are of no good. Sakshi signed them in front of me. How can they lose their value? Did you join hands with Virender? He shows her the new will. Sakshi ji has changed her will before she left. You two wont get anything from her property now. Anjali asks him who the heir is then. Lawyer tells them (in mute).

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